Making a bed by yourself: What options are there?

There are many different ways to make a bed yourself. You can not only build a simple wooden frame yourself, but you can also make a bed of Euro pallets or even of other pieces of furniture. Read below which options are available.

Step-by-step instructions for a bed made from Kallax shelves

An equally simple and inexpensive alternative, which also offers storage space under the bed is this: A bed of Kallax shelves from Ikea. Here is a short guide:

  • 3 elongated Kallax shelves (dimensions: 42 x 147cm)
  • 1 thick chipboard (dimensions: 200 or 210 x about 150cm)
  • nails
  • hammer
  • possibly double-sided adhesive strip

1. The right arrangement

Lay two shelves together with the back side flat on the floor. The openings each face outward.

Lay the other shelves up or down across the head or foot end. The opening points outwards again. The result should be a "T". If you place the bed with the head end against the wall, you should place the third shelf at the foot end; if you place the bed with the foot end against the wall, the third shelf should be attached to the head end.

2. Slide apart or not

You can leave the structure so as to have more storage space available on the sides or for greater stability, push the shelves apart in the middle until their edges are exactly at the corners of the shelf at the head or foot end and so a uniform, rectangular structure with an open side arises.

3. Fix

Whatever version you choose before you place the chipboard on it, you should fix this construction by nailing the individual shelves together. Alternatively, you can stick them together with double-sided adhesive tape.

4. lying area

Now put the clamping plate on it. The size of the chipboard depends on the dimensions of your mattress. Last comes the mattress on it and finished is your self-built shelf bed.

Bed made of shelves

You can also easily build a very chic bed from 15 - 18 different length boards and a chipboard or Plexiglas plate. Place the shelves on the longer edge. Make some kind of sun out of the shelves, using the longer shelves for the jets at the top and bottom and the shorter ones for the sides. Then place your chipboard or Plexiglas sheet and nail it down. If you put a lamp in the middle of the boards, your bed will also be lit from below. The number and length of shelves depend on the size of your mattress.

Bed from European palettes

One of the easiest ways to build a bed yourself is to make one out of Euro pallets. Thanks to the distances between the slats, the mattress is even extremely well ventilated here, as in the slatted frame. With a little manual skill you can even install a slatted frame in the Euro pallets. The instructions for a simple bed construction made of europallets can be found here.

Build a simple wooden bedstead yourself

You can also make a bedstead yourself with the necessary tools and craftsmanship. How to proceed step by step is explained in this guide.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to spice up your old bed frame, we will give you suggestions and decoration ideas here.

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