Iron bed linen - Is this necessary?

Do you like smooth, ironed sheets? Then you should pay attention to which
Bed linen can be ironed and which you should not iron. Many bedding is also non-iron. What exactly that means and what else you should pay attention to when ironing bedding, we explain below.

Does bed linen have to be ironed?

Ironing is always an option, never a must. You generally iron laundry to look prettier and smoother. Ironing does not add value to the laundry and ironing laundry that is not ironed may even attack the material or even burn the fabric. Some people iron linens because they can be folded together better and smaller and thus take less space in the closet. In addition, any residual moisture is removed by ironing.

Care instructions on the label

Be sure to follow the ironing instructions on the label of your bedding. This is usually sewn on the inside of the duvet cover on the edge. The symbol for ironing is a flat trapeze with a handle on it. If crossed out, your linens will not be ironed. Usually bed linen can be ironed and you will find in the symbol one to three points. These points indicate the level at which you can iron your sheets, with one point indicating a low level, two points a medium level and three points a high level.
The symbol can also occur without points and thus just give the hint that you can iron these sheets.

Which material can be ironed?

Cotton or linen sheets can generally be ironed, but some are not needed.
For synthetic fibers, you should be more careful and look on the care label for the temple advice.

Iron free linen

If you do not like ironing, but still do not like crumpled bedding, you can buy so-called non-iron bed linen. Non-iron bed linen also looks unvarnished smooth and pretty. The term "non-iron" does not mean that the sheets can not be ironed, but rather that they do not have to be ironed. Of course, if you think it necessary, you can also iron it.
The following bed linen are almost always iron-free:

  • fleece
  • jersey
  • Mako satin
  • Seerzucker
  • beaver

Tips & Tricks

If you dry your bedding in the dryer and fold or tuck it up immediately after drying, your bedding is as smooth as freshly ironed.

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