Beach chair cover comparison 2018

Kaufberatung zum Strandkorbhülle Comparison or Test 2018

  • Beach chair covers are essential for protecting your beach basket against bad weather, rain, snow and frost. They are available in different colors as well as in transparent.
  • Differences are noticeable in the material: the longest lasting and most stable, but also the most rigid is truck tarpaulin polyester. Denier polyester, on the other hand, is lighter but of lower quality and should be replaced after about 2 to 3 years.
  • In addition to choosing the right material, make sure that the new protective case has a roll-up system. With this you can use your beach chair thanks Velcro and zippers even before and after the season.

Beach chair cover comparison 2018: cover

According to a nationwide survey in 2015 preferred 70% of respondents holiday by the sea. However, only 23% of respondents opted for a holiday in the mountains (source: TNS Emnid). For many, a sunlit beach chair stands in the evening light before roaring waves, surrounded by sand dunes and gulls swirling around the Symbol of relaxation by the sea par excellence.

A growing number of beach lovers have decided not without reason to put the legendary wooden furniture with wicker in your own garden and take the pleasant holiday feeling home.

To protect your beach basket against typical Central European weather conditions with relatively strong temperature fluctuations, a good beach chair cover is essential - in the guide to our Strandkorbhüllen comparison 2018, we have the best Strandkorbhüllen closer look and explain here the differences in material, the fit and the respective roll-up system.

1. The beach chair cover protects not only in winter

The history of the beach basket

As the inventor of the first beach chair is the Rostock basket maker Wilhelm Bartelmannwho made this in 1882. Incidentally, a visit to the beach was considered a bourgeois privilege well into the 1920s. The undisputed undressing on the sunny beach was frowned upon at the time - Rather, one sat in buttoned up dresses in the shady beach chair, One explanation: Tanned skin was still considered the first decades of the 20th century as a sign of belonging to a lower social class.

A beach chair in your own garden is a retreat for many, promises relaxation and tranquility, invites you to dream and sometimes makes memories of distant beach adventures flare up: The ideal seating furniture to bring the holiday or holiday season up close - and when the sun is shining and maybe there is a small lake nearby...

However, as an interested reader of this guide, you are most likely to live in unpredictable Central Europe, which means that the mild to very high temperatures will not last forever. After a rainy, windy autumn, there may be a hard winter with lots of snow, ice and frost, Without the right weather protection, even the best beach chair will not last long.

However, a beach chair cover offers more than just the opportunity to winterize your beloved beach chair. For a better overview, we have below the Advantages and disadvantages of beach chair coverssummarized:

  • waterproof, protection against rain and snow
  • Protection against dust, dirt, moss and mold
  • usually very hard-wearing, tear-resistant material
  • ideal protection against UV radiation
  • resistant to heat and cold
  • year-round attachment possible (front separately aufziehbar)
  • Deceleration due to weathering
  • simple assembly
  • visually getting used to unsightly
  • should be purchased approximately every 3 to 5 years to maintain optimal beach chair protection

2. The different types of beach chair covers

Strandkorbhüllen differ in particular with regard to their material. There are very different variants, whose advantages and disadvantages are described in more detail in the following table. Take your time and see exactly which material best suits your needs:

Polyester as a truck tarpaulin

Beach chair cover comparison 2018: beach

Truck tarpaulin is considered absolutely weatherproof and virtually impenetrable for water, snow and ice. It is exceptionally robust and very durable, but at the same time also relatively heavy and sometimes a bit stiff when moving.

winter and weatherproof
snow and waterproof
rigid and heavy
comparatively expensive

Denier polyester

Beach chair cover comparison 2018: 2018

Polyester according to the denier system is calculated as follows: 1 the = 1 gram (g) per 9,000 meters (m)
Example: For a beach chair with a protective hood of 700D, this means a weight for the textile of 700 g per 9,000 m. The following applies: The more denier, the thicker (and more stable) is the material and the better it is armed against bad weather. winter
snow and waterproof
not very durable (should be replaced after about 2 years)
Polyester as a boat tarpaulin

Beach chair cover comparison 2018: cover

Strandkorbhüllen boat tarp similar to the truck tarpaulin, however, it is less stable, but more flexible.

snow and waterproof
comparatively expensive

Polyester as canvas

Beach chair cover comparison 2018: comparison

So-called sailcloths, as protective covers for beach chairs in longevity, resemble denier polyester, that's what they are for comparatively easy and shine through one high quality structure.

snow and waterproof
High quality material
not very durable
comparatively expensive

Beach chair cover comparison 2018: comparison

Beach chair covers Truck tarpaulins polyester may not look very elegant - but her beach chair is best protected against rain, snow and frost.

3. Purchase advice for beach chair covers: what to look for

What you need to know to be prepared for the purchase of your personal beach chair cover test winner is explained in this chapter. First, however, a tip on the insurance protection of patio furniture in case of severe weather damage. We recommend that you look at an article of Stiftung Warentest from 24.10.2016.

3.1. material

As you can see from the second chapter on the different polyester variants, the choice of the right material plays a decisive role. Winter beach and waterproof are all StrandkorbhüllenHowever, there are differences in quality, longevity, weight and rigidity.

For areas with particularly heavy snowfall (in the mountains) and relatively strong winds (eg on the coast), we strongly recommend choosing polyester as a truck tarpaulin. Due to the severity, the likelihood of being carried away by storm is much lower than with other materials.

When especially durable materials for beach chair covers appliesPolyester as a truck and as a boat tarpaulin.

Beach chair cover comparison 2018: 2018

With a integrated zip and velcro closure You can also use your beach chair if it is under a tarpaulin.

3.2. Roll-up system and color

Some beach chair covers allow the front to be rolled up with zip and velcro fasteners. This may be useful, especially in the pre- and post-season, eg. if the weather does not allow or no longer allows you to relax in the beach chair for several days in warm sunshine.Re-covering the beach chair with the appropriate tarp would take too much time in such cases. In exactly these situations, a protective cover with a roll-up system proves to be particularly useful.

Beach chair cover comparison 2018: cover

Whether on the beach or at home in your own garden: a protective cover for the beach chair is always a good idea if you want to enjoy it for a long time.

Of course, you choose the color of your protective cover according to your own judgment or taste. Alternatively, you could also opt for a transparent beach chair cover and thus do not have to miss the beach chair color even during the winter months.

3.3. Manufacturers and brands

Strandkorbhüllen from the manufacturer Oskar (for the "Strandkorb Baltic Sea"), the company Lilimos ("Strandkorb Nordsee") and also the provider Trendy by deVries ("Strandkorb Sylt") are among the best known good and popular baskets and corresponding covers.

Other less known manufacturers include the following:

  • Brema
  • Jet Line
  • Mr. Deko
  • Tec Take
  • the residential plant
  • MKL
  • more garden
  • Monkey Mountain
  • Relax Days
  • Comfort
  • Kronenburg
  • sun partner
  • ultra Natura
  • Wehncke
  • Xinro

4. How do I best take care of my new beach chair cover?

Due to the waterproofness (at least the vast majority beach chair covers), the good piece can easily with wet cloth or cloth and regular cleaning agent clean. Afterwards, make sure that you open your protective cover and allow it to dry well, so that no mold can form due to moisture during stowage during the summer months.

Note: The at least beach chair covers are washing machine suitable. On the one hand, most models are too rigidly constructed (especially the cover of truck tarpaulin), on the other hand there is a risk that the seams could tear under the pressure of the machine.

Instead of relying on your washing machine, we recommend you to put on a manual laundry.

5. Questions and answers around beach chair covers

Beach chair cover comparison 2018: comparison

Detail view of a beach chair protective cover.

5.1. Protects a "only" waterproof beach chair cover against cold and snow?

All Strandkorbhüllen compared by us are considered waterproof and winterproof and thus protect against snowfall. Frost and thick layers of snow, however, leave their mark on the hull - after 3 to 4 years at the latest (or winters), you usually have to exchange your beach chair hull for a newer one.

If you live in a snowy area, possibly even in the mountains, we advise against investing in cheap beach chair covers and also recommend a "durable" case - with polyester from a truck tarpaulin.

5.2. How big is a "Strandkorbhülle XXL"?

First, the name "XXL" refers to particularly large dimensions of your beach chair cover - similar to the clothes sizes from the department store. Unfortunately, the Sizes for Strandkorb-Schutzhüllen not standardized or standardized, so that each manufacturer makes their own measurements. Nevertheless, there are the following three dimensions for XXL beach chair covers:

Beach chair cover comparison 2018: comparison

Transparent protective covers for beach chairs are only partially suitable for really long and harsh winters.
  • 155 cm height / 150 cm width / 79 cm depth
  • 160 cm height / 118 cm width / 80 cm depth
  • 165 cm height / 155 cm width / 80 cm depth

5.3. Are there also transparent beach chair covers?

As already mentioned above in the purchase advice, there are a wide range of colors and different variants of transparent beach chair covers. These are translucent, but the tone is often a bit yellow instead of completely transparent.

In the long term, a transparent protective cover for your beach chair is more prone to stains and unwanted discoloration (although this is also strongly weather-dependent).

Danger:Be sure to check your new one Beach chair cover UV-resistant because the pervasive rays will otherwise slowly fade or fade the colors of your beach chair.

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