The beauty of a paved doorway

Almost every entrance is on the front of a building. He therefore determines to a very high degree the overall architectural impression of the estate.
On the one hand, when you pave your house entrance, your intention is to reach your house by a paved road. On the other hand, you should also consider this patch as a design element. In order to achieve a beautiful ambience, it must fit in harmoniously with the architectural characteristics of your home and the plants. Then your paved entrance will not only be a means to an end, but invite your welcome visitors to enter your house. The construction trade offers you three basic forms of paving material.

Variant 1: concrete pavement

These paving stones represent the cheapest form with which you can pave your house entrance. Inexpensive means not inferior. Rather, you can choose from various standardized shapes and colors of the paving stones and lay them easily in a uniformly pulled bed of fine split in combination.
But standardized also means evenly. This uniformity reduces the design value of the concrete plaster. It is convenient, but does not stand out from the crowd.

Variant 2: natural stone pavement

The forms of this plaster are almost limitless. You can lay a natural stone pavement in their house entrance as plates, as paving stones, as a cat's head paving or as a field stone pavement. Their material consists of different rocks and granites, basalt or porphyry are most commonly used.
However, achieving a perfect look requires a lot of strength, patience, skill and financial investment. These expenses are rewarded with longevity and value.

Variant 3: clinker plaster

Clinker should not be confused with bricks. They are fired at high temperatures and their pores close in the sintering process. Therefore, they are water repellent and also substantially resistant to dirt. They can be beautifully and permanently laid in a network. With a little creativity, you can create interesting patterns and contours.
Several well-known brickyards produce clinker in different colors and flamed shades.

The decision

You just have the comfortable problem of choosing from this wealth of possibilities. With careful consideration and careful execution, you make your entrance to an architectural element of beauty.

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