Nice living with floor tiles in beige

The matching tile color has always been a topic and point of contention between husband and wife. Women love bright colors, men tend to prefer subtle shades like beige and light brown.

Beige is a easy-care color

Tiles for the floor in beige color are quite practical. In contrast to pure white tiles, you do not immediately notice minor soiling.

Also available in stores are replicas of real natural stones in easy-care ceramics. Natural stone replicas or real natural stones offer a great variety in the beige area.

The beige floor tiles can be laid in addition to the standard procedures in the Roman composite or as a classic cross joint. Those who choose the warm, beige limestone colors can reinforce the country look with irregular edges.

Beige floor tiles are also available with a light pattern, roughened surfaces, matt, gloss or satin finish. The look results from the different possibilities of surface treatment.

material selection

Floor tiles in beige are available in different materials.

  • Stoneware
  • natural stone
  • stoneware
  • terracotta
  • stone train

The shades vary from avorio-light beige, medium beige to strong dark beige. The formats are 30 x 30 and 50 x 50 cm a common measure, floor tiles in beige color are also as
Mosaic tiles on offer from the manufacturer.

A large selection of beige tiles in all shades offer and Good tiles cost between 35, - Euro and 80, - Euro per square meter. is a supplier of mosaic tiles, good quality is in the price at about 150, - Euro.

Tips & Tricks

If you decide to buy floor tiles in brown mosaic design, you should make sure that the price of the suppliers is usually per mosaic net, a net with mosaic tiles of 2.5 x 2.5 cm size usually has 0.09 sqm.

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