Beach Shell Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for beach mussel comparison or test 2018

  • A beach shell is a semi-open tent, ideal for warm summer days on the beach. In contrast to the camping tent, it is mainly used for the short-term stay during the day and less for overnight stays.
  • Many models can be assigned to two different types: On the one hand, there is the classic beach shell for mating, on the other hand, so-called pop-up beach shells that build up by itself.
  • Also for the baby, there are special beach shells, which often differ in design, size and sun protection factor of conventional beach shells.

Beach Shell Comparison 2018: beach

A statistic of the General German Automobile Club e. V. (ADAC) had in 2015about 53 percent of all Germans planned their next vacation as a bathing, sun or beach holiday. In order to be sufficiently protected from the sun in such a holiday, you should always take care, in addition to the use of sufficient sunscreen, not too long exposure to the aggressive UV rays directly.

If you are looking for protection from the sun, without having to forego the relaxing beach experience, we recommend the purchase of a parasol or a compact beach shell with a small pack size. So that you are well prepared for your vacation and looking for your own beach shell test winner among all the manufacturers and brands for the best beach shell We have completed our Beach Shell Comparison 2018.

In it, we clarify among other things on how the pop-up beach shell differs from the classic design and what you have to pay attention next to the dimensions and the UV protection factor yet.

1. What is meant by a beach shell?

Synonyms for beach shells

Did you know? Beach shells are commercially available under several names. They are also often referred to as sunbeds, beach tents or beach shells.

In principle, a beach shell is a particular type of tent. In contrast to the closed igloo tent, which is used as a family tent, a beach shell is openso that it is less suitable for sleeping, but rather as rain, wind and sun protection.

However, some manufacturers also offer lockable beach shells in which the open side can also be closed with another tent wall. Beach shells are usually very light and therefore ideal for mobile use. Beach mussels are usually provided for two to a maximum of four people.

Beach Shell Comparison 2018: shell

A beach shell is suitable depending on the model for two to four people.

The tent skin often consists of sturdy polyester, Thanks to a special coating that protects against the UV light of the sun and is waterproof. Beach mussels are particularly easy to build up when placed on sandy beaches on the beach. But even at a picnic on a meadow, solar tents can be easily erected with the included pegs and guy ropes and fixed within a few minutes.

Which Advantages and disadvantages of a beach shell compared to a classic tent has, you will find in the following overview:

  • very easy assembly and disassembly
  • ideal ventilation through open side
  • easy to transport - light, small pack size
  • Protection from wind, sun, sand and rain
  • not good for overnight stays
  • does not protect in heavy rain
  • even in strong winds from different sides unsuitable

2. Which beach mussel types are there?

In a beach mussel test usually different types of beach mussels are distinguished from each other, which we would like to introduce to you in the following table of our buying advice:

Pop-up beach shell (litter beach shell)Beach shell for mating

Beach Shell Comparison 2018: shell

Beach Shell Comparison 2018: beach

  • self-building beach shell that can be thrown - automatic unfolding
  • occasionally supplied as a shellfish without herring, but often also available with herring
  • Folding needs etaws exercise

easy construction
complicated dismantling and folding process

  • a bit more time-consuming to set up than pop-up beach shells
  • supplied linkage must be pulled through eyelets, the beach tent with pegs and guy ropes are fixed - similar classic igloo tent
  • uncomplicated removal

easy removal
more time consuming construction

In addition to models that are equipped with a tent floor, there are also beach shells without bottom.

Although pop-up solar tents have become increasingly popular in recent years, this trend is currently being replaced by a new construction system. The so-called Qucik Up system can be set up similarly fast or even faster and conveniently has a much narrower pack size. In conversation with the expert Gerald Lutz explained to us about this innovation:

"The trend is currently very much on Quick Build Systems (Quick Up Systems) [...]. In contrast to classic dungeons or pop-up constructions, a very compact pack size can be achieved despite its fast construction. Especially with air travel, a quick-up beach shell is very convenient, as it fits in the suitcase! [...] Another advantage of the Quick Up Systems is the high inherent stability. The dome construction is self-supporting and thus much more stable than comparable beach shells, which only achieve a certain stability by an elaborate bracing with linen. Of course, mining is also much easier, as are the sometimes very complex folding systems of dwelling structures. "

Gerald Lutz, Qeedo

3. Purchase criteria for beach shells: You have to pay attention!

If you want to buy a beach shell, you should consider the following criteria urgently. Because even the best beach mussel will not give you any pleasure, for example, if you can not make friends with the structure or the weight.

3.1. Pop-up beach tent or shell with plug-in system?

Beach Shell Comparison 2018: beach

Beach shell for closing: This solar tent with joinable pole can be completely closed.

Depending on whether you want to build or dismantle quickly, you should opt for either a litter beach shell or a plug-in system. As already mentioned, pop-up beach shells have the advantage over being put together beach mussels that they build up by themselves, whereas their degradation due to the special folding technique somewhat complicated.

3.2. Weight, size and dimensions

Also, weight and size are important in choosing a good beach shell, which should be noted at the purchase. The weight plays a crucial role above all for the transport, whereby a weight of up to 1.5 or 2 kg can be easily transported by bicycle. Heavier specimens of over two kilograms, however, are more likely to take in the car.

Of course, the weight is also determined by the size of a beach sun tent. Although some manufacturers specify for how many people their solar tent is suitable, this is unfortunately not the case for all products.

Pay attention to the area: If no number of persons is indicated, it is worth taking a look at the floor area. This can be very helpful as a guide. A small beach shell for one to two people usually has a footprint of about 150 x 110 centimeters, whereas a larger specimen for two to three or three to four people often measures 200 x 150 or 250 x 150 centimeters.

3.3. Material, UV and wind protection

Beach Shell Comparison 2018: comparison

The material used for the tarpaulin of this Qeedo beach shell was polyester.

The material used for camping tents and beach shells is mostly polyester. Polyester is characterized by the fact that the fabric hardly expands in the wet, whereby a retensioning of the solar tent can be prevented. Although polyester is relatively robust, it has one lower tear strength than polyamide, which is why this is often used as outer shell for high quality trekking tents.

Beach tents also offer wind and sun protection thanks to a special coating. However, beach umbrellas with sunscreen are very different. Most models operate in a SPF range between 30 and 60.

In general, of course: The higher the beach shell UV protection, the better you are protected against the aggressive sunlight. It is also advantageous to use not too light colors, as this reduces the transmission of light, which is equivalent to an additional glare protection.

Beach Shell Comparison 2018: beach

4. Questions and answers about beach mussels

4.1. How do I fold a beach shell together?

In particular, a beach-throwing shell is not always easy to fold. Unfortunately, many models are structurally different, so we can not give you a general guide. To get an idea of ​​how a beach shell is mined, you can watch the video below:

4.2. Is there a special kids or baby beach shell?

Yes, there are baby beach tents and beach shells for kids. They usually differ only in the design and size of the previously presented variants. Children and baby skin is particularly sensitive and the natural sun protection of the skin has yet to develop. Our recommendation: Pay attention to a very high sun protection factor of over 50 with appropriate solar tents for children.So your offspring's skin is protected from too much UV radiation.

Tip: Even for sensitive skin in adults, products with a very high protection factor are recommended. Ideally, you can resort to beach shells with UV protection from 50 or 60+.

Even those who want to have their pets taken care of with shade during their beach experience do not necessarily have to accommodate them in their own beach shells. Meanwhile, there are even beach shells for dogs and special animal tentswhich are very suitable for this purpose.

4.3. How much is a good beach shell?

Beach Shell Comparison 2018: 2018

Baby beach shell with an SPF of 50+.

A cheap beach shell with sunscreen you get already for about 15 to 20 euros. Higher-value and, above all, mostly larger copies can also cost up to 100 euros and more. However, it is not absolutely necessary for beach shells to resort to expensive brands. To spend a pleasant day on the beach and to be protected from UV radiation and wind, on average expensive models in the price range up to 50 euros are absolutely sufficient.

4.4. Did Stiftung Warentest test beach shells?

A Strandmuschel test has not yet been carried out by Stiftung Warentest. But if you like to spend time on the beach and occasionally leave the protective sun tent, you should cream yourself well in sunny weather. The testing institute has carried out a test on this topic in issue 07/2016. After evaluating different criteria such as the observance of the sun protection factor and the UV-A protection, the testers named Lidl's favorable Cien Sun with sun protection factor 20 as the test winner among the best sun lotions, sprays and gels.

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