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  • Whether batteries still provide enough energy or are already discharged, is not visible to the naked eye. Battery testers provide information in no time as to whether the batteries should still be used or disposed of.
  • With many devices, the common types of batteries can be tested - some models also cover more specialized types such as lady or button cell batteries.
  • With the battery tester, you save money by no longer suspending powerful batteries for suspicion. The environment also thanks when batteries are discharged completely discharged in appropriate return boxes.

Battery tester comparison 2018: 2018

Battery charge tester from Hama with digital display.

Batteries play a big role in our everyday lives. After all, not every device should and can be connected directly to the power supply - for example, the remote control in the living room or the wristwatch, which accompanies you to step and step. Batteries can also quickly accumulate masses in drawers and the big question is: Which battery still has juice and which can be disposed of?

That's why we have the Battery tester comparison 2018 and introduce you to the best battery testers, also known as battery testers. In our purchase advice, we'll tell you which battery types are usually supported and what you should keep in mind when using battery testers to get accurate readings.

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1. Battery tester: Protection for purse and environment

Batteries are booming

Battery tester comparison 2018: tester

According to statistics from Eurostat from 2016, the turnover of the battery and battery industry in 2017 will amount to almost four billion euros - and the trend is rising.

Batteries are therefore still promising, which is why the purchase of a good battery tester also worthwhile in the long term.

During spring cleaning, they are discovered: the seldom-used drawer, in which many useful things are eking out their lives. Not infrequently hiding here also batteries that were once in the special offer and were not used directly. However, if these are loosely in the drawer, it quickly becomes uncertain whether they can still be used or are already empty.

Disposing of full or half-full batteries would mean wasting money unnecessarily and at the same time unnecessarily burdening the environment - after all, the energy balance of batteries is very bad. Although Stiftung Warentest has not yet named a battery test winner, it pointed out as early as 2010 that the state of charge of batteries should be checked before disposal, so that the bad energy balance is not unnecessarily more negative.

Battery tester comparison 2018: tester

With tested batteries you will not miss a single snapshot.

There cheap battery tester from around three euros available, the savings, depending on your battery consumption, soon over the purchase price.

In addition, the battery meter can save you trouble and disappointment: Before you go out, you can check in no time, how high the battery voltage is still. You can then replace normal batteries in good time, recharge the rechargeable batteries in the battery charger before departure. So you can do one ensure full charge and avoid unsightly situationsin which, for example, the camera goes out during the trip and you miss great photos.

Even completely Emptied batteries must not be disposed of with household waste but must be returned in return boxes located in every supermarket and drugstore. Otherwise, heavy metals get into the household waste and are not disposed of properly.

2. Purchase criteria for battery tester: Universal tester at an advantage

If you want to buy a battery tester, there are some important features that you should consider in advance. We have listed the three key points for you and tell you what it is all about.

Number of battery types

Battery tester comparison 2018: tester

This is the well most important aspect if you want to choose a battery performance tester, The more different types of batteries your household uses, the more convenient it is for your battery voltage tester to test a variety of types.

Usually most devices cover the battery types C, AA, AAA and D. If you also want to make sure that your battery tester is also suitable for button cells, you should pay particular attention to the information given in our product table.

Note on the battery: If, for example, a battery tester or battery tester can test AAA batteries, that also applies to AAA batteries.

Type of power supply

Battery tester comparison 2018: tester

There is a battery tester zwhite types of power supply.

  • The power supply via its own battery.
  • The power supply via the battery under test.

If you want to be sure that the device displays the least amount of residual energy, you should use a battery powered product. However, keep in mind that Sooner or later, additional costs will be incurred with this battery tester category.

If you would like to forego these costs, we recommend that you buy a battery tester that draws its energy from the battery being tested.


Battery tester comparison 2018: 2018

This point is important if you want to take the battery tester with you on the road. Often it is then on every gram, if the suitcase with the flier or you want to transport the battery tester, for example, in a backpack.

Especially Lightweight devices weigh between 40 and 60 grams - this corresponds approximately to the weight of an egg.

Heavier devices can already weigh around 250 to 300 grams - then you have already converted a kohlrabi in the luggage.

Our recommendation:Do you use many different battery types and not just the widely used AAA batteries? Then pay attention to one Universal device that can also measure the charge level of button cell and Lady batteries (N).

3. What you need to keep in mind when using your battery tester

After purchasing a battery capacity meter, it is important to keep in mind a few points when using the unit. to achieve the most accurate measurement results. We introduce the essential aspects below.

3.1. The condition of the batteries

Battery tester comparison 2018: tester

Damaged batteries should be disposed of quickly.

Check the condition of your batteries before inserting them in the battery checker.

If the batteries have rusted, deformed or even leaked, you should dispose of them immediately.

Anyway, the battery tester would not show any useful result and you will not expose yourself to any unnecessary health risks that can exist if such batteries are used.

Battery tester comparison 2018: 2018

Important:Dispose of damaged batteries as soon as possible (and still not in the household waste). Especially with leaked batteries, it is also advisable, this only to be handled with gloves.

If skin contact with the spilled substances still occurs, you should use the Then thoroughly wash affected areas of skin. If you come in contact with garments, you should put them directly into the washing machine.

3.2. The underground - exact measurement results on level surfaces

As with almost all other measuring methods, it is also important for the battery meter that it is on a flat and low-motion underground used if you want to measure the battery or battery capacity.

This is possible, for example a stable table that does not wobble. Optionally, you can simply lay the device on the ground and have the measurement result determined there.

Battery tester comparison 2018: 2018

Model with analog display.

Tip:Analog battery testers suffer particularly under bad measuring conditions. The measuring needle may show incorrect values ​​due to bumps or vibrations.

Even a digital battery tester for batteries and batteries can lose quality of measurement when, for example caused by vibrations the battery under test triggers. Here, the failed battery tester test may then tempt the battery to be mistaken for empty.

4. Proven manufacturers and brands

Car battery tester

The products featured in our battery tester comparison are not designed for car batteries. There are for this special battery tester for car batterieswith which you can also properly check the charge level of your car battery.

For a better overview of the battery tester market, we have listed some of the most well-known and proven manufacturers below.

Among them are, for example, with Hama (internationally operating family business in the electronics sector) and Ansmann (company specializing in batteries and charging technologies) two traditional German companies, which in the first case on almost 100, in the second case at least over 30 years of company history can look back.

  • Alcasa
  • ansmann
  • blypower
  • Hama
  • HQ
  • HyCell
  • Kraftmax
  • Mudder
  • Sodial
  • Voltcraft
  • Wentronic
  • xavax

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