Nice ideas for the wardrobe

Every day you look into it and look for the right outfit for the day: your wardrobe is thus daily at least once, often frequented several times. Is not it better to look into an appealing, well-arranged cabinet? We've come up with some ideas on how to make your closet beautiful.

Cupboard optics from the outside

It is not only important what is inside, also from the outside, a wardrobe should be designed attractively. It looks best if all your bedroom furniture is kept in the same color. If not, you can easily change it: paint your cabinet and other bedroom furniture in a beautiful, soothing color. If your cabinet or your furniture is not made of wood, painting is more difficult, but there is a remedy: Glue your wardrobe with a decorative foil. Choose a high-quality film, so you can enjoy it for a long time. Also shelves in the cabinet can be covered with the self-adhesive film. Alternatively, you can wallpaper the cabinet.

A mirror

It makes sense to put a mirror next to or on the cupboard, so that you can inspect after dressing. Mirrors can now also be glued reliably to the cabinet. You can find out how it works here.

Keep order in the closet

In the order of things in the closet, many people struggle: The laundry is piled up to ugly heap, which likes to fall over during the hectic search in the morning. If you are one of those people who are reluctant to put clothes together, there are two ways to keep things organized:

  • Put clothes rails in: either directly in the closet or, if there is no space, just from one wall to the other in your bedroom. So you can hang your clothes easily on hangers, have a better overview and the laundry does not crumple.
  • Create storage boxes that label you accordingly. This does not make your clothes heaps neater, but at least your closet looks fancy when you open it because the mess is packed in cups or boxes. You can also find the desired garment faster if you have the baskets well marked and the clothes have separated clean.

Keep in order with the system

Of course, it's best if you simply fold your clothes neatly and sort them by categories so you can quickly find what you're looking for. You can dress your clothes e.g. Sort by the following criteria:

  • colour
  • kind
  • occasion
  • season
  • daily used clothes and rarely used clothes

The best is a mix of these criteria. More tips are available here.

Walk-in wardrobe

In a walk-in wardrobe, there are many ways to upgrade it, e.g. through the use of various stowage options (baskets, pull-out cabinets, clothes rails, shelves, dressers, cabinets etc.) or light effects, e.g. by placing a floor lamp or attaching lights to shelves. By skillfully combining cupboards, shelves, clothes rails, etc., you can tailor the cabinet to your exact needs. How to build yourself a walk-in closet, read here. You will find nice ideas for the interior in this article: 6 ideas for the walk-in wardrobe.

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