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Barbecue Overview: grill

Barbecuing is one of the most popular pastimes in Germany and in almost every household there is a grill or even severalgrills, When deciding on the right barbecue, two trends can be observed: on the one hand, more and more barbecue fans are affording expensive noble grills or barbecue fireplaces that turn the terrace into an outdoor kitchen. On the other hand, mobile grills, such as disposable grills or camping grills are becoming increasingly popular, allowing a spontaneous barbecue on the trip.

Contents: gas grill, charcoal grill or smoker?

  • The right grill accessories
  • Charcoal grill, gas grill, electric grill... Which barbecue is the right one?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the different grill variants
  • The big issue: gas grill or charcoal grill - what tastes better?
  • The different types of barbecues in detail
  • Infrared Grill
  • Electric grill and table grill
  • gas Grill
  • charcoal grill

The right grill accessories

In addition to the barbecue with its accessories, such as charcoal, grill lighter or gas, good barbecue cutlery is of course important. Already here divide the spirits and especially the personal taste. Barbecue tongs, grill forks and grill turner are often used.

Barbecue Overview: grill

Grill turner

Barbecue Overview: overview


Barbecue Overview: barbecue


Barbecue Overview: barbecue

barbecue fork

  • Grill turner: They are similar to a spatula used for pancakes. Their use lies in the turning of small pieces of meat, fish or burger patties in grill bowls or on the electric grill. Their large area is especially helpful if the food can easily be crumbled or crushed.
  • Tongs: It is the most common grill tool, as it can be held with almost any food, turned and well positioned. A distinction is made here barbecue tongs with joint and barbecue tongs, which have a spring force. About pros and cons should decide the grill master and even find his preferred variant. Special barbecue tongs for special grill food are rarely needed and only the sausage tongs are characterized by smooth and rounded gripping surfaces. However, it is important in any form that the barbecue tongs have insulated handles and a good length to work at a sufficient distance from the embers.
  • Grillguthalter: Straight fish tends to disintegrate when grilling and is therefore often prepared in the grill bowl. However, if you want to roast your fish directly over the embers, grab a special Grillguthalter. This consists of two metal grids, between which the food is kept. This makes it easy to turn and turn and there is no risk of damaging the meat. Other special forms that keep the grill meat well on the grill are also called Grillguthalter. The image search on the Internet for the term "Grillguthalter" shows here many interesting possibilities.
  • Barbecue fork: It is used quite seldom, as it damages the surface of the food during use and thus the juice can escape. It should not be used for turning on the grill. It really makes sense only when dividing large and ready-made pieces of meat.

Charcoal grill, gas grill, electric grill... Which barbecue is the right one?

Barbecue Overview: overview

A barbecue party is fun with every barbecue.

When asked for the right grill, the ghosts divide. Should it be a charcoal grill whose smoke supposedly gives the meat the typical taste? Or rather a gas or infrared grill?

The following variants are presented:

  • infrared grill
  • charcoal grill
  • electric grill
  • gas Grill
  • kettle grill
  • Smoker

In any case, it can be anticipated that every grill station has its advantages and disadvantages and therefore also its authorization. Whether you are a vegetarian barbecue, make your own burgers, put steaks and sausages on the grill, or cook a thick roast leisurely in the smoker, a barbecue party is fun with any barbecue. Nevertheless, there are great differences in the effort, the preparation and especially the smoke development. Not every barbecue is therefore suitable for every barbecue.

Advantages and disadvantages of the different grill variants

infrared grill
  • economical, since hardly warm-up time necessary
  • no smoke
  • no open fire and little residual heat
  • clean barbecue
  • Barbecues in closed rooms possible
  • easy to clean
  • gentle grilling of vegetables or the like is not possible
  • Devices are relatively expensive
  • Perfect grilling results require practice and ideally a combination with a gas grill
  • requires power connection
charcoal grill
  • for many the "real" grill feeling
  • Combinations with wood or pine cones for a special taste possible
  • Distributes heat economically and provides a cozy atmosphere
  • mobile use
  • available in any shape, size and price range
  • long heating time of the charcoal
  • partly strong smoke and odor (for some pleasant)
  • dangerous, as open fire and danger of burns on the grill
  • Stock of charcoal needed
  • Barbecue with charcoal is only possible outdoors
  • great effort in cleaning
electric grill
  • Barbecue in the smallest space, the balcony and in closed space possible
  • relatively fast heat-up time
  • no odor nuisance
  • Grill temperature can be regulated very well depending on the model
  • easy cleaning (depending on the model)
  • small equipment low in purchase
  • high security, as no open fire
  • Quality is very pending
  • expensive electricity costs
  • only conditional barbecue feeling
  • Size of the grill is severely limited
  • dependent on the power connection
  • Taste is like frying in a pan
gas Grill
  • very fast heat-up time
  • no smoke
  • Fat does not burn in the embers
  • easy cleaning
  • quick cooling after use
  • good temperature control
  • high grill temperature possible
  • Supply of gas is needed
  • dangerous by open flame
  • Gas grills are often large and hardly flexible
  • Barbecues are only possible outdoors
  • Considering the security should be invested in expensive equipment
kettle grill
  • Combinations with wood or pine cones for a special taste possible
  • Distributes heat cost-effectively
  • mobile use
  • available in any shape, size and price range
  • very high temperatures possible
  • light
  • Depending on the model, they may have a drip tray, so that no fat burns in the embers
  • high humidity during grilling possible
  • long heating time of the charcoal
  • partly strong smoke and odor (for some pleasant)
  • dangerous, as open fire and danger of burns on the grill
  • Stock of charcoal needed
  • Barbecue with charcoal is only possible outdoors
  • great effort in cleaning
  • closed lacks the barbecue feeling
  • very large pieces of meat possible
  • unique smoky taste
  • direct and indirect barbecue possible
  • further advantages like charcoal grill
  • Indirect grilling requires a lot of practice
  • Indirect grilling takes a long time
  • other disadvantages such as charcoal grill

The big issue: gas grill or charcoal grill - what tastes better?

This question excludes the smoker, the kettle grill or the electric grill, as the grill result differs noticeably due to its design. While electric grills tend to fry the meat and differ only by a fat drain from the roast in the pan (for real barbecue fans no barbecue), with the smoker and the ball grill by indirect grilling a very smoky taste possible, but this requires a much longer cooking time.

Barbecue Overview: barbecue

For the one, there is no barbecue without charcoal.

Grilling with gas or barbecuing with charcoal, however, does not differ so much from the way to grill. The only difference is the heat source, which, however, strongly influences the smoke development. Therefore, there are real advocates of one or the other Grillart. Fans of the charcoal grill like the smell of the fat when it drips into the embers, possibly pouring beer over the food, so it brews properly, hisses and spreads even more scent. Also, the lighting of the charcoal for many just to the ritual of grilling. The resulting smoke and the burning charcoal should produce a very special and slightly smoky taste.

However, the burned fat provides for clear opponents of the charcoal grill, as the resulting smoke should be carcinogenic. Gas grills like their clean, fast and "healthy" barbecue fun. The taste should be pure and better without burning fat.Is there really a difference in taste between grilling charcoal or gas?

Definitely: No, there is no difference in terms of taste between the gas grill and the charcoal grill. On the one hand this can be justified and on the other hand it has been proven several times.

Barbecue Overview: grill

For the other, the gas grill is the "healthy" decision.

  • Starting from one2 cm thick meat slice and the grill result"medium" a steak should have a core temperature of65° C reach out to and from everyonePage about 3 min fried or grilled. The steak is therefore only about 6 minutes on the grill. Even a "well done" takes only 9 minutes. Considering how long a piece of meat needs to be smoked to maintain its unique flavor, the few minutes spent on the grill can not produce any special flavor. The meat has too little time to absorb any flavors. The addition of beer does not affect the taste. It rather causes an unwanted temperature drop.
  • Where there are issues of dispute, the "sensational television" is not far and so there were quite a fewBBQ duels and tastings, Especially the controversy of the gas and charcoal grills is very popular. So they were allowed to compete against each other a few times and blindfold the food. Unique result:It could not be tasted on both sides, whether the tasted meat comes from a gas grill or charcoal grill. Correct and incorrect statements were clearly subject to chance after several tests.

The different types of barbecues in detail

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Infrared Grill

The latest barbecue trend from the US convinces with its innovative technology, with juicy barbecue food and energy saving at the highest level. On this page we inform about the operation of the infrared grill and the reasons for such a grill. Infrared Grill

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Electric grill and table grill

If you do not have a garden for barbecuing, you do not have to do without the taste of grilled meat. Because with an electric grill, you prepare delicious barbecue food as well. Here you will learn everything about the different electric grills, such as Teppanyaki grill, contact grill, table grill and other models. Electric grill and table grill

Barbecue Overview: overview

gas Grill

A gas grill offers much more options than a commercial charcoal grill. It is preheated in 15 minutes, no carcinogenic substances are generated and it can be used on the balcony itself. With more than one burner, it is even possible to grill indirectly.

The gas grill under the grills

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charcoal grill

Many barbecue fans swear by the smoky taste of meat on the charcoal grill. But given the many models, the choice is not easy. Here you will find comprehensive information on charcoal grills, disposable barbecues, barbecue buckets, balcony grills and camping barbecues. Barbecue with the charcoal grill

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Weber Griller

Weber grills are available in different versions. One of the best known is the kettle grill. Barbecues from this manufacturer stand for longevity, quality and above all delicious grilled meat. Find out which model suits you. More about the different Weber grills can be found here. Weber grill

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