Beach chair comparison 2018

Kaufberatung zum Strandkorb Comparison or Test 2018

  • Beach baskets we associate with sun, sand and holiday mood. But the iconic pieces of furniture are not just for rest on the beach. Also as garden furniture or on the balcony, beach chairs enjoy great popularity and bring the holiday to your home.
  • When choosing the right beach chair, you should first and foremost pay attention to high quality materials. To ensure the longevity of your seating, they must be weatherproof and robust.
  • Depending on how many people are staying in the beach chair, there are different models as one-, two- or three-seater.

Beach chair comparison 2018: comparison

Beach chair comparison 2018: 2018

Who does not dream of spending the summer on the sunny sea and relaxing in a beach chair with a clear blue sky and a gentle breeze. It sounds tempting, but a survey by the polling institute Allensbach shows that the majority of Germans did not spend their holidays in 2016 on their travels, but at home. In order to provide the right holiday feeling even in your own home, beach chairs for balcony and garden are perfect as special resting oases. In our beach chair comparison 2018, we have compared for you the most different models - from artificial beach baskets to those made of natural materials - and tell you in our buying guide, what you should pay attention to when choosing and buying the best beach chair.

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1. The beach chair - the cult object of German beaches

Beach chair comparison 2018: chair

A beach chair on Sylt: You can enjoy this luxury at home with a beach chair for the garden.

The modern beach chair consists of a two-piece frame made of wicker and a covered and padded seating niche. Depending on the type and model, the backrest can be gradually folded back so that you can sit in an upright as well as in an almost horizontal reclining position. The beach chair is suitable for both sunbathing and protection against wind and strong sunlight.

In Germany, the beach chair has a long tradition. The first forerunners of today's Strandkorbs existed in Europe already at the end of the 16th century in the form of covered wicker chairs, which were supposed to protect against drafts and intense sunlight. As a piece of furniture for the beach, however, they were first mentioned in writing in the second half of the 19th century. With the emergence of the first seaside resorts in Germany, the simple seating furniture developed relatively quickly to beach tents and so-called bathhouses.

As the inventor of the modern beach chair in its well-known form and function is considered the Rostock basket maker Wilhelm Bartelmann, 1882, the first beach chair for a customer made. This practical single-seater enjoyed so much

It was very popular that Bartelmann soon after made his first beach chair for two people and the beach chair quickly became a popular piece of seating furniture on numerous beaches. Even today, he still shapes the picture on the beaches of the North and Baltic Seas.

2. Strandkorb types: It depends on the look

In general, one differentiates between two different categories of beach chairs, whose characteristics and preferences we want to briefly illustrate.

Type Baltic Sea

Beach chair comparison 2018: chair

The model "Baltic Sea" was the first beach chair type that was built. Its design is characterized by wavy and round shapes. So the side parts are curved and the roof slightly rounded.
Type North Sea

Beach chair comparison 2018: beach

The model "North Sea" was designed a little later and should reflect the slightly rougher climate on the North Sea. It is characterized by clear and straight lines. So the side parts are straight and the top edged.
Both variants are visually different. However, there are no differences in comfort and operation.

3. You should pay attention to these purchase criteria

While choosing your beach chair type is more about your personal taste, the following purchase criteria are essential so you can enjoy your furniture for as long as possible. Unfortunately, Stiftung Warentest or other testing institutes do not yet offer beach chair tests, so you need to find your very own beach chair test winner. Therefore, you should ask yourself before buying some essential questions that are important in the selection on it, for example: Where should the beach chair stand? How many people should be able to use it together? How is the beach chair stored?

3.1. Suitable materials

Beach chair comparison 2018: 2018

Enjoy the spring in a beach chair: From modern garden furniture to a classic in country house style - the choice is yours.

Basically, you have the choice between beach chairs made of natural materials and models made of plastic. While the frame is usually made of wood in both, the body of the beach chair made of plastic is usually a braid made of polyethylene (also called poly rattan) or polyvinyl chloride (in short: PVC) used. Polyrattan, i. the synthetic variant of the natural product rattan, unlike PVC is usually the better choice. This is particularly colorfast and durable.

You are a fan of vintage furniture and prefer a beach chair made of natural materials? Then you should pay attention to a sufficient quality of the materials used and not at the wrong end save. Look for a high quality wood such as mahogany or teak. If you want to build your beach chair yourself, the wood must be completely dried before processing, so that it does not deform or crack.

With high-quality beach chairs made of plastic visually hardly a difference to pure natural materials can be seen. In addition, the synthetic materials provide good protection against weather-related wear and tear such as by UV radiation or large temperature fluctuations. If your beach chair is exposed to the weather for an extended period of time, you should consider buying a more easy-care beach chair made of plastic.

The fittings of the beach chair should be made of steel or stainless steel. Since the furniture is set up in most cases outside, it must be ensured that the fittings are not susceptible to rust.

The same applies to the fabrics. These are usually made of easy-care polyester or awning fabrics. They are waterproof and very easy to clean.

Below we will show you again the main advantages and disadvantages of beach chairs made of synthetic materials compared to pure natural materials.

  • easy-care
  • durable
  • weatherproof and robust
  • visually hardly distinguishable from natural substances
  • less environmentally friendly manufacturing
  • no nostalgia feeling

3.2. The right size

Beach chair comparison 2018: chair

From small to large: While the beach chair three-seater (left) is even big enough to be used as a beach chair for sleeping, the mini beach chair (right) is ideal as a beach chair single-seater for the balcony.

Beach chairs are available as a single-seater for one person (90 cm wide), as classic two-seater with 120 cm width - as you usually know of holidays on the North Sea or Baltic Sea - and as XXL beach chairs for three persons with about 160 cm wide. Beach chairs for singles are relatively small and space-saving and can be set up well on balconies. If several people can find space in the beach chair at the same time and have enough space in their garden, it is worthwhile to resort to an XXL variant such as two- or three-seater.

3.3. The right accessories

Beach chair is not the same beach chair. From the very simple model to the luxury beach chair with generous amenities beach chair manufacturers offer everything your heart desires. As a rule, even the smallest and simplest pieces of furniture have small footstools that can be stored inside the beach chair and pulled out if necessary. Most models also have small folding tables where you can store drinks, for example.

Baskets with fuller amenities also include pillows and detachable headrests, as well as practical side pockets and compartments, which contain Storing newspapers, books or your sunglasses.

Tip: Make sure that the beach chair has carry handles on both sides and if necessary even rollers for the beach chair are included. With handles and transport wheels you can easily carry the beach chair, which weighs between 60 and 80 kg, effortlessly from A to B.

3.4.Half or semi-trailer

The right suspension

Beach chair comparison 2018: beach

Modern beach chairs are nowadays usually with one return spring equipped, which ensures that you can bring the backrest back into a straight position without much effort. With so-called Gas springs can be adjusted to any sitting or lying position.

Many beach chair models are available both as a half-winner and as a semi-trailer. The backrest of a so-called half-winner can be adjusted up to an angle of maximum 45° to the rear. On the other hand, while you can not bring semi-trailers to a completely horizontal position, the backrest can be tilted almost 90° backwards.

4. Questions and answers about the beach chair

4.1. How do I properly care for my beach chair?

The covers and racks of plastic beach chairs are relatively easy to wash off with water and some soap. All wood materials should however be provided with a wood stain every year, so that the wood is sufficiently protected against the weather.

4.2. What may a beach chair cost?

Beach chair comparison 2018: beach

A beach chair cover protects your furniture from wind and weather.

With new models of good quality and well-known brands such as sun partners or beach chairs from De Vries you should expect a price of 800 euros upwards. Used beach chairs are usually around 600 euros or even cheaper. Please note, however, that you can not claim warranty for used beach chairs.

Cheap beach chairs can be found from just 200 euros. However, these usually offer less equipment and are often of inferior quality.

4.3. Can I leave the beach chair outside in winter?

If you want to leave your beach chair out in the winter, you should make it sufficiently weatherproof. A beach chair cover in the form of a beach chair cover ensures that the furniture is protected from the weather and moisture can not penetrate into the materials. For many manufacturers, the protective cover for beach chairs is already included.With this your beach chair survives every test of wind and weather.

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