Wash linen: What to look out for

We sweat 500ml to 2 liters of water per night. Therefore, it is very important to wash our bed linen regularly. Even if you have bought new bedding, you should wake it up first before using it. There is a lot to consider: How hot does it have to be washed? What's in the machine? Is there a danger that it will stain? Here are some valuable tips for washing bed linen.

Differences in the material of the bedding

In Germany, bed linen is almost always made of cotton. Sometimes she has a small amount of spandex, which makes the laundry more stretchy. However, a small percentage is also made from polyester or polyester blends. Cotton is breathable and absorbs moisture easily. In contrast, the artificial polyester is neither breathable nor able to absorb moisture.


As a general rule, bed linen should always be washed at the maximum permitted temperature to get it clean and kill mites and bacteria. Cotton laundry can generally be washed 60 degrees. The maximum washing temperature differs depending on the type of fabric and often also the color of the bed linen.

  • Beaver: Beaver is a very dense cotton fabric. It is often used for winter bedding because it is cuddly warm not only thanks to the strength but also because of the double-sided roughening. However, just the rough on the bedding is not for everyone. Beaver bedding can usually be washed up to 60° C.
  • Flannel: Flannel bedding is often equated with beaver bedding. It is also here roughened cotton fabric. However, flannel bedding can also be made of wool and is often a little lighter than beaver bedding. It is also washable at 60° C.
  • Jersey: Jersey bedding is characterized by its slightly elastic fabric, which is soft, supple and very absorbent. It is generally washable at 60° C and does not need to be ironed. It is usually also suitable for dryers.
  • Satin: Satin is made of mercerized, very fine cotton yarn. If the satin is made of cotton, it is washable at 60° C. However, if it is made of a plastic fiber, it is usually not hotter than 30 or 40° C to wash.
  • Linen: The fiber for linen is obtained from flax plants. The fabric is very resistant, absorbent and dirt-repellent. However, he is a bit rough, hard and wrinkles easily. For this reason, it is hardly used for bedding today. Linen bedding, when dyed with natural dyes, can be washed at 60° C or even 90° C.
  • Seerzucker: The strange name comes from the Persian and means something like "milk" and "sugar". Seerzuckerbettwäsche is characterized by their differently processed fabric panels: ruffled stripes alternate with smooth stripes, making the laundry is airier on the skin. This bedding is especially recommended for the summer. It is washable at 60° C and does not have to be ironed. Care instructions often state that they must not be put in the dryer.
  • Batiste: Batiste bedding is mostly made from mercerised cotton, sometimes silk or viscose. The fine fabric is light and airy and is therefore good for the summer. It is washable at 60° C.

In general, it can be said that bed linen made of natural materials such as cotton or linen can be washed at 60° C. Linen made of synthetic fibers is usually washed at 30 or 40° C. White cotton sheets can also be washed at 90° C. Most bed linen can be tumble dried.

Companion for linen in the washing machine

Your washing machine will probably be underutilized with the linen. In order to use the energy optimally, you should therefore add other laundry. Towels, which are mostly 60-degree laundry, and underwear, which can only be washed 60 degrees, are best suited for this purpose. Be sure to join similar colors to prevent something from staining.

Detergent and softener

For bed linen, you can use heavy duty detergent or mild detergent and the fabric softener of your choice. If you are sensitive to allergy or chemical substances, you can opt for a vegetable-based detergent without brightener. This not only pollutes the environment less, but is also healthier for the human organism.

Can bedding be dyed?

But yes! Especially if you have bought new and wash them for the first time, it is quite possible that colored bedding colors. Therefore, especially when washing for the first time, wash them with the same or darker wash to prevent lighter laundry from discoloring.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that you do not pack the washing machine too much! This can result in the laundry not getting properly clean or the washing machine spinning properly.
Wash the sheets once on the right and sometimes on the left to prevent lint and other things from accumulating in the corners.

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