Iron fitted sheets: Is this really useful?

Lying in a freshly made bed with a pressed sheet is a nice feeling. But is it really useful to iron a fitted sheet? We clarify and give you alternatives to suffering ironing.

Why should you iron a fitted sheet?

Ironing is a matter of opinion, in the truest sense of the word. It does not add value to the fabric and only makes the fabric look smooth and wrinkle free. Some also like the feel of ironed underwear on the skin. Nevertheless, it is questionable, especially with a fitted sheet, whether the time is worth it: The fitted sheet is pulled anyway smooth by the tension anyway and the sheet is not visible under the ceiling anyway.

Dry instead of iron

If you are tired of ironing, you should simply dry your fitted sheet in the dryer and warm it up. So the bed sheet is nice and soft and smooth.

Non-iron fitted sheets

Some fabrics may or may not even be ironed. These fabrics are called iron-free and they should be smooth and wrinkle-free even without ironing. Such substances include:

  • terry
  • jersey
  • Seerzucker
  • microfiber Sheets

Tips & Tricks

Often you iron bedsheets to make them easier to put together and takes less space in the closet. Read here how to easily fold your fitted sheet without ironing.

Video Board: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Perfectly Every Time!