Beer dispenser comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the beer dispenser comparison or test 2018

  • Tap beer like in a pub: Already for just under 100 euros, you can bring this experience into your own four walls.
  • Beer dispensers have different capacities. Often they are suitable for commercial barrels with five liters of beer.
  • The right pressure and the right cooling ensure an unadulterated beer pleasure - delight yourself and your guests with a freshly tapped.

Beer dispenser comparison 2018: dispenser

The first beers were probably produced 9,000 years ago. Ever since in the 8th century for the first time in the Bavarian Geisenfeld of a certain barley juice was mentioned, The beer has first established itself as a valuable food and in recent times as a delicious stimulant in Germany, Today beer is no longer indispensable to society: in 2015, the per capita consumption of the German population was just under 106 liters - that corresponds to an average of almost one 0.3 liter glass per day (source: ia BSI).

To get the counter into your own home, it is worth buying a beer dispenser, So that you do not lose track of the variety of offers, we have made our Bierzapfanlagen Vergleich 2018, in which we offer you a compact buying advice. Here you will find the best beer dispenser and can soon serve even the tap.

1. How does a dispenser work?

Let it bubble

In a dispensing system with a CO2 pressure vessel, the carbonated CO2 is mixed with the beer, giving the drink the necessary tingle. If you tap your own beer, a little practice is required to create the perfect balance.

To understand how a beer dispenser (also called dispensing system) works, it is worth taking a closer look at the structure of the device.

Hard to see, but elementary ingredient: the beverage container, Here, the barrels are placed, which, depending on the dispensing model, may contain between five and 40 liters.

The dispenser taps the beverage container and drives the beer with CO2 up the lines, until it can flow over the tap into the glass. Modern dispensing systems are partly operated electronically and replace the CO2 container with a compressor, which generates the necessary pressure for the beer transport towards the tap.

Beer dispenser comparison 2018: comparison

Beertender - the dispenser for Krups beer.

Some dispensing systems also have a cooling devicewhich cools down the beer in different ways and brings it to the perfect drinking temperature. The possibilities of beer cooling for dispensers are explained in more detail in chapter Purchase criteria (3.2.).

Finally, it can be determined via the tap and compensator tap how fast and strong the beer should flow to produce the perfect beer crown.

You ask yourself what is the plus point of the pin compared to buying a box of beer? We have the Advantages and disadvantages of beer dispensers listed for you.

  • always fresh draft beer
  • Pub quality and atmosphere in your own kitchen
  • Highlight at parties and evenings with friends
  • every beer is a little work of art that is celebrated
  • Accumulation of returnable bottles is prevented
  • Acquisition costs of just under € 100 upwards
  • need to be cleaned regularly
  • Losses due to excessive foaming possible

2. Which beer tap types are there?

In addition to the dispensing system, there are other possibilities of the beer tap, which does not offer the full range of functions of a beer dispenser, but can score points with other advantages. We introduce you to the different categories.

Dispensers typeproperties
Beer dispenser

Beer dispenser comparison 2018: beer

  • Beer tap like in the pub
  • always freshly tapped and pleasantly cool
  • Depending on the type of cooling, beer can still be enjoyed for weeks after opening the keg
  • Capacity usually around five liters
  • usual beer kegs from the retail usually usable
gas pump

Beer dispenser comparison 2018: comparison

  • is suitable as a mobile dispensing system
  • elongated column into which the beer is filled
  • Beer needs to be drunk quickly - it quickly gets stale
  • Capacity usually at a maximum of four liters
  • Cooling by ice in another, central tube possible: no watering down
  • often used as a party gag
beer cooler

Beer dispenser comparison 2018: 2018

  • Case with insulation for the beer keg
  • Cooling electronically or by cooling batteries
  • popular as a mobile beer dispenser
  • Beer keg should have been previously cooled
Beer barrel with beer tap

Beer dispenser comparison 2018: dispenser

  • the simplest solution
  • Beer can be tapped on a small, integrated plastic tap
  • Available in almost all supermarkets
  • Zapfergebnis and drinking experience often not comparable with the right dispenser
  • Can also be used as a barrel for the beer dispenser

3. Purchase criteria for beer dispensers: You must pay attention to this

3.1. A matter of size: What do you need the dispenser for?

Would you like to invite friends for a game night now and then or organize regular parties? Depending on what you want to use the beer dispenser, different models offer.

For the occasional beer after work or For example, a beer dispenser for 5-liter barrels is enough for a Saturday sports show with friends, Also, the flow rate is not of great importance here. In such a case, you can quietly buy a cheap beer dispenser or even make do with a gas pump.

Beer dispenser comparison 2018: comparison

The more beer you want to tap in a short time, the more convenient it becomes with a large barrel.

If you would like to supply larger rounds with fresh draft beer, you should buy a dispenser that can accommodate, for example, 30 liter barrels, With such a barrel, you can already fill 60 beer glasses of 0.5 liter each.

Calculate correctly: Expect a party with 50 guests, you should plan at least 100 liters of beer. In particularly drink-resistant guests can also be estimated 150 liters.

Some supermarkets and beverage retailers also take back unopened barrels. Find out about this at your beverage market - especially if you can start after the party little with the leftover beer.

3.2. How is the beer cooled?

Beer dispenser comparison 2018: comparison

With the right dispensing system such experiments are a thing of the past.

The home beer dispenser can cool down the barley juice in two different ways.

The flow cooling cools down the beer only during the tapping process, The through-flow cooler has the advantage that the entire barrel is not permanently cooled, but only the amount of beer being tapped. As a result, power is saved and the noise level is lower by the non-permanent cooling.

The flow cooling is worthwhile, though You use the beer dispenser as regularly as possible and the barrel size is around five liters.

Another type of beer dispenser with cooling is the permanent cooling down of the beverage container. So will the entire beer in the barrel kept permanently coolWhat brings benefits if you want to pour large quantities of beer within a short time. However, with this type of dispensing system you have to expect higher electricity costs and a higher noise level.

The permanent cooling is worthwhile, though You do not use the beer dispenser regularly. Due to the permanent cooling, a cracked barrel can still give off fresh beer about one month after opening.

3.3. Well-known manufacturers and brands

In order to give you an even better overview of the perfect beer dispensing system, we have listed some well-known manufacturers of dispensing systems that have already been able to attract attention with good quality.

  • Exquisite
  • EZetil
  • Barrel fresh
  • GGG
  • Goods & Gadgets
  • Hellmann
  • H.Koenig
  • I-Zapfe
  • KBS
  • Klarstein
  • Krups
  • Lindr
  • Philips
  • Rowenta
  • Syntrox Germany

4. Questions and answers about beer dispensers

4.1. Did Stiftung Warentest test a beer dispenser?

Beer dispenser comparison 2018: dispenser

Test winner: Philips Perfect Draft HD 3620.

Yes, Stiftung Warentest recently carried out a beer dispensing system test in 2010. She has named the Philips Perfect Draft HD 3620 the beer dispenser test winner - just ahead of the beer Maxx P00138-01.

Disadvantage of the Philips dispenser is, however, that there can be used only a special Perfect Draft keg, but at the same time only a few Perfect Draft beers to choose from.

4.2. How to set a dispenser?

How to connect your beer dispenser and then adjust the pressure so that a perfect head of foam on the cool blonde, you can see the following YouTube video. There, a drafting expert from Radeberger also shows How to clean your dispenser after it has been used.

4.3. Where can you buy barrels for the dispenser?

Most dispensers can be stock with a 5 l beer keg, which can be bought in all supermarkets and beverage markets, More special barrels, such as the Perfect Draft beer for the Philips beer dispenser, are available in most beverage markets.

4.4. Is it possible to use a beer dispenser for other drinks?

This is possible as long as the drinks are in barrels suitable for the respective model. First clean the system thoroughly, so that no beer residues are mixed with the other beverage, Then you should clean the dispenser again, so that the taste of the next beer is not affected.

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