Build beer table yourself

In the warm season people want to go outdoors. Nothing works better than a beer table set. Here you will find instructions on how to build a beer table with benches yourself.

Advantages of beer tent sets

There are numerous versions of beer tables. But not only in Bavaria has the beer table set or marquee garnish become more and more popular over the last decades. This is simply due to the numerous advantages:

  • eight people sit comfortably at the beer table
  • easy to set up
  • to break down quickly
  • folded up to save space

Use of prefabricated metal profiles

You can build the beer table in different versions yourself. However, we recommend that you use the standard dimensions. Because there are matching metal folding legs for the beer table and the benches for standard and oversize sizes. In addition, metal profiles are also suitably offered to provide the beer benches with backrests.

Complete homemade from the beer table

Of course you can also build the beer table legs yourself, for example from wood. Then the set is not foldable and the wintering of the garden furniture is a bit more space consuming. To build hinged legs made of metal itself, requires a whole variety of expensive tools that not every home improvement has (metal bending device, welder).

Planks or plates for the beer table

In the following instructions for making a beer table, we use the standard dimensions of a conventional beer table set. As material you can use single boards as well as plates in the given dimensions. But keep in mind that plates can easily warp in the dimensions of a conventional beer table.

Instructions to build a beer table yourself

  • Beer table: 1 x planks or plates, in total 220 x 50 or 200 x 60 cm (extra wide), thickness 2.5 cm
  • Beer bench: 2 x boards or plates, a total of 220 x 27 or 30 (extra wide) cm, thickness 2.5 cm
  • 2 times cross sections beer table, table width x 2.5 x 2.5 cm
  • 4 times cross profiles beer bench, bench width x 2.5 x 25 cm
  • 2 times metal folding leg for beer table (standard heights between 75 and 78 cm)
  • 4 times metal folding leg for beer bench, correlating in length with the table height
  • Screws suitable for the material thicknesses
  • possibly glue
  • Wood protection varnish and / or varnish
  • different saws
  • screwdriver
  • Tool for grinding
  • painting tool

1. Preparation

We recommend that you divide the table tops in length at least to reduce the risk of warping. In this case, of course, the boards used must be weatherproofed and glazed beforehand.

2. Attach the legs

For the legs, there are also sheets that can be attached in advance to the Biertischunterseite. But there are also legs that are already equipped with it. Also the catch eyelets for the snapper come on such a sheet metal base, which should be galvanized.

The legs are mounted from the center with a span of 160 cm. The catch eyes for the snapper can then be optimally measured via the angle brace.

At the beer benches you proceed in the same way. Never forget to protect the wood against the weather. Especially in places that are later covered by metal or leg profiles.

3. Fasten crossbars

Now the cross struts are attached. They are either fixed immediately after the legs on the outside or at a distance of about ten centimeters (centered between pillar profile and table outer edge). The struts are screwed, but can also be glued in addition.

4. Thesis: varnish or varnish

Of course, the beer table still has to be made weatherproof. You can varnish or varnish the wood. Typical color for standard fittings is a dark orange. Do not forget to sand the wood before painting or glazing.

Tips & Tricks

Of course you will also find in the house journal numerous guides and instructions to protect metal and wood against the weather. But you can also use the guide "renovate beer tent set".

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