Saw beams with which saw

The artisanal requirement and art of sawing beams is the smooth, clean and consistent cut. With a two- or multi-sided attachment of a saw, the result is often not sufficient. If there are no hand tools with sufficient depth of cut for the beam thickness, either profit saws or post-processing steps will help.

Select beam thickness according to cutting depth

In general, when sawing a bar, if a new purchase or option exists, the bar thickness must be adapted to the usual saw cutting depths. For most constructions such as carport, canopies, aviaries, pavilions and garden sheds, bar thicknesses are sufficient, which can be sawn with normal home-made saws. A beam side must be less than 85 millimeters thick.

The cutting depth of conventional circular saws extends up to 85 millimeters. There are especially in the professional sector circular saws up to cutting depths of 185 millimeters. However, their use is associated with untrained DIY enthusiasts due to the huge setback risk. If the beams can be sawed by the workpiece, table saws and band saws are suitable.

Saw types and operation


Do-it-yourself models have cutting depths of up to 80 millimeters. Commercial models are available up to 185 millimeters and are available from well-stocked machine rental companies.


For beams usually less suitable because of the low depth of cut the difficult adherence to cutting precision comes. The jigsaw is ideal for creating tap connections and extensions.


Not suitable for sawing beams.

Hand Band Saw and Hand Chain Saw

Recommended only for experienced and professional users. Usual cutting depths reach up to 300 millimeters. Especially for carpenters and carpenters there are hand chain saw with cutting depths up to 400 millimeters. The devices are expensive and need crafting application experience.

table saw

Conventional table saws have a cutting depth of 90 millimeters. Cutting depths of up to about 150 millimeters are available or can be borrowed in the next higher size range, saws from 500 euros. In the professional sector, the highest cutting depths reach up to 400 millimeters.


The usual cutting heights for table band saws are 80, 100 and 240 millimeters. Medium sized devices are available from 500 euros.

Tips & Tricks

If you are working on a wooden beam, usually sanding and milling tools are also used. Inquire how you can work out any uneven cuts in beams by double-sided sawing with a milling grinder or electric planer.

Video Board: Milling Logs into Beams