Design bed: Beautiful design ideas

You think your bed is boring and want to give it a new look? There are many ways to spice up a bed and redesign it. We have put together the most beautiful design ideas.

Remodel headboard

If your bed already has a headboard, you can change it with the help of towels or fabrics. Especially nice is a combination of a pretty, light cloth, over which a string of lights is hung.

Make headboard out of pallets

If your bed has no headboard, you can easily do it. All you need is two Euro or one-way pallets, sandpaper for sanding and varnish or glaze as well as decorative elements.

1. procure material

Obtain two Euro or one-way pallets. You often get them in a supermarket or hardware store; just ask!

2. Paint the pallets

Sand the pallets and make sure they are completely dry before painting them. Paint the pallet in a color that fits well in your bedroom and allow the pallets to dry out for several days. If the pallets do not smell or hardly smell of color, they are dry.

3. Place

Now put the two pallets as a headboard to your headboard. You can choose either the longer or the shorter side, whichever suits your bed size better. You can secure the pallets to each other with double-sided tape or nails so that they do not slip apart


4. Decorate

When decorating your imagination knows no bounds. Hanging plants and hidden light sources, such as single, weak light bulbs in the palette, are especially beautiful. When buying bulbs, be careful not to overheat them, such as Led Lamps. Alternatively, you can hang a string of lights over the pallets.

Paint headboard directly on the wall

If you are a bit artistically talented, you can simply paint something pretty on the wall as a headboard or stick paper figures to the wall. Especially for cots are simple, colorful embellishments such. Sheep, rainbows, stars, cars or other animals.

Equip substructure with light

You can also give your substructure a mystical touch by filling in the open part all around with Plexiglas and hiding one or more oblong LED lamps behind it. That's how your bed lights up from below.

Tips & Tricks

Make a four-poster bed out of your bed or your daughter's bed! Here we explain how it's done.

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