Iron bedsheets: When is this not possible?

Sheets can not always be ironed. Some materials are iron-free and may or may not be ironed. The ironing icon informs about this. How to read this and what else to consider when ironing sheets, you will find below.

Which materials are non-iron?

Non-iron means that the material is wrinkle-free even without ironing and therefore does not have to be ironed and in most cases can not be ironed.
These materials include sea sugar, jersey, terry and microfiber bedding. Also printed sheets are u.U. not suitable for ironing. To be on the safe side, you should consult the care label.

Ironing symbol

On the care label on your bed sheet you will find information about washing and drying as well as information on whether and how your bed sheet can be ironed:
The bow icon is an elongated trapeze figure with a handle above it, pointing to the left. It's like an iron.

  • If only this symbol is visible, your bed sheet can be ironed without restrictions.
  • However, most of the time the symbol has points inside: one point stands for low temperature ironing, two medium temperature points and three points allow for high temperature ironing.
  • If the symbol is crossed out, your bed sheet must not be ironed.

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