Beekeeper building instructions

Beekeeper building instructions: building

Build hive yourself

Keeping bees is becoming increasingly popular with hobbyists in the countryside and even in the city.

Here, the artisan beekeeper can produce some of the required equipment itself. The bee colonies live in the bee box also called prey. In the showcase the peoples are presented. For feeding and breeding further beekeeping aids such as Begattungskasten or Futterzargen are needed.

To process the harvested honey, self-built tools such as a honey extractor are also needed.

We collected the most important blueprints for bees here.

Contents: Building instructions for beekeepers

  • Build bee box and loot yourself
  • Bee showcase building instructions
  • Build apiary
  • Building Compass Box
  • Other beekeeper building instructions

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  • Keep bees in their own garden
  • Hurl honey yourself

Build bee box and loot yourself

Build hive yourself

own honey harvest magazine hives instead of hives
at: handyman

Hohenheim single-crop [PDF]

Construction manual for a single loot with grid floor, magazine, inner lid and forage cover. PDF with blueprint and material list.
at Landesanstalt für Bee Science University of Hohenheim

Beehive construction manual

Detailed illustrated instructions for building a simple beehive box. Also includes instructions for partitions, center panels, weather protection, Varroa floor and a swarm box. Step-by-step pictures and building sketches.

Zander flaps made of 18 mm laminated wood panels

Detailed, illustrated construction manual for a Zanderbeute (Einfachbeute) built from standard glulam from the hardware store. Construction plan and cutting templates as a free PDF download.
at beekeeping association Gaggenau

Wood underfloor to the Segeberger magazine loot [PDF]

Material list and construction plan for high wood subfloor to Segeberger magazine loot.
at the Institute for Bee Science, Celle

Art swarm box in German standard size [PDF]

Material list and blueprint for the art swarm box in German standard size.
at the Institute for Bee Science, Celle

Building block loot [PDF]

Building a hive from a simple wooden block. Construction manual with blueprint.

Self-construction of a Klotzbeute

Construction manual with pictures for the construction of a simple log loot.
at beekeeping Hilgers

Simple swarm box

Low cost construction manual for a Beesksite made of Din-A3 craft plywood with 30l volume and good ventilation. Food opening in the lid.
at Mellifera Einraumbeute-Blog

Beehive with bees

small window picture made of thin plywood with acrylic paint colorfully painted
at Bastelideen

Beesource Plans

Make plans for beekeeping and honey yourself
at Beesource

Bee showcase building instructions

Building instructions bee showcase

Building instructions for a bee showcase as part of a school project.
at Imkerverein Wegberg

Show in plexiglass tube [PDF]

Construction manual for a sight inside a transparent tube (in African style).
at ADIZ / the bee / beekeeper friend

Bee Showcase [PDF]

Detailed construction manual for a two-honeycomb showcase with blueprints.
at ADIZ / the bee / beekeeper friend

Build apiary

Ant for beekeeping

Description and instructions of a device to protect apiaries from ant invasions.
at ADIZ / the bee / beekeeper friend


Link to several PDF files with detailed information on planning an apiary, floor plans of various apiaries, information about the ideal equipment and building permits.
at ADIZ / the bee / beekeeper friend

Building Compass Box

Shipping box for honeycomb box [PDF]

Construction manual for a stable shipping box for the transport of Einwabenkästen (EWK).
at ADIZ / the bee / beekeeper friend

Blueprint for mating box and frame

Blueprint drawings as a free PDF download for beekeepers for a mating box and bee frames for a loot. Both components can be made with spruce wood.
with honey from Kulm

Einwabenkästchen mit Schutzhäuschen [PDF]

Construction sketches for the reproduction of a bee house with a shelter
at Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture

Other beekeeper building instructions

Bee screen box

Sieve box for sifting out the bee kings or drones. Material list and pictures.
at ADIZ / the bee / beekeeper friend

Automatic winter feeder for bees [PDF]

Instructions for a fermenting keg with a filling tap for the production of ready-to-feed solutions for feeding bee colonies.
at ADIZ / the bee / beekeeper friend

Frame cleaning [PDF]

Instructions for cleaning the frames with a dishwasher.
at ADIZ / the bee / beekeeper friend

Beekeeper Wheel of Fortune

Guide to building a wheel of fortune for a street party. Material list, building instructions, construction sketch and questions as separate PDF downloads
at ADIZ / the bee / beekeeper friend

Double spin box

Construction manual for a double storage box for beekeeping. In addition, description of the insert.
at ADIZ / the bee / beekeeper friend

Lever linkage with hanging scale [PDF]

Construction manual for a lever linkage with vertically movable swivel arm and prey hold rod for weighing the bee colony.
at Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture

Loot Cart [PDF]

Construction manual for a sack truck for transporting hives over uneven terrain. Detailed instructions with building sketches
at Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture

5 day caging cage [PDF]

Construction manual for a caged cage for feeding the queen bee to the bee colony.
at Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture

Needle test template [PDF]

Print template and template for the needle test to observe the Auseräumveralten in Varroa infections.
at Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture

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