The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: renegade

handy Battery sucker are already quite a long time available.

Most, however, are limited to one only short use with low suction power.

The Use as an everyday sucker was only with better lithium-ion batteries allows. They offer more power and more endurance in a smaller footprint.

The test today is the Cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil, First and foremost, it impresses with a sleek and really chic design.

Promising is the powered carpet brush, which is a particularly good cleaning of carpet and Auslegware promises.

This cleaning work can be even through a transparent cover in the floor nozzle observe.

Decisive for a cordless vacuum cleaner, however, is the Battery and the suction power or the combination from both.

Our vacuum cleaner test will show if the Renegade 36 can do more than just look good.

Technical specifications


  • Battery: Li-ion battery 32.4 V
  • max operating time: 75 min
  • Charging time: about 4 hours
  • Dust container 0.6 l
  • Power 102 W
  • Power supply input: AC 100 - 240 V, 500 mA
  • Power supply output: DC 38.2 V, 600 mA
  • Weight: 2.8 kg

Special features:

  • bagless sucking
  • Motorized turbo brush for carpets
  • Two power levels

The packaging and the term hand vacuum cleaner

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: dirt

Clear difference between teat and packaging

"That's all?" Yes, I admit, that was my first thought when I saw the box.

Is with the term "hand vacuum cleaner" maybe really one Vacuum cleaner meant when sucking in one hand wearing?

To my Sorry, I should point that outin that the cardboard has the small dimensions of 22 x 22 x 62 cm. I would say the carton of my "real" 18V hand vacuum cleaner was not much smaller.

On the packaging is actually a proper vacuum cleaner for floors in bar form displayed. The term hand vacuum cleaner can be a bit confusing.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: renegade

Space savings through order

Furthermore, it can be seen from the packaging that the Sucker has a rotating brush, works with a 36 V battery, weighs only 2.8 kg and charges "fast" in 4 hours.

The But I want to do quick loading later define.

Also with a Suction capacity advertised over 75 minwhich I think is extraordinary.

If the suction power is right, deactually tested battery sucker with his 230 V colleagues compete.

While the packaging is still outside with a really stylish sucker advertises Inside appears mainly gray papier mache.

However, this also explains the rather small packaging. Different as Styrofoam, cardboard is stable even with thinner walls and the gaps can be better used.

Of course, the advantage is also the easy way to recycle cardboard.

With an additional meaningful division of the cordless vacuum cleaner the small space requirement would be clarified.

setup and start-up

Of course, a small package means that the Sucker not taken in one piece and can be sucked immediately.

So, it follows a structure that, however, focuses on one limited in a few clicks and within seconds is done.

Be first Upper and lower parts inserted one inside the otherwhich are connected by a spiral cable.

Even if this is not visible later and is therefore not subject to special stress, is this very stable and the battery sucker could be dismantled and reassembled several times.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: cleaner

1. Engage the grip piece

In the second step, the Floor nozzle also attached with a latching mechanism, whereby the structure is already completed.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: dirt

2. Plug in the floor nozzle

Now only the battery that is under one is missing Cover disappears and remains permanently in the device can. It is loaded in the installed state.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: cordless

3. Open the battery compartment

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: dirt

4. Insert the battery

In front of me is now one extremely good looking and slim vacuum cleaner, one now Height of 115 cm reached.

This can start the test of the vacuum cleaner, which this time supports my better half.

The battery system and "fast" charging

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: renegade

The battery is charged in the hand vacuum cleaner

As described above, is on the box fast loading in 4 hours noted. Whether one should or can describe four hours as a fast loading, is an open question.

The four hours are indicated and are not concealed, therefore may Everyone can decide for themselves, whether that's fast or slow is. I do not think it's quick, but I see it as more of an advantage than a disadvantage.

Fast charging of a Li-ion battery is certainly something great, but unfortunately not so healthy for the battery.

This suffers not just insignificant. If you now take the usage habits of a vacuum cleaner, enter faster loading little sense.

We suck our bottom Floor in the house thanks to a dog daily, which may take 15 to 20 minutes. In theory, therefore, 11 hours and 40 minutes remain daily to load the vacuum cleaner.

What would I get from a more powerful charger and a quick charge? Nothing but the battery would suffer. Against one Loading time of four hours is therefore nothing to say.

However, I would do that Designation "fast loading" into "gentle loading" to change.

I noticed a quite contradictory statement about the battery. On the Packaging of our test vacuum cleaner is 36 V, but the technical data shows 32.4 V..

Where does it come from? The explanation is quite simple and I do not like to judge whether it is a disadvantage. At long last decides the power and not the built-in battery.

For Li-Ion batteries, two different voltage specifications are correct. On the one hand, this is the slightly higher initial voltage (fully charged) of 4 V per battery cell and the subsequently leveled voltage (after a short operating time) of 3.6 V per cell. In Germany, the lower voltage of 3.6 V has been specified by almost all manufacturers, so we have cordless tools with voltages of 3.6 V, 7.2 V, 10.8 V, 14.4 V, 18 V or 36 V are used. In other countries (for example America), however, the higher voltage is usually stated. A battery labeled 20 V corresponds to our 18 V batteries. They are the same batteries! Many manufacturers see the different information as a competitive advantage and now also use the higher output voltage in Germany as an indication. Dirt Devil apparently refers to this on the packaging. In the technical data are 32.4 V, which corresponds to the lower nominal voltage of 3.6 V per cell. 9 cells a 3.6 give 32.4 V. If one gives the higher output voltage, 9 cells correspond to * 4 V equal to 36 V.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: cleaner

An LED informs about the charging process

The different award and certainly the change Of course, many manufacturers can cause confusion, since 36 V could also result from 10 cells a 3.6 V (would correspond to an initial voltage of 40 V).

I assume, however, no intent. Maybe Dirt Devil will start, too Change information and this is on the packaging already done, but not yet in the manual.

It is also to be assumed that we in general in Germany get used to higher specification of 4 V per cell have to. Therefore, may I forgive myself that I have gone into it more intensively.

Back to the charge of the battery, which by means of power supply directly in the device he follows. The specified load time is roughly equivalent to my test result and the runtime is traceable.

As mentioned above, we suck daily about 70 m², which takes about 15 - 20 minutes. After four days, the battery had to be charged. There Li-ion batteries do not mind recharging have leveled a charge cycle of two days.

Considering the but quite heavy load (many dog ​​hair, two children, entrance, permanent house-yard-garden-use), a really good result.

What I miss is an ad that tells me how full the battery is right now. So it would be possible to see if there was one more Suction passage can be started or the sucker to the charging station got to.

The electricity costs battery sucker vs.. Underground vacuum cleaner with 230 V

A vacuum cleaner "trumps" like with over 1000 watts, which is at 15 minutes over the whole year and can go into the money properly.

Our current vacuum cleaner has 1300 watts. The cordless vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, has to run every 15 minutes daily four days for about four hours with 115 watts to the grid, That would be equivalent to one hour a day.

Calculation example with daily 15 min suck with a 1300 watts vacuum cleaner and the Dirt Devil Renegade 36V at 25Cent / kWh.

  • Floor vacuum cleaner 1300 W: 0.33 kWh per day / 118.63 kWh per year = € 29.66 per year
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 V: 0.115 kWh per day / 41.98 kWh per year = 10.49 € per year

Is the Suction power of the cordless vacuum cleaner is sufficient, Thus it comes with 1/3 of the electricity costs.

Nevertheless, the suction power of many cable devices is sometimes significantly higher. Here must therefore be weighed, which actually requires suction becomes.

Suction power of the hand vacuum cleaner on laminate and carpet in the test

As already written, was with the Cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 daily the lower floor sucked our house. Here are two adults, two children and a big dog (boxer).

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: cordless

Powered brush cleans thoroughly

Just ours Of course, dogs need exercise and therefore often changes his stay between the garden and the house.

It is clear that he is not Slippers used and in addition many hair loses. A daily sucking is thus inevitable.

This task is now the hand vacuum cleaner of Dirt Devil taken to the test and thus replaced a 230 V vacuum cleaner.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: cleaner

Significantly dirty

The surface to be vacuumed is about 65 m² and consists mainly of laminate. As a special Stress come two small rugs / cushions in the entrance area added, which serve as a shoe rack and dirt trap.

Here is gathering Daily a lot of dirt and dog hair.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: cordless

Amazingly good result

No matter if laminate or the casters, Performance problems were not felt. Reliable has the Renegade 36 fulfilled his task. What particularly attracted attention was the pleasant volume.

On the other hand is ours Hoover the purest hell machine, Not necessarily advisable, but it can be in the same room even call at the same time. What the cordless vacuum cleaner has to do, shows the picture quite clearly.

He had to collect this daily. Something unpleasant is in such an advent of dog hair, of course, the quite small container that empties every other day had to become. Under "normal" conditions this will not be that often.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: vacuum

Dog hair, leaves, sand - no problem

Beneficial to the Dirt Devil Renegade 36 is of course the powered floor brush, which is particularly good at cleaning carpets and rugs.

On laminate floor and Daily sucking, of course, this is difficult to detect, Therefore, I have subjected the cordless vacuum cleaner to an extra endurance test - our killer in front of the front door.

This is before the House is exposed to wind and weather and will brush off to shoes used before entering the house.

Here it crunches clearly when sucking and the container clearly shows that too small leaves and plenty of sand from the tiller fetched were.

At the work result should Auslegware in the living area no problem represent.

Empty the collection container

That the Dirt Devil collects the dirt convincingly well is proven. The However, dirt must also be removed from the collection container Out.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: cleaner

1. Release the lock

For this purpose, in the first step, the locking by a solved with a simple push of a button, The container easily dissolves and can be removed to the front.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: cleaner

2. Lift off the collecting container

Somewhat more clearly (possibly by a spring) could be the However, you can easily loosen the collecting container at the push of a buttonwhich would make the removal easier.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: renegade

3. Remove the filter piece

The Collecting container can then easily disassembleby removing the filter unit.

The disassembly of the filter cassette is simple and requires no help from the manual. Completely disassembled, the container can be emptied and the dust filter to be cleaned.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: vacuum

4. Open the filter cassette

Cleaning... That is sometimes not so easy because Plastic attracts dust like a magnet and a simple dumping of the collection container is not sufficient.

Here must mia towel can be helped, Even the fairly thick fine dust filter can not be knocked out so easily.

According to the manual this should be washed out and dried for 24 hours become. When daily sucking difficult to implement.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: cordless

5. Remove the filter

Really effective can be bagless sucker in my eyes only useif it is possible to dust dust filters outdoors in the open air.

Optimal for this, of course, a compressor and compressed air. Of this But problem is hardly a sucker without a dust bag except.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: renegade

Thick foam filter

The powered brush of the test sucker works finebut of course also wraps up hair and other long fibers.

In a household with three long-haired women or children, this can be a big task. To the Luckily, the brush of the Renegade 36 is very easy to remove and thus rid of dirt and hair.

For this must with a Screwdriver a lock looset and a holder are removed.

Already the brush is loose and can be cleaned. Completely made of plastic, this can even be done underwater.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: vacuum

Release the lock

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: renegade

Remove the lid

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: dirt

Clean the brush

Handling the Dirt Devil Renegade 36

Like almost all nipples or floor jets, the Renegade can also be steered by turning the nipple. However, he is very lightweight and the plastic wheels bid on glossy laminate hardly stop.

Instead of directing the sucker can be easily straight even with inclination push it forward. Real steering is hardly possible. Different, however, on carpets. Here, the wheels do not slip and the vacuum cleaner can be steered specifically.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: dirt

Barely steering on smooth laminate

Handy yet it remains due to its slim design and low weight nevertheless. He almost lets himself just lay on the floor without the nozzle takes off. So it can be sucked well under tables and chairs.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: renegade

Makes itself extremely flat

But you should keep it well under control. The Grip area is structuredbut not gummed.

For slightly wet hands, you have to take a little stronger to have a secure grip. This would be helpful second handle to make the sucker lighter to be able to lift.

Just a cordless vacuum cleaner would offer to suck the stairs. The Renegade, however, can only be uncomfortable wear and is less suitable for this.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: cleaner

Slightly slippery handle

Conclusion to the cordless vacuum cleaner Test Dirt Devil Renegade 36

Cordless vacuum cleaners offer low power consumption with mobile handling. In combination with a bagless filter function, they are therefore often much cheaper as conventional vacuum cleaner with mains voltage.

The cordless vacuum cleaner Renegade 36 by Dirt Devil im: renegade

Our rating

These Advantages of the hand vacuum cleaner Meet Dirt Devil Renegade in the test with flying colors.

With very good suction power and a tremendous battery power, he can actually big vacuum cleaner replace.

The powered carpet brush even dissolves deep impurities in carpeting, carpet or rug, In terms of suction he was absolutely convincing.

This with a pleasant background noise, the two-stage throttling of the engine power superfluous makes.

Easy can the Remove collecting container, disassemble and empty, For proper cleaning, however, a greater amount of work is required.

A disadvantage that almost all bagless suckers possess. who Clean filter and dust container outdoors with compressed air can, is clearly in the advantage here.

Just the right one Thick foam filter can hardly be completely without water or compressed air free from dust.

In handling, the Renegade is good, but unfortunately not perfect. Slim, lightweight and in a chic design He does a good job and can even stand in the living room, without being perceived as a cleaning device.

The smooth surface, however, hardly makes it possible to use it on a staircase, where just a cordless vacuum cleaner could exploit its advantages. A Rubberized grip surface and / or a supplementary handle would work wonders here.

The steering of the cordless vacuum cleaner by tilting the housing is only possible on rough surfaces. On Laminate and tiles slip the rollers and keep the Renegade straight even when tilted drive.

Overall, the Dirt Devil Renegade delivers a good overall impression. In the Suction power is hard to beatHowever, handling could be improved.

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