Beautiful staircase windows form visual highlights

What would a staircase without a window be? Not only that enough daylight provides more safety when stepping on stairs, the room optics also benefits immensely from a beautifully designed window and friendly sunlight. The larger the window, the brighter the room becomes. But even smaller windows can look really good: Read here how your staircase window becomes a visual highlight.

Staircase windows with leaded glazing: real gems

Leaded glazing is not only something for historic church rooms, they also create a very special ambience in modern private and commercial buildings. Bright colors and bold or geometric patterns give such a window a radiant aura.

Colored glass also causes the incident light to change pleasantly. So that it does not get too dark, the largest part of the window should remain colorless. A combination of colored and colorless areas is also particularly appealing.

Stained glass imitating through glass painting

If original, leaded glass windows are too expensive, they can create a beautiful, individually designed imitation with a bit of creativity and skill. Use special glass paints and self-adhesive lead tape for windows.

Templates are available either in book form or on the Internet. Particularly artistic home improvement designers even design a motif that they paint on their staircase window.

Use removable colors again to remove or change your subject after a while. This will give you the opportunity to design your staircase window, for example, according to the season.

Staircase windows with sprouts for nostalgic ambience

Lattice windows have a nice nostalgic effect, but they cost a lot more than windows without this extra. A nice design idea is to glue rungs profiles onto the window and imitate a lattice window.

Especially easy and inexpensive is the sticking of special tape on the staircase window, which should imitate rungs. However, this only looks really nice with a gap. You should pay attention to this when sticking «sprouts»:

  • create a clean and grease-free surface
  • Use the manufacturer recommended adhesive
  • Align the rungs exactly with the spirit level
  • Mark for safety with foil pen (can be removed with acetone / alcohol)

Tips & Tricks

If your staircase has rather small windows that do not let in much sun, it is best to use sparingly with window paint so that it does not get any darker. Large, light-flooded rooms leave more room for glass design.

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