The bedroom paint with matching colors

It is not easy to paint your bedroom in a color or color combination that fits. The paint should look attractive and reassuring at the same time, but not too dark and bland. The color wheel helps.

The color spectrum

In order to create a harmonious atmosphere by painting the bedroom, a little knowledge of the colors is helpful. Of course, the bedroom can be painted consistently in one color. This always involves the risk that the effect will be too dark, too intrusive, overwhelming or too cold. With color combinations is the help.

The three primary colors are blue, yellow and red. Arranged triangular to one another, the color circle is formed by the circular connection. Between the basic colors, the mixed shades are displayed in individual color fields. Orange is made of yellow and red, violet of blue and red and green of yellow and blue. So-called complementary colors lie opposite each other in the color wheel.

Harmonious or with contrast

Choosing color shades adjacent to the bedroom creates a harmonious and calming effect. Usually, three to four shades are combined. This applies to all color areas of the color wheel.

The opposite color to the chosen color is the complementary color. The colors form a strong contrast, but visually match each other. When choosing a complementary combination, the darker color should always be painted to a lesser extent.

Examples of combinations

  • Sea blue and sun yellow
  • Dark orange and turquoise
  • Pink and light green

All spectral colors can be combined with black or white to increase or decrease the effect by contrast.

Tips & Tricks

If you tone or lighten your colors with the addition of black or white, the ratio of colors to each other remains the same. Several colors should be evenly lightened or tinted.

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