Bed squeaks - What can this be and what can you do about it?

Your bed robs you of sleep at night, because it squeaks pleasantly with every movement? You are already trying to move as little as possible? It's not that hard to fix the squeaking noise of a bed. We explain how it works.

root cause analysis

Before you can start troubleshooting, you need to know where the problem lies. In general, three different parts of your bed can be responsible for the squeaking noise:

  • The mattress
  • The bedstead
  • The slatted frame

Find the cause step by step

1. Is the mattress to blame?

To find out the cause of the squeak, it is best to remove the mattress from the bed and lie down on it. If it squeaks, the mattress is to blame.

2. Is the bed frame guilty?

If it does not squeak, you can next examine your bed frame under the magnifying glass. It's best to gently shake a corner and listen. If it squeaks, the bedstead is to blame.

3. examine the slatted frame

Finally, you can examine the slatted frame. First, find damaged areas with the naked eye. Is one or several slats slipped? Has a crossbar started or even more?

If there is no apparent damage, you can apply pressure on the slats one at a time and watch for squeaking noises.

Alternatively, you can lay completely on the grid without a mattress and move carefully back and forth.

4. Slatted scraping on bedstead

A squeaking noise can also arise because the slatted slips back and forth on its support. You can also observe this when you lie on it and move on the grate.

What to do if the mattress or spring frame squeaks?

If you have an old mattress with springs, this may be the cause of the squeaking. Since you can not get at the springs with a mattress, unfortunately nothing is to be done here. A new mattress must come from. The situation is different with a spring frame. If this is the cause of the squeaking, you can spray each feather individually with silicone spray. That does a bit of work, but it's very efficient, and then you can sleep in peace and quiet for a long time.

What to do if the bed frame squeaks?

If your bed is bolted, a squeaky bedstead is cured quickly. Arm yourself with a screwdriver and tighten all screws.
If your bed is glued, you can reinforce the frame with screws and thus eliminate the squeaking noise.
What to do if the slatted frame is responsible for squeaking?

Slatted frame causes the squeaking

Latte (an) broken or worn out

If individual slats are broken or no longer have enough resilience, you can simply replace or strengthen them.

Latte slips

If one or more slats have slipped, push them back into place. To make sure it does not happen again, you can just nail it to the bedstead.

Slatted bed rubs on bedstead

If the squeaking noise is caused by friction between the bedstead and the slatted frame, you can either nail the slatted frame to the bed, or you can stick a layer of felt on the support on which the slatted frame is placed with a double adhesive strip.

Tips & Tricks

To prevent squeaking and scuffing of the wood, varnish untreated wood to protect it from moisture and dirt.

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