Release beams for a stable tapping

With the notching of a bar, a recess is created, in which another also notched bar can be inserted. There are symmetrical and one-sided interlocking, which must be released accordingly. In addition to individual notches, repetitive recesses are possible for intermeshing and galvanizing.

Mode of action and physical forces

Whoever puts his hands together in praying fashion and crosses his fingers, uses the spaces between the fingers as "notches" that form a stable connection. This basic principle of mutual "hooking", "wedging" and "entanglement" is followed by connecting any wooden beams to any notch.

To tap beams, the two notches are selected according to the forces acting on the beam. The following forces come into their own:

  • load
  • thrust
  • tensile load
  • pushing force
  • Vertical forces

To attach a wooden beam, the shape of the notch must develop a wedging effect. The stronger a force acts on the beam, the more stable the connection should be.

Slits, holes, cones and leaves

Usually, notches consist of slots or holes into which pins are inserted. When leaf taps come tapered Balkenenden over each other. Each time you release the key, make sure that the pin or blade fits snugly. Every game leads to destabilizing properties.

At the same time, the dwindling or swelling property of wood must not be forgotten. For most notches, it is taken into account by a kind of "buffer depth". The notch is made with an insertion or insertion depth tolerance of about one millimeter. On the side or in the direction of the force effects, the notches must fit precisely and abut

Tools and beam properties

In order to produce the notches precisely according to the selected form of tapping, several tools are usually used:

  • Angle iron or protractor
  • chisel
  • Knocking wood or mallet
  • Saw (stitch or chain saw)

When knocking out or knocking out the notch, there are a few factors to consider:

  • the grain
  • grain direction
  • Knotholes and lugs
  • Annual rings in the beam
  • brittleness
  • integrity
  • dryness

Tips & Tricks

With the choice of the appropriate notch wood beams can be connected without screws, especially in superimposed roof structures. However, despite the stable and durable construction, they should consult a construction specialist regarding construction regulations. Most additional screws are useful or even mandatory.

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