Battery pruner comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the battery pruner comparison or test 2018

  • Cordless pruners are used everywhere in tree care, where noise has to be avoided. Power is supplied by modern lithium-ion batteries.
  • The use of the pruners is possible without ear protection, the devices work very quietly at all times. In noise-sensitive areas, the cordless pruner is therefore indispensable.
  • These properties are ideal gardening tools for professional tree care from the ground, for orchards and for the maintenance of the land.

Battery pruner comparison 2018: battery

The decortification of the trees is one of the important gardening tasks every year. Overgrown land needs to be liberated from the superfluous branches, this work can take a long time. What is needed, therefore, are modern cordless pruners, which also meet professional demands and with which the work can be carried out quickly, precisely and quietly.

The modern battery technology ensures a stable power supply independent of the mains. The other important factor is the engine, which should work as quietly as possible. This is the decisive criterion for cordless pruners, especially in noise-sensitive areas. Cheap cordless pruners for beginners are also available as well as professional equipment. Our battery pruning comparison 2018 shows, which is the best cordless pruner for your needs.

1. Battery pruner - quiet gardening tool for the important tree care

With a motorized telescopic branch saw the annual tree care work is much easier. Here it is necessary to be able to cut off branches at high altitude while the user stands on the garden floor. Without a telescopic pole that would not be possible.

The alternative would be cutting off the branches with a hedge trimmer from a stepladder. Much faster and safer, however, the branches can be separated with the battery pruner. An electric pruner is specially designed for this task.

Battery life at the battery pruner
No one likes to interrupt his work in the garden just because the gardening tool can no longer be supplied with electricity. Therefore, the battery life is one of the crucial purchase criteria. Modern batteries offer you a capacity between 1.5 and 3.0 h for working over several hours.

Basically, your new pruners should be equipped with an electric motor, if the noise pollution is an important factor in the purchase decision. Only electric motors provide the quiet operation that is necessary if you do not want to disturb your neighbors in the tree care, Also available on the market are alternatives, for example with a gasoline engine.

Although these pruners work very strong, the noise is significantly larger. Thus, these models for use in noise sensitive areas, such as in residential areas, usually eliminated. Here it is advantageous if the pruner is electrically operated.

These models provide enough power of the engine to be able to cut off even thicker branches quickly and reliably. At the same time, the engine is optimized for low noise emissions. Various battery pruner tests show that in many cases the battery-powered models are preferable to gasoline.

2. The different equipment at a glance

All battery pruners serve the same task, the equipment differs in detail between the many variants in the market yet clearly.

Accessories / Equipmentdescription
Spiked bumper

Battery pruner comparison 2018: 2018

  • For high probes with a claw stop additional teeth are attached to the saw head.
  • Thanks to the claw stop, the pruner can tilt better in the wood.
  • A claw stop is recommended for all users who want to master demanding tasks with their pruners.
chainsaw oil

Battery pruner comparison 2018: battery

  • All cordless pruners require chain maintenance from time to time. For this purpose, a chain saw oil is included in some products.
  • The chain saw oil ensures that the chain keeps its smooth running and thus improves the cutting result.
Fast chain

Battery pruner comparison 2018: comparison

  • Some cordless pruners have a particularly fast running chain.
  • The faster chain running makes the cut cleaner and more precise.
  • A fast chain is especially recommended for use in the professional field when it comes to a speedy work.

Battery pruner comparison 2018: 2018

  • Some manufacturers provide a suitable protective cover with their cordless pruners.
  • The protective cover is especially useful for transportation and storage, as it effectively protects the putter from external mechanical influences such as knocks and bumps.

2.1. The pros and cons of the battery operated pruners at a glance

  • ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas
  • comfortable working from the ground
  • high flexibility thanks to battery operation
  • Long life batteries are heavy in weight
  • not as powerful as gasoline pruners
  • Battery needs recharging after use.

3. Purchase advice for battery pruners: The battery operation provides freedom of movement

Battery pruner comparison 2018: battery

A cordless pruner provides maximum freedom of movement.

The decisive advantage of the cordless pruners lies in the enormous freedom of movement that they provide you with the wood care. Unlike electric pruners, these garden tools are not dependent on a nearby power connection. As long as the pruner is charged with battery, you can work anywhere on the property.

Since no cable leads away from the device, you enjoy maximum freedom of movement. This is often a decisive advantage when working in the bushes, on difficult terrain and between densely overgrown trees and makes many jobs possible in the first place. When you buy the battery pruners but many other factors play an important role.

3.1. The telescopic pole of the Hochentasters

The telescopic pole is one of the most important equipment features of your upgrader. The telescopic rod can be extended and varied in length. So you can reach branches above the ground as well as branches high up in the tree. It is important to pay attention to the maximum length when the telescopic rod is fully extended.

The overall lengths of the cordless de-saster typically range between 190 and 290 cm or between 240 and 300 cm. Here you can choose a pruner with rechargeable battery, with which you can work in the tallest trees in your garden.

3.2. The noise of the electric motor

The manufacturers of the battery pruners specify exactly how loud the device can be during operation. For example, a good value for the sound pressure level is 75 to 80 dB (A) or less. Such silent devices are suitable for use in urban areas. The noise level is also dependent on the chain speed.

3.3. The power supply via the battery

Be sure to pay attention to the maximum battery capacity and charging time when purchasing your battery pruner. Modern lithium-ion batteries usually offer a running time between 15 and 200 and more minutes. There may be significant differences between the various devices on the market. Basically: The larger the high-voltage battery fails, the more power it provides, At the same time, however, this also increases the weight of the upgrader. Here it is important to find a compromise favorable for you.

3.4. The device weight

Battery high-tip testing shows that the typical cordless pruner moves between 3 and 5 kg with its weight. How heavy the putter is depends on the length of the telescopic pole, the type of electric motor used, the size of the battery and the length of the blade.

Lighter units offer the advantage that you can work fatigue-free over a longer period of time. In addition, the lighter garden tools are easier to transport and stow away. On the other hand, if you are looking for a powerful engine and a long battery life, you have to put up with a higher weight.

4. The most important questions and answers about the battery pruner

4.1. How long does the battery life have to be?

The answer to this question depends essentially on how big your garden is and how many trees you want to free from branches in one go. For small gardens and working in between enough battery life of up to half an hour. On large systems, however, the battery life of your battery pruner in the test should be several hours in the test. For all requirements you will find the right products on the market.

4.2. How can I clean my battery pruner?

For cleaning the housing, a damp cloth is sufficient. The saw attachment must be thoroughly cleared of branches and coarse dirt. The chain must be free from contamination. In any case, it is advisable to wear working gloves during these cleaning jobs.

4.3. What about the maintenance of my battery pruner?

Before you carry out any maintenance work on your battery pruner, be sure to switch off the device and remove the battery. Only then can you work safely on the device. Typical maintenance includes replacing the chain if it is worn out, Corresponding spare parts can be obtained from the manufacturer. Some pruners provide as a convenience feature an automatic chain lubrication.

4.4. Which are the best-known brands and manufacturers in the field of cordless pruners?

Numerous manufacturers on the market offer high-quality cordless pruners for both private and professional use. Well-known manufacturers include brands such as Stihl, Einhell, Güde and Ryobi, as well as Greenworks Tools and many more.

With a Bosch cordless pruner or a cordless pruner by Stihl, you can expect the same high level of longevity as in the case of manufacturers such as Gardena, fuxtec, fiskars, dolmar and ikra as well as Husqvarna and Black + Decker in every category.

4.5. When do I need an additional charger for my battery pruner?

Not all cordless pruners available on the market are already supplied with a suitable charger. In this case you have to buy the charger separately to the battery pruner. Pay attention to this point when you buy a new pruner with battery power. If you already have a charger, you can save money by buying a model without a charger.

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