Beautiful floorboard made of short planks

A plank floor looks particularly nice when the floorboards consistently extend from wall to wall. But what is beneficial in a normal room can quickly be squat or petty in a long, narrow room.

Laying direction vary - create space

First, the joy is great if you can buy short cheap floorboards for a long corridor. But to lay a wooden floor, this variant is visually no gain. Depending on the layout of the room, the room looks squat and small due to the transversely laid wood.

Since the solution is clear, a break must be forth. For example, it is quite easy to glaze every tenth board of a bright floor or to use a darker wood.

One example is, depending on the room layout about one meter long planks that are laid on the front door in the longitudinal direction. This is followed by one or two transverse planks according to taste, before laying out another field in the longitudinal direction.

Short hallway - small price

In the case of floorboards, the price of one square meter increases, so to speak, with every centimeter of plank length. The cheapest is a home improvement with the shortest possible floorboards, which are often on offer or as a remainder.

With a full-surface gluing, you can literally put a pattern of wood in the room. Maybe you even divide a nice square room into four equal fields. Many forms are possible, it only takes a little imagination.

Then only in the middle a cross of a long and two short planks is laid. These middle planks should be slightly wider than the planks laid out in the four boxes. They are happy to have a different color.

More tips and recommendations for purchase

You should sit for a few minutes with a chair in the room before buying the floorboards. Often, such a pattern opens up, which can be used to create a bottom with cheap, shorter planks.

If you can not think of anything, look at the floors of old historic buildings on the Internet. So you will surely find the right inspiration. This gives you the impression of a particularly expensive floor, although on the contrary you have saved a lot.

Tips & Tricks

Be creative. Who says that a room must be completely equipped in the same laying direction with a plank floor. Also, the color or grade of the wood does not necessarily have to remain the same throughout the room.

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