Make pearl jewelry yourself

Making jewelry: making chains, earrings, bracelets and rings yourself

Make pearl jewelry yourself: yourself

There is a large selection of different jewelry. And yet - you can often go from shop to shop and just not find what's right for a specific occasion. You may even find a great necklace, but the matching earrings are not available.

But with a few materials and a bit of flair, you can make your own jewelry. It does not matter if you need matching earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings.

We have collected the best ideas and crafting instructions from the Internet for you.

Have fun browsing and tinkering!

Make rings and earrings

Anyone looking for an unusual piece of jewelry for their hands or ears should consider whether they - or rather they - do not want to make this themselves. With these instructions, it is guaranteed to succeed. Make rings and earrings

Make pearl jewelry yourself

Jewelry can be made from many materials, eg. B. paper, polymer clay or fabric remnants. However, necklaces, bracelets, rings and pearl earrings are especially popular. Make pearl jewelry yourself

Make chains yourself

Paper cut as a pendant

Instructions for individual pendants with paper cut motive.

Jewelry made of creative concrete

Crafting instructions for necklaces made of creative concrete and leaf metal. Illustrated manual.
at Buttinette Blog

Owl necklace

Macrame instructions for a little owl as a macrame necklace. Detailed illustrated knot instructions.
at Ecocrafta

Chestnut necklace as a necklace

Crafting instructions for a "gilded" chestnut necklace as a natural jewelry.
at Locker Flocke Blog

Macrame Necklace

Macrame tutorial for a striking macrame knot statement necklace decorated with colorful baker's yarn. Illustrated step-by-step instructions.
at four rooms with garden Blog

Poke Ball Necklace

A costume jewelry pearl necklace is transformed into a pokeball necklace. Illustrated manual.
at Zockerschwestern

flower necklace

A crochet pattern for a flower necklace as a necklace or decorative element.

spiral chain

A spiral necklace adorned with gems make yourself.
by gemstein-versand


Create necklace with silver elements yourself. Also suitable as a great gift.
by gemstein-versand

Chain made of plastic tubing

Make unusual chain of plastic tubes yourself.
by gemstein-versand

Chains and bracelets

Crafting instructions: Making jewelry from crimp beads.
gemstones: german

spring Jewelry

Tinker chain with colorful flowers of clay.
with speech: German


A guide for a necklace with jewelry wire.
at a single


Make individual chains of stones and marbles.
at kidsweb

All chestnut

Illustrated instructions: Make a necklace of chestnuts and noodles.
at Kiki's web

Bottle cap necklace

A funny necklace of bottle caps to make yourself.
at wawerkoSprache: German

Make bracelets


Very special colorful jewelry to make yourself.
at fashion.onblog

Turned macrame bracelet

Detailed and illustrated beginner's guide to making macrame bracelets with wooden beads.
at Barfuss in November Blog

Macrame Bracelets

Instructions for upcycling old cords and belts into a wide, colorful macrame bracelet.
at Catchinsky Blog

Macrame leather bracelet with pearls

Knotting instructions for a leather bracelet made of metal-colored round leather straps with pearl embellishment.
at DaWanda

Macrame leather bracelet (simple)

Step-by-step knotting instructions for a simple leather bracelet with close-up of the knot technique.
at DaWanda

Bracelet "Ella"

Video tutorial for the elaborate Loom bracelet "Ella" in three colors.
at Loom Love

Loom band "Oreo Track"

This video explains how to make a black and white bracelet with loom bands - advanced instructions.
at Loom Love

Hibiscus Bracelet

How to crochet a loom bracelet with a hibiscus flower is demonstrated in this video tutorial.
at Loom Love

Loom band with flowers

Make a light brown loom bracelet with colorful flowers.
at Loom Love

Bell-Loom Band

Instructions with video for crafting a bracelet with loom bands and bells.
at Loom Love

Double Loom band

Video tutorial for crafting a double loom bracelet.
at Loom Love

Triple bracelet and extension [PDF]

3 instructions with sketch for a simple bracelet in two colors, an elaborate triple bracelet and a braiding instruction for extensions on the Loom plate.

Rubber bracelets for beginners

Video tutorial for three simple loom bands, crocheted with loom plate.

Herringbone Bracelet

So crochet a ribbon in herringbone pattern with an improvised Loom frame - instructions with photos and video.
Kleenei's colorful page

Basic Techniques for Loom Bands [PDF]

With this illustrated tutorial you will learn the basics of crocheting your own loom bands with the frame and without frames just crochet hooks. With tips for the closure and other ideas.

Make Scoubidou ribbons yourself

Illustrated step-by-step video tutorial to tie up colorful Scoubidou bracelets or key fobs.
at Creadoo

Make friendship ribbons yourself

Make friendsbands or bracelets in different variations yourself - samples and detailed instructions with pictures on knotting techniques.
for friendship bands

summer Bracelets

Knotting instructions for lightweight summer bracelets in macramé technique with cotton ribbons and metal ornaments. Detailed illustrated instructions.
at Incurvy

Making friendship bracelets yourself: Simple instructions for beginners

With these detailed instructions, you can make friendship ribbons yourself.
at Momblog

Shamballa Bracelet Instructions

Illustrated instructions for knotting bracelets made of twine and pearls in Shamballa technique, a sub-form of macrame.
at Schmuck Blog

Tie knot cords

Simple, illustrated instructions for making a bracelet.
at WawerkoSprache: German

Cuff Bangle

Crochet a beautiful tulip bracelet with red and green rubber bands.
at Wordy

Rose bracelet

A cute rose bracelet crocheted with pink, white and green loom bands. - Video tutorial
at Wordy

Bracelet made of four loom bands

How to braid four finished loom straps into one wide bracelet - advanced video tutorial.
at Rainbow Loom Instructions

Hearts Bracelet

With this video tutorial step by step you make a loom band with little hearts - suitable for beginners.
at Rainbow Loom Instructions

Blue and white striped bracelet

Make a wide bracelet with strips of rubber bands yourself - instructions for medium difficulty.
at Rainbow Loom Instructions

Herringbone Bracelet without Loom Plate

Without a Loom plate, but only with two pins or fingers, you make Loom ribbons a bracelet in herringbone pattern.
at Rainbow Loom Instructions

Loom band with name

Video tutorial for crocheting a loom bracelet with names - high level of difficulty for advanced players.
at Rainbow Loom Instructions

Hexafish Bracelet

An advanced video tutorial for crafting a Hexafish loom band.
at Rainbow Loom Instructions

DNA spiral band

So make a fancy bracelet in which white or black rubbers like a strand of DNA rotate around colorful ribbons.
at Rainbow Loom Instructions

Bracelet with wolf

How to Crochet a Bracelet with Loom Bands with a 3D Wolf - English Video for the Advanced.
at Rainbow Loom Instructions

Pacman Band

Crochet a loom band with Pacman and colorful ghosts - video tutorial in Dutch.
at Rainbow Loom Instructions

Rotini bracelet

Video tutorial on braiding a bracelet in rainbow colors.
at YouTube

Simple extension for bracelets

Video with step-by-step instructions for crocheting an extension for cash straps.

Chains and bracelets

Crafting instructions: Making jewelry from crimp beads.
gemstones: german

Round Friendship Ribbon

Nice friendship bracelet for good and best friends tinker.
at kikisweb


A braiding instruction: Macrame friendship ribbon for children.
at kikisweb

Shell Bracelet

Instructions for an individual clam bracelet.
with Lisa Freundeskreis

Photo credit
1. "Making jewelry" by JuneMitaPhotography (flickr) License: [CC BY 2.0]

Make rings and earrings

Make pearl jewelry yourself: pearl

The ring is one of the most famous pieces of jewelry and can be found not only on the fingers or toes, but can also be worn on the ears and nose. Where ear and nose rings are actually among the needles.

If you want to make rings and earrings, you can make the most amazing creations out of just a few materials and with a little skill.

In the following, we have collected some extraordinary pieces of jewelery in this link collection of crafting instructions for rings and earrings.

We hope you enjoy browsing!

Make rings

Stars Ring

This video tutorial shows how to crochet a colorful star ring with loom ribbons
at YouTube

Flower Ring

How to Crochet a Flower Ring with Loom Bands - Video Tutorial
at YouTube

Colorful butterfly ring

Make a colorful butterfly ring with loom bands yourself
at YouTube

loop rings

Video tutorial for crafting your own loop rings with loom bands - for advanced users
at YouTube

Ring with Swarovski stones

do it Yourself. A great gift
at Bastel-Elfe

Flower ring

make your own. An exact guide
at Rolling-atelier

Make ring

This video tutorial shows how to make and decorate your own rings from wire
at YouTube

Make earrings yourself

Earrings with cherry quartz

to tinker for yourself. An instruction

Earrings made of flat wooden beads

Instructions for making unusual earrings yourself

Macrame earrings

Extensively illustrated DIY manual for small earrings made of wax cord with macrame knots and wooden beads.
at Panda Hall Learning Center

Make earrings from shells

From earrings, shells and thread with the help of scissors and a fine drill tinker chic earrings.

Flower earrings

make yourself twist paper
at expli

Earrings ladybug

Crafting instructions for ladybug earrings for children. So you make the jewelry from wooden beads and seed beads itself
at Kid's Action

Shell earring

do it Yourself. A guide from polymer clay
at wawerkoSprache: German

Photo credit
1. "studs made of cloth buttons" by alanagkelly (flickr) License: [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Make pearl jewelry yourself

Make pearl jewelry yourself: jewelry

Jewelry can be made from many materials, such as paper, polymer clay or fabric remnants.

However, necklaces, bracelets, rings and pearl earrings are especially popular. Not only beads made of mother-of-pearl are meant, but also of glass or wood.

whoMake pearl jewelry yourself would like to find below a useful selection of links to ideas and suggestions from the Internet.

This makes jewelery making a great pleasure. Have fun!

Make pearl jewelry yourself

Make earrings

Crafting instructions for earrings made of pearls.

Pearl ring for girls

made of seed beads and jewelery wire in silver itself
at Bastelideen

Pearl earrings

do it Yourself. A great gift
at bastelideen

Jewelry made of wooden beads

Make jewelry from wooden beads and safety pins
at creadoo

pearl necklace

make your own. An exact guide
at gemstone necklace


to tinker for yourself. An instruction.
at gemstone necklace

pearl necklace

spice. From old makes new
by gemstein-versand

Make bracelets

A guide to bracelets made of pearls
gemstones: german

Making pearl jewelry

Instructions for rings and earrings made of pearls
at hobby-webtipps

Woven bracelets

Building instruction for a weaving frame and instructions for weaving a bracelet with pearls
at hoppsala

Make a bracelet

Bracelet made of beads and wire.
at Kiki's web

Swarovski beads

Earrings. An exact crafting instructions are available
at kikisweb

Earrings with tulle fabric

A great guide for hangers made of tulle fabric and pearls.
at Kiki's web

Cat earrings

make your own
at kikisweb

Photo credit
1. "Chains of Beads" by EllloriasBoutique (flickr) License: [CC BY 2.0]

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