Beautiful and healthy: Which is the best wall paint for the inside?

Two important aspects have to be met in order to speak of a really good wall paint: The paint should look visually excellent and at the same time support a pleasant, pollutant-free room climate. As far as the look is concerned, the tastes are different, but there is no doubt about health! We take a close look at the most important colors.

Is emulsion paint the best interior wall paint?

The technical name for the commercially available wall paints from the DIY store is »emulsion paints«. These paints contain finely dispersed mini particles of plastic, the solvent is pure water.

Emulsion paints are generally considered to be low in emissions, easy to work with and pleasant to look at. They can be painted both opaque and applied like a glaze, so that either a uniformly colored surface or a loose tint arises.

The variety of colors is immense, emulsion paints you can mix in almost all tones of the color palette. But we must also address the negatives: The colors are not made of natural ingredients and hinder the breathing of the wall to a certain extent.

Which interior wall paint is optimally healthy?

Really permeable are purely natural mineral colors, they are considered overall health-promoting and raumklimaregulierend. Since the lime paint usually tends to stain something, you prefer to use a silicate paint.

However, silicate paints are only used on mineral substrates, which means you must not wallpaper the wall beforehand or paint with a primer. Gypsum substrates are just as taboo.

Clay colors are also among the health-promoting eco-colors, but like the silicate colors, they present themselves in a rather limited range of colors. If you prefer warm and subtle shades, this is still true.

Easy-care surfaces in sensitive areas

In the nursery or around the family table, it sometimes happens that the wall gets a little bit more dirty. Stairways are also among the areas that are difficult to keep clean. These colors make cleaning easier:

  • Latex paints are considered the best wall paints to create washable surfaces
  • Silicate paints are resistant to moisture and endure strong scratching
  • Emulsion paints can be repainted quickly and easily

Tips & Tricks

The best wall paint inside is exactly the one that best suits your needs. Anyone who places more emphasis on ecology will resort to a silicate or clay color; anyone who wishes to have rooms in bright colors uses a dispersion paint.

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