Increase bed: There are these possibilities

There are several reasons why you want to or should raise a bed. Above all, the easier boarding and the gained storage space speak for it. We explain the possibilities for jacking up a bed.

Bed with feet

Buy increase online

The easiest way is to jack up, so raising a bed when the bed is on square or round feet. In this case, you can simply buy online special feet for furniture or Betterhöhung. These are available for round as well as square feet in all imaginable sizes from different materials starting from 20 Euro. However, especially if you are sleeping on a bed for two, so the bed has to bear a lot of weight, but you should pay attention to good quality of the feet and, for example. rather at the feet of solid wood than on plastic feet.

Do it yourself

If you are talented in craftsmanship, you can just buy a few wooden blocks at the hardware store and nail them under your feet. Or you do it like the pros and carve the shape of your feet into the wooden blocks so they fit in like a glove. Make sure that you carve all blocks the same depth, otherwise your bed is crooked or wobbly.

Bed without feet

Even a bed without feet, whose sides rest continuously on the floor, can be set higher. Either you also build feet on all cross connections, ie wooden blocks, or:

Buy two beams in the length of the bed.

These should first be painted in the color of the bed or in a different color but with the same effect (ie gloss varnish or translucent or similar), creating a nice contrast without the viewer noticing that it has been retrofitted.

For attaching the beams to the bed, there are several variants:

  • The easiest way is to simply fasten them with strong double sided tape. Of course this is not the most stable option.
  • If the bars are not too thick, you can simply turn the bed over and pin down the bars.
  • Or you can buy special joints whose ends are nailed to the inside of the bed and to the beam, connecting the two parts together.

Upgrading with Euro pallets

A bed with a continuous bottom can also be easily placed on several europallets. Of course, this is especially true if you have built your bed of europallets.

Not aufbockbar

One can not increase waterbeds and boxspring beds mainly due to the dead weight of these beds. However, this is not necessary with these types of beds, since they are built from the outset higher than other beds and thus already have a comfort level.

Tips & Tricks

Make maximum use of the storage space you have: buy drawers with castors underneath to put you under the bed. So you have won a kind of new dresser at the same time.

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