Enlarge bed: This option is available

Your bed is too small for you or the mattress is a few inches over, but you do not want to buy a new bed frame? Consider whether you can simply enlarge your bed. We show what is possible and what problems can arise.

Enlarge by cultivation

If your bed should only be up to 10 or 20 centimeters larger, this can be done in a wooden bed by a cultivation with a bit of manual skill relatively easy:

  • Buy one or two wooden beams, which correspond to the length of the bed, and two or four feet (for example, wide wooden blocks), which, together with the thickness of the beams, correspond to the height of the bed frame.
  • Nail a bar onto one or both sides, feet below and ready.

Problem with larger attachments

Of course you can also gain more space, but remember that this space won does not have the same suspension as the rest of the bed. This can be a little uncomfortable when sleeping.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to make a double bed from a single bed, just build a second bed as described here and nail them together.

Video Board: AutoCAD: Editing Blocks - Edit Block In-place