Cordless jigsaw comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the battery-jigsaw comparison or test 2018

  • The saw blades used in a jig saw are narrow and oblong. Every minute they go up and down several thousand times. So the user can easily make curvy cuts in wood and other materials, which is not possible with most other types of saws (such as circular saws).
  • Jigsaws have many more tricks and tricks. Most are also suitable for miter cuts where the saw slips obliquely through the material. If you have a pendulum stroke, the saw blade also digs forward and considerably speeds up the cut.
  • Jigsaws can be purchased with and without battery. Although there is no annoying cable in the way of cordless saws, they are considerably more expensive. The reason: charger and battery (s) are not exactly cheap - but can also be used for other power tools from the same manufacturer.

Cordless jigsaw comparison 2018: blade

Sawing is like sand on the seashore: Circular saws, saber saws, band saws, chop saws and whip saws can be found today in countless workshops and garages. A very special example is the jigsaw: It has a slender saw blade that allows her to cut the curve, In this way, all possible shapes can be conjured up in the wood, which are not possible with a circular saw blade.

Cordless jigsaw comparison 2018: 2018

The specialty of the jigsaw: curved cuts.

The jigsaw is a compact, handy all-rounder, but also requires a little manual skillso that in the end not everything looks crooked and crooked.

In our cordless jigsaw comparison 2018 we explain the most important technical terms. We present important features such as miter cuts and the change of the saw blades and go in addition to useful accessories such as transport case or the chip breaker. In addition, we help you to consider whether a cordless or corded device is the better choice for your specific application.

1. Important Technique explained briefly

First, a few general points are mentioned, so you keep track of the numbers jumble.

The Number of strokes tells you how many times the saw blade goes up and down every minute, Basically, a large number of strokes is not bad, but it says nothing about how much the blade is braked when it is against hard material.

Accuracy matters

A good jigsaw is characterized by high precision and cutting quality. By force alone, no flowerpot is won. You should therefore not too much based on the power consumption (measured in watts).

How deep the saw blade is drawn from the engine into the saw and pushed out, says the stroke length (also: lifting height). Two to two and a half centimeters are common here, occasionally a little more. Of course, the boards with which the saw takes up the fight, can be significantly thicker.

Here it applies, the cutting depth to be observed. she is For the customer, the most meaningful point in terms of engine performance and thus the pure power of the machine, All manufacturers specify cutting depths for cuts in wood and steel sheet, sometimes also for aluminum. These vary very much: Wood is mostly over 12 cm possible, with metal only 1 to 3.5 cm. For soft woods such as pine wood are usually also a few millimeters more in it, so it is not useful to keep too meticulously to the information.

Tool-free saw blade change

Cordless jigsaw comparison 2018: cordless

With all devices from our cordless jigsaw comparison, the saw blade can be easily exchanged with a single movement.

Gone are the days when a small Allen wrench or similar was needed to replace the jigsaw blade. Nowadays all manufacturers of rank and name set on Tool-free change-over systems, where one click is enough to loosen the old saw blade and insert a new one, This saves a lot of time and nerves - especially if you often have to switch between different materials or woods.

For more on the different types of saw blades, see Chapter 4.

miter cuts

Cordless jigsaw comparison 2018: blade

Almost all cordless jigsaws can be tilted and drift bevel cuts (so-called miter cuts) into the wood.

Each jigsaw makes it easy to make a straight or curvy cut into the wood. Some also have one Special function in which the saw cuts diagonally into the material. Up to 45 degrees are possible, then put the parts together again, you get exactly a right angle - in any case, if the saw is high quality and the saw blade does not just do what it wants.

The technique behind it is very simple: The whole saw sits on a foot that looks like half a drum, or a longitudinally cut barrel. Inside are small notches in which the saw is anchored and along which it "tips away" on both sides. can.


If it has to be particularly fast, just switch on the pendulum stroke. The saw blade not only moves up and down, but also back and forth. So The teeth literally bite into the wood. This ensures a significantly higher work speed - but also for less precision. Unfortunately, you can not have both at the same time.

By means of pendulum stroke can also be Perform an immersion cut, in which the saw blade is formally immersed in the wood from above, Such cuts are tricky though. Get a briefing from a professional.

2. With or without battery?

Cordless jigsaw comparison 2018: cordless

Jigsaws consume quite a lot of electricity. A modern lithium-ion battery with 3.0 ampere-hour (Ah) capacity should be it, so the running time is sufficient.

Two jigsaw models have captured the hearts of craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers: cordless jigsaws and their wired brothers. Both have strengths and weaknesses, are suitable for different applications and projects, And we also take into account the unequal prices in our purchase advice.

In addition to the pure question of taste, there are also very tangible differences, which we briefly introduce to you here.

Pros and cons of the cordless jigsaw versus the cable jigsaw:

  • no cable in the way
  • Range / flexibility not limited by cable length
  • Can also be used in places without any power supply
  • less powerful
  • expensive to buy
  • a bit heavier with the battery (about 300 grams on average)

Especially in terms of engine power many users are not ready to make compromises and prefer to use the cable version. But the cordless device lures with unlimited range and great flexibility - finally no cable on which one must have an eye that may be too short or is a trip hazard.

Cordless jigsaw comparison 2018: cordless

Are charging station and battery first available, can be purchased for little money more cordless devices of the same brand and voltage or borrow from the neighbors.

The cost of the cordless tool is a bit more complicated. Almost all manufacturers offer Batteries and chargers that are compatible with other power tools - but of course only with those of your own brand.

For example, an 18 V battery for the cordless jigsaw can also be used for an 18 V cordless hedge trimmer, an 18 V impact drill or another power tool. Decisive is only the battery voltage. So if you have the charging station and the right battery, you can go shopping for cheap cordless tools - provided you stay true to the brand.

Before purchasing, consider which other cordless tools you would like to purchase soon. If you find compatible devices, you can save a lot of money.

Always an ace up your sleeve

Often there are two batteries in the saw set. That's expensive - but also practical. While you consume the one battery in the saw, the spare battery in the charging station recharges. So you never run out of juice.

The Disadvantage: The purchase of the first battery, the manufacturer can pay dearly, The best battery jigsaws in our comparison cost in the total package 350 euros or more - as single devices, however, they are to have half of the money and thus about as expensive as comparable, high-quality cable jigsaws.

If money plays the main role in your consideration, we tend to recommend buying a jigsaw with network operation, There, you can get the same quality for far less money, but without the flexibility you need.

Cordless jigsaw comparison 2018: comparison

3. Matching accessories - Saw blades and chip breakers are the most important parts

Even if a complete set of saws, saw blades and suitcases seems practical: Do not make the supplied accessories the most important purchase criterion. As a rule, the corresponding special parts can be purchased for all machines.

jigsaw blades

Cordless jigsaw comparison 2018: jigsaw

Not infrequently, the manufacturers already provide some jigsaw blades, so you can start right away. That's nice, but not really important - sooner or later you'll have to top up anyway. A decent set of saw blades for all sorts of materials, from soft wood to hard steel, is essential in the workshop.
Vacuum cleaner adapter

Cordless jigsaw comparison 2018: comparison

Particularly important in sawing (as with many other power tools) is a connection for vacuum cleaners. This refers to industrial vacuums with special filters. By suction (adapter) their suction pipe is connected to the saw and all dust is removed quickly, Otherwise, the saw blows the saw dust away, but it can still get into the respiratory tract.
Carrying case

Cordless jigsaw comparison 2018: 2018

Convenient for the user is an included Carrying case, in the insert of which the jigsaw fits exactly, To prevent the device from lying around and collecting dust or damage. Some of these cases are stackable with tool cases of the same brand (eg the L-Boxx from Bosch or the MAKPAC from Makita).
Splintering device

Cordless jigsaw comparison 2018: blade

At the Splintering device It is a small piece of plastic, which the user attaches to the head of the machine. It presses itself on the wood and ensures that it does not fray, Unclean edges are a thing of the past. Small tip: Turn the workpiece over and saw it on the bottom, then frayed edges are not visible later.
Focus on the quality of the tool itself when you buy a cordless jigsaw and do not be afraid to buy a cheap cordless jigsaw without much accessories - practically everything can be bought laterwherever there are spare parts for power tools.

4. Many uses - many saw blades

Cordless jigsaw comparison 2018: comparison

Jigsaw blades for metal and various types of wood. Put a small collection of leaves in order to be prepared for any task.

The Choosing the right saw blade depends entirely on the materialwhich you want to cut up. Jigsaw blades can be bought for the following materials:

  • soft wood
  • hard wood
  • Aluminum / non-ferrous metal
  • Metal / steel

The Saw blades differ mainly in relation to the teeth, If they are strongly tilted forward ("positive"), the saw blade eats particularly well and quickly in wood. But in the wood but no nail or similar obstacle stuck, otherwise the teeth can break off. Metal jigsaw blades, however, have rather small, back-tilted teeth, which are very resistant.

Most saw blades have a Einnockenschaft (T-shaped) for the tool holder, but also the so-called universal shaft is quite widespread.

Also relevant are sheet thickness and sheet width. The wider the sheet, the better it stays in the track, This is helpful for straight cuts, but hinders curvy. Depending on the process so you have to choose a different saw blade. A thick saw blade usually lasts longer than a thin one - it carries more material and the saw has to use more force.

5. Safety tips

Cordless jigsaw comparison 2018: 2018

Do not give up protective work clothing, especially a suitable safety goggles.

Protective clothing prevents injuries in the workplace and in the home workshop. These types of equipment are recommended:

  • safety goggles
  • ear protection
  • working gloves
  • Mouthguard (especially in the absence of dust extraction)

We strongly advise putting on at least safety goggles As injuries to the eyes are very difficult to treat and are not uncommon with flying sawdust and metal particles.

Stiftung Warentest has also taken a closer look at cable and cordless jigsaws in the testtest- Issue March 2016. The testers were particularly impressed by the Bosch PST 18 LI. However, this device is not a battery jigsaw test winner, but a power supply.

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