Laying sheets together: That's the easiest way

Do you also know the problem: When folding the bed sheet creates a kind of big ball, which not only looks ugly, but also takes up a lot of space in the closet? We'll give you some tips on how to assemble your sheets neatly.

1. Merge directly after drying

If you dry your sheets in the dryer, you should warm it up as soon as possible after drying. This prevents the bed sheet from wrinkling and wrinkles.

2. Iron bed sheets

Many housewives like to iron their sheets and put them together while ironing. This has the advantage of reducing the space between layers, and the folded sheet gives a smaller package that takes up less space. In addition, wrinkles are of course ironed away.
However, you should consult the care label of your bed sheet before ironing and see if your bed sheet is ironed.

3. Put bed sheets in a pillow case

The best trick for folding bedding is to simply put the bed sheet and duvet into the matching pillow: place sheets and sheets together as best they can, stack them one on top of the other, and push the pile as deep as possible into the pillowcase. Then beat down the rest of the pillow and you're done. So does not take the bedding much space and you have the complete set together.

4. Shake the fitted sheet

To fold a fitted sheet, you must push the opposite corners into each other, lift the narrower side and shake well. Repeat this process until you have a small package. Here we explain this procedure in detail.

Tips & Tricks

Do you also have the problem that the fitted sheet is not holding properly and sliding up again and again? Here are some ways to fix your sheets.

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