Cordless Saber saw comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the cordless reciprocating saw comparison or test 2018

  • The Cordless Saber Saw is an electric saw whose saber-shaped saw blade protrudes from the head and jerks back and forth. The user presses them against the workpiece from above or below, creating a cut.
  • Pay attention to a large cutting depth, if you value a particularly powerful saw, which has no difficulty even with thick sheet metal. If this is less important to you, it is worth taking a look at the weight for the sake of handiness.
  • Charging station and battery are expensive to buy, but compatible with other cordless devices from the same manufacturer. The capacity tells you how long the battery runs with a charge.

Cordless Saber saw comparison 2018: cordless

Sawing and cutting machines in the one of over 200 million euros produce German manufacturers every year (Source: VDW, Federal Statistical Office, VDMA). A popular all-rounder among the machines is the saber saw. In the handy battery version, it helps with renovation, construction, gardening and is synonymous for a few pieces of firewood not too bad.

The electric saber saw is also known as Reciprosäge and Tigersäge (or Akku-Reciprosäge and Akku-Tigersäge), more rarely than Akku-Fuchsschwanz saw, In our cordless reciprocating saw comparison, you get an overview of popular, high-quality models (including, but not limited to, sawing German brands). We explain some technical terms that often cause confusion for customers, and introduce some types of saw blades.

  • to compare the saber saws
  • to compare the branch saws
  • to compare the chainsaws

1. The cordless saber saw: technology and power full

Cordless Saber saw comparison 2018: cordless

For a strong (in this case Makita) cordless saber saw, metal is a manageable opponent.

Saber saws have to apply a lot of force to disassemble branches, beams and pipes. In search of the best cordless saber saw you will encounter many numbers and data, but each have only limited information about the power of the power tool.

Nevertheless we introduce you shortly:

  • stroke
  • strokes
  • cutting thickness
  • tension


Heavy Brummer

Keep an eye on the weight of the saws: the heavier the tool, the faster your arms tire. At over 3 kg you should have a few strong muscles. Otherwise, the choice of a small cordless saber saw is more reasonable.

Sometimes also called lift height or saw blade stroke. She gives information about how far the saw blade is pushed out of the machine, For high-quality battery saws are around 3 cm, weaker create about 1.5 to 2 cm. The stroke length has an effect on the maximum depth of cut, which, however, is specified separately (see below).


Here you find out how often the saber saw blade bounces back and forth during the minute, The usual recipes for all reciprocating saws are 3,000 times per minute, which is about 50 per second. Do not be impressed by a particularly high number - the specification applies to the idling and the quality of the engine ultimately decides how much the saw is throttled by hard materials.

Cutting thickness (wood / metal)

Cordless Saber saw comparison 2018: saber

Also to use for the work in the garden outstanding: The electric saber saw separates branches in the chord.

In the cutting performance you will find a much more useful size. she will indicated separately for wood and steel sheet, sometimes there is also an additional indication to metal pipes, Keep in mind that the number can only be an approximation, since harder woods (eg yew) cause lower cutting thicknesses, but soft woods (eg spruce) also have something more in them.


The electric motors of the powerful devices in our reciprocating saw comparison almost exclusively use 18 volt battery voltage. However, there are also compact, handy saber saws that rely on a lower voltage (for example 10, 8 V).

2. Battery and charging system for maximum flexibility

Maybe you have already opted for a home improvement or professional cordless saber saw. Nice! Then just skip this chapter. Or do you still fluctuate between a battery saw and a mains operated saw? After all, the two are sometimes clearly different from each other.

We give in our purchase advice a small overview of the Advantages of the reciprocating saw with Akkz against the power supply:

  • high mobility, no cable in the way
  • Outdoor use without problems, independence from the mains
  • less power
  • higher investment costs
  • limited running time if no replacement battery is available

In short: The cordless saber saw gives a little power in favor of high flexibility, If you have the small change to buy a charging station and high-quality batteries, you should strike here - especially if there is not always a power outlet nearby. With cable drums or even emergency generators you no longer have to struggle.

Cordless Saber saw comparison 2018: comparison

With a quick charger, rechargeable batteries can usually be charged almost fully within one hour.

Modern batteries are based on the durable lithium-ion technology, You will not find old, poisonous nickel-cadmium batteries or other hybrid models with this cordless tool. The amp hours (abbreviation: Ah) tell you how much power the battery has stored.

Since Electric Saber Saws are quite hungry consumers, 4.0 Ah battery capacity should already be in it, If the battery is less than 3.0 Ah, you have to expect that you run out of juice rather sooner than late. Remedy creates a spare battery (which incidentally can also recharge while the other is in use).

Advantage of the relatively expensive battery systems: They can also be used in other power tools of the same brand - provided that the mains voltage (in volts / V) is identical. A one-time, high investment in a powerful battery and a fast charger will pay off if you buy even more cordless tools. Consider for yourself whether such an acquisition is due in the next few months or years and then a purchase pays off rather: The Solo devices are to have quite cheap.

3. Functions

Cordless Saber saw comparison 2018: comparison

Saw blades can now be replaced with a handle and without any auxiliary tool, as here with a cordless reciprocating saw from Bosch.

The Changing the saber saw blade is now without additional tools from and is called a quick change. The saw blades are only clamped and can be solved in seconds. After a few tries, you get the hang of it. You can just as easily insert a fresh leaf into the electric saber saw.

When buying new saw blades for the saber saw, you do not have to worry about compatibility. All well-known manufacturers work here with a universal holder.

Cordless Saber saw comparison 2018: comparison

4. Saw blades and accessories

Practical is also a transport case, in which the battery saw fits. Otherwise, she collects dust in some corner of your apartment. Unfortunately, with cheap cordless saber saws, no such case is often included. Here you have to look for your own solution.

Saw blade for wood

Cordless Saber saw comparison 2018: cordless

The teeth on wooden saw blades are tilted forward ("positive") and enable a rapid sawing progress due to high abrasion. However, you should ensure that no nails or the like are in the way, otherwise the teeth can break off.
Saw blade for metal

Cordless Saber saw comparison 2018: 2018

Metal saber saw blades have very small teeth, so they can bite through hard materials like steel. In addition, the teeth are inclined backwards ("negative") and thus very stable.
Saw blade for gypsum

Cordless Saber saw comparison 2018: saber

Saber Saw Blades designed for gypsum boards and the like have large teeth, but they are not inclined forward like wood leaves. Here a lot of material is removed. But really only use the saw blades for soft materials.
Universal saw blade

Cordless Saber saw comparison 2018: cordless

Universal saw blades are reminiscent of metal saw blades, but have minimally larger teeth. So even wood panels can be processed - albeit a bit slower. Please do not dare to use too heavy and thick metal pipes with this attachment.
Some of the products from our Cordless Saber Saw Comparison 2018 already come with a few saw blades. Put missing types directly into the shopping basket when you buy a cordless saber saw to be prepared for any situation.

Stiftung Warentest has not performed a cordless saber saw test so far. However, there is a test of cordless reciprocating saws from the magazine The test winner here was a compact Milwaukee saber saw. It is, in terms of size, the same category as the Bosch Professional GSA 12V-14 (formerly: Bosch GSA 10.8 V-LI) assign.

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