Painting bed sheets: It works with these colors

Whether for a children's birthday party, a demonstration, a wedding or to sleep in it, a painted bed sheet is suitable for many events: it is easy to paint, it is very large, cheap to buy and does not weigh much. The colors that are suitable for painting, you will find below.

For painting a bed sheet, different colors and methods may be used, depending on the subject and the destination.

Demonstration or sayings

If you want to provide your sheets with whole sentences, you should use pencils if possible, so that the result is easy to read. For this either special textile pins or wide eddings come into question.

textile pins

A 10-pack textile pens get you online for less than 10Euro. With an iron, the color is sealed and no longer discolored. You can even wash a sheet that has been painted with textile pens without fear of color loss. The downside is that the pens are often very fine and it is extremely tedious to paint large areas with it.


A 10-pack of Edding costs about 15 euros in online trading. The advantage of Edding is that there are also wider pen and that you often have Eddings in the house anyway. For a one-time use, you can achieve the same result with an edding as with textile pens. However, if you wash the sheets, the color loses intensity and fades over time.

Other pens

If you do not want to wash the sheets, you can also use crayons, regular felt-tip pens, or other pens for painting.

Paint motives

If you want to paint motifs on a bed sheet for a party, for your children or even with your children, there are also many possibilities:

textile Color

In the specialized trade you can buy special textile paint. This again has the advantage that you can seal it with an iron and the bed sheet is velvet motif washable. The disadvantage: the color is relatively expensive. A vial costs about € 2.50.

Acrylic paint or ink

Even normal acrylic paint or your children's ink will adhere to fabric. However, you should try to use as little water as possible, otherwise the color blurs too much. Delicate figures can not be painted in this way either, as the color runs through the high water content in any case something.

finger paints

Finger paint is very good for painting a bed sheet and painting makes especially children a lot of fun. However, if too much paint is applied, it will crumble after drying.

Tips & Tricks

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