Build beach chair yourself

Build beach chair yourself: chair

On Beach chair in the garden offers many advantages: Already in the spring and in autumn you can spend a relaxing time in the garden thanks to the wind-protected construction. In summer, the beach chair becomes the ideal lounger with integrated sunscreen and all sorts of extras.

We show you how to build a beach chair yourself. This model has carrying straps, one adjustable back, on storage compartment and two shelves for a nice glass of wine or a cold beer.

In the color design of beach chair and upholstery your imagination knows no bounds. Get as far as possible a helping hand to the side, and soon you can relax together in the beach chair.

material Tips

Due to the use of inexpensive, waterproof bonded 20 mm-Baufurniersperrholzplatten remains the overall price manageable despite the high cost of materials.

The construction plywood boards are usually used as a substructure in the construction of wooden houses and therefore have no perfect surfaces. However, if you turn the bad side inside and paint the beach chair colorfully, they are perfect for this beach chair.

It is in the nature of plywood boards that they burst during screwing in the narrow areas. To avoid this, you should pre-drill the screw holes. Since the beach chair will be outdoors, you should also use stainless steel screws (VA).

If you would like to find out more about wood-based materials, we recommend the Planning Manual Wood-Based Panels.

Tool and machine list

Hand Tools:

Build beach chair yourself: beach

  • hammer
  • Wrench 13 and 17
  • To force
  • pricker
  • box cutter
  • Drill bit 3,5 / 4,5 / 8/10/30 mm
  • sanding block

Machine tools:

Build beach chair yourself: plywood

  • Handkreissäge
  • jigsaw
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Random Orbit Sander
  • Edge trimmer or router

material list

(Position | Number | Name | Length (mm) | Width (mm) | Thickness | Material)

Build beach chair yourself: beach

  1. 2 side inside 800 630 20 veneer plywood
  2. 2 front and back 960 430 20 veneer plywood
  3. 1 middle side long 960 480 20 veneer plywood
  4. 1 middle side short 465 400 20 veneer plywood
  5. 1 lid compartment 955 230 20 veneer plywood
  6. 1 billboard cover 960 85 20 veneer plywood
  7. 1 shelf compartment 960 275 20 veneer plywood
  8. 1 seat 960 465 20 veneer plywood
  9. 2 Leg rest 435 369 20 Veneered plywood
  10. 2 Stop bar Leg rest 470 20 20 Veneered plywood
  11. 2 Fastening Leg rest 360 40 20 Veneered plywood
  12. 2 narrow guide 465 40 20 veneer plywood
  13. 2 wide guide 46 585 20 veneer plywood
  14. 2 fixing guide wide 465 20 20 veneer plywood
  15. Support ledges Seat + cover 4.2lfm 20 20 Veneered plywood
  16. Spacer strips between pages 6,4lfm 50 20 veneer plywood
  17. 2 skids 8201 20 20 Veneered plywood
  18. 2 side outside 1000 800 20 veneer plywood
  19. 2 pages above approx. 1200 approx. 1033 20 veneer plywood
  20. 3 cross strut roof 1055 100 20 veneer plywood
  21. 2 side folding mechanism 450 100 20 Veneered plywood
  22. 1 backrest 1090 1050 20 veneer plywood
  23. 2 Armrest 590 120 20 Veneered plywood
  24. 2 attachment table 280 230 20 Veneered plywood
  25. 2 Anstecktisch Front panel 258 48 20 Veneered plywood
  26. 2 attachable table holder large 50 50 20 veneer plywood
  27. 2 attachable table small holder 50 30 20 Veneered plywood
  28. 2 Base plate Carrying handle 100 100 20 Veneered plywood
  29. 1 edition back rest 1085 D = 30 pine round rod
  30. 1 snap round bar 1130 D = 30 pine round bar
  31. 1 handle 1043 D = 30 pine round rod
  32. 1 roof 1120 1120 6 plywood
  33. 2 hinges short about 300 about 40 steel
  34. 2 hinges long approx. 800 approx. 43 steel
  35. about 50 Spax screws 303.5 stainless steel
  36. about 30 Spax screws 354 stainless steel
  37. about 120 Spax screws 504 stainless steel
  38. about 70 Spax screws 704 stainless steel
  39. about 10 Spax screws 204.5 stainless steel

Blueprint sketches for beach chair

Build beach chair yourself: build

Front view beach chair.

Build beach chair yourself: plywood

Side view beach chair.

Build beach chair yourself: beach

Detail view beach chair.

Step by step construction guide for Strandkorb

Step 1: Cut the material

Build beach chair yourself: build

Saw items.

Work faster, you should cut the plates as far as possible at the timber or hardware store. Do this yourself, you should start with the upper side panels (item 19). The waste pieces are intended for the production of smaller parts.

In general, big plates can be sawn with the circular saw on workshop stands or with squared timbers on the floor. A guide rail ensures that the edges are really straight. Arches and curves are sawn with a jigsaw with curve saw blade. Be careful when doing so, so that the saw blade does not tilt.

Using a string and a pencil, mark the upper bow on the side section for the beach chair (item 19). Saw out the bow with the jigsaw. Make the straight cuts with the circular saw and guide rail. Lay the finished workpiece on the second upper side part (item 19), trace the contours and saw out the second side part.

Step 2: Edit front page

Build beach chair yourself: plywood

Top view: substructure of the beach chair.

On the upper sides (Item 19) and the outer sides (Item 18), mark the positions for the holes according to the blueprint sketch. Drill the holes with the given diameter. All 30 mm holes have a drilling depth of 15 mm.

Using the jigsaw saw out the cutouts and curves on all curved parts. Draw after the Schematic sketch the two cutouts for the leg rests on the front (item 2). If you have a dive saw with guide rail, use it to cut out cutouts, which later serve as front plates for the leg rests. The curves in the corners are sawed out with a jigsaw.

Break the edges with a hand sanding block or belt sander. Two 30mm holes are drilled into the faceplates as handles. The following applies to all edges of the individual parts: What does not touch another part later should be rounded off with a router or an edge trimmer (R: 8 mm).

Step 3: Assemble substructure

Build beach chair yourself: beach

Front view of the substructure of the beach chair.

For the substructure of the beach chair, the inner sides (item 1) and the front and back (item 2) are clamped together and pre-drilled holes at the connection points. The diameter of the holes is 4.5mm, so you can easily screw in 4x50 screws.

After screwing the four plates together, mark on both inner sides with the short center side (item 4) the distance between front and long center side (item 3). Drill the Connecting holes between inner and long center side in front. Then position the center side of the line and screw tight. Also mark the position of the short center side and tighten it through the front panel and the long center side.

Use a hand saw to lengthen the support strips for the seating surface and the lid (item 15). Pre-drill the holes for 4x35 screws and then screw them to the specified positions.

Step 4: Attach hinges

Build beach chair yourself: build

Screw on vertical spacer strips.

Draw the positions for the guides of the leg rest using the blueprints. Screw these on both sides. The spacer strips (item 16), which belong between inside and outside, to the appropriate measure and pre-drill (diameter: 4.5 mm). Then fasten the strips with 4x70 screws.

Using a pencil, sketch the notches for four hinges on the notice board for the cover (item 6) and on both sides. Cut the notches with a jigsaw.

Build beach chair yourself: plywood

Attach hinge.

Even before the bulletin board is attached to the carcass, the hinges (item 33) for the backrest (item 22) must be secured with 4.5x20 bolts. The pivot point of the hinges should be exactly on the Top edge of the middle side his. First attach the short hinges (item 34) to the notice board and then the flap (item 5) to the hinges. Then screw the message board through the center side from above into the support rails.

Step 5: Build leg rest

Build beach chair yourself: chair

Leg rest view from the front.

Under the front of the leg rests (item 9) a bar (item 11) is screwed, so that at this the front panels can attach. Slide a prepared leg rest onto the drawer and place a front panel in the cutout. Align the front with even spacing to the cut edges.

Build beach chair yourself: chair

Leg rest view from the back.

Then mark the upper edge of the leg rest on the front and screw both parts together with a clamp. Remove the leg rest from the substructure of the beach chair and screw the fastening strip (item 11) to the front panel.

If the legrest and front panel are connected, the leg extension is put back on the guides and screwed to the rear edge of the stop bar (item 10). In the same way the mount second leg extract, Align the two runners (item 17) under the sides and fasten them.

Step 6: Attach outsides to substructure

Build beach chair yourself: yourself

Attach outside.

Fix the outer sides (item 18) to the substructure. Pre-drill screw holes and screw the outer sides to the subframe with 4x50 screws. Before you attach the second page, you have to Einrastrundstab (Item 30) into the pre-drilled holes. Secure the round rod with two screws through the outside.

To better lift the beach chair from the table, the straps are already mounted at this point. They consist of one Wooden plate with recessesthrough which a rope loop passes, and are attached to the outside.

Once the straps have been fixed, secure with one M10x60 carriage bolt to one of the upper side panels (key 19) on the outside. Between the side and under the mother comes in each case a washer. Then insert the round rod, which later fits the backrest (item 29), into the predrilled holes. Then you can screw the second upper side to the outside.

Step 7: Assemble the roof

Build beach chair yourself: build

Mounting from the roof.

Cut the rear cross member for the roof (item 20) at the top edge at an angle of 27 degrees. The best way to cut with a table or circular saw. Drill the mounting holes for the struts in the sides. Then screw the struts to the sides with 4x50 screws.

Build beach chair yourself: build

mounted side panels with rear wall.

Mark the roof overhangs at the bottom of the flexible 6 mm plywood panel (key 32). Fix the roof to the front struts and align the roof. Drill the screw holes for 3.5x30 screws in the roof before and lower the holes so that the screws finish later flush.

First screw the roof to the front struts and then alternately to the left and right sides. Then draw the position of the struts and fasten the roof there with screws. Remember the edges and corners with one Hand sanding block to break.

Step 8: Make the folding mechanism

Build beach chair yourself: chair

Folding mechanism with grooves.

Draw the latching positions of the backrest on the sides (item 21) in pencil. First, drill a 30mm hole through the top of the snap points. If you want to avoid tears on the back, place a garbage board underneath.

Complete the sides for the folding mechanism by inserting a 30 mm hole for the handle bar at each end and a 15 mm hole for the handle bar at the other end 8 mm hole for the carriage bolt drill the later axis of rotation. Then use the jigsaw to round off the two ends of the page to form a semicircle and saw off the previously drilled snap points towards the hole. Round off all edges with a router or a sanding block. Drill two holes in the sides at the bottom, insert the handle bar (item 31) and then screw down with 4x50 screws.

Step 9: Fit the backrest

Build beach chair yourself: yourself

Mount folding mechanism.

Use two M8x60 carriage bolts to connect the two sides to the top of the beach chair. Again think of a washer between the wooden parts and under the mother. If the locking points do not grip the handlebar properly, you must rework them with the sanding block.

Build beach chair yourself: chair

Connect backrest with hinges.

The top of the beach chair is placed in the vertical rest position. The backrest (item 22) is cut out on both sides according to sketch specifications. Then round off the edges. Then place the backrest in the beach chair on the middle side and align it centrally.

Attach the hinges to the backrest using 4.5x20 screws. Now check the function of the folding mechanism with the backrest now installed.

Step 10: Attach the pinch table

Build beach chair yourself: yourself

Stowed table.

The beach chair has two tables, each consisting of a board (item 24), the back of one side has a 50 mm deep slot with a 20-mm width (= thickness of Strandkorbseiten). The table can be positioned protruding outwards as well as inwards. To stow it, you just put it in the armrest.

Build beach chair yourself: build

Attached table.

An 8 mm hole for a handle rope is drilled at the top of a pusher table trim (key 25). Round off all edges at the panel. Round off all edges except the edges for the panel and the cutout at the pinch table. Then screw the front of the boards down flush to the panel.

As a holder for the Anstecktische be on the basket Chumps screwed on, first the large block (item 26) flush with the front edge on the side (item 18). Subsequently, the Anstecktisch is pushed onto the edge and bolted about the second block. When tightening, press the table down firmly.

Step 11: Paint the beach chair

Build beach chair yourself: yourself

Beach chair painted.

Disassemble the beach chair in base, top, folding mechanism, seat plate, cover from the storage compartment, leg rests and armrests before you paint this. Grind the surfaces of the plywood panels in all visible areas with an eccentric grinder and sandpaper with a P180 grit.

Build beach chair yourself: beach

Beach chair back lacquered.

This beach chair model is striped blue and white. The base color is white synthetic varnish with a roller. Allow the parts to dry well before using a P240 sandpaper upstanding wood fibers Grind away and apply a second coat of varnish.

For the stripe look, the areas are covered with masking tape, which should remain white. Then apply the blue paint with a roller to all other places. After drying, the beach chair is reassembled.

Step 12: Make upholstery

Build beach chair yourself: plywood

Beach chair with upholstery.

If you want custom-fit upholstery for the beach chair, you should make it yourself. First, a 6-millimeter plywood panel is sawn to the desired size and connected with a foam board in the desired thickness. Stick the foam with a suitable spray adhesive.

As a cover fabric you should choose an easy-care, robust fabric for outdoor use. Cut the fabric so that there is an approx. 10 cm wide strip when blowing in foam and support plate on the back of the pad. Using a stapler, attach the fabric to the back of the backing plate by starting in the middle of both sides and working towards the corners. Then repeat the whole on the transverse sides.

Glue the finished one Back pad with polyurethane adhesive stuck to the backrest. The cushion for the seat is only hung up. Pads for the leg rest are made in the same way and must be removed when not in use and stored in the storage compartment.

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