Biberschwanz, what is the price of the classic tile?

The beaver tail is not only the most famous tile form, but a veritable classic under the roof tiles. Due to the many different classic shapes, surfaces and colors, the price can be quite different.

Biberschwanz is not the same as Biberschwanz - and you can tell by the price

Even if the basic form of the Biberschwanz is always at least approximately the same, one differentiates nevertheless some common basic forms as variations from the classical Biber.

Also, the surface can be designed differently - either smooth or roughened, wavy, brushed or flamed or engobed. These different surface designs then also have considerable price differences result, some are also special colors or Brilliantöne significantly more expensive.

Biberschwanz, what is the price of the classic tile?: price

The simple classic forms without special surface treatment in natural clay can often be found in the building materials trade for around 0.40 to 0.50 EUR apiece, sometimes even cheaper.

Often regionally popular models are a bit more expensive than others, and the price of the roof tile manufacturer is always slightly lower.

The most common shapes in plain tile roof tiles

  • classic beaver
  • Saxon, South German and Berlin beaver
  • wave beaver
  • tower beaver

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • Here you will find almost all common beaver shapes in different colors and with different surfaces - plus a wealth of useful information.
  • The manufacturer produces and sells many different beaver shapes with different surfaces
  • Again, there is a large selection of beaver models, specialty is the Berlin beaver.

That way you can save costs

Price comparisons make sense in any case - if you want to save costs, you can simply rely on a much cheaper model.

Tips & Tricks

When making your price comparisons, always make sure that different tile models also require different quantities per square meter. You definitely have to be very careful here. If in doubt, ask your roofer best


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