Remove beetroot stains

Beetroot is delicious and rich in healthy nutrients - unfortunately, it also leaves stubborn deep red spots, which is why it is also used as a dye for textiles or Easter eggs. What tools can you use to remove the beetroot stains?

These (home) remedies help against red beetle stains

  • borax
  • Mineral water
  • Oxi products
  • Special stain remover from the drugstore
  • lemon juice
  • shaving cream
  • Gallseife

Instructions for removing beetroot stains in textiles

1. Act fast

Dried beetroot stains can often only be treated with bleach. Therefore, it is very important that you act quickly.

If the stain has landed on a garment, remove it immediately and rinse it under cold water. For very fresh patches that should be enough and the stain evaporate.

2. Treat stain

If the stain is still visible, apply one of the above means to it and rub the fabric together to incorporate the remedy. Leave briefly and rinse. Repeat the process if necessary and then put the textiles in the washing machine.

Remove fresh beetroot stains from carpets or from the sofa

1. Absorb

If there are stains on the carpet, sofa or armchair, you should immediately remove an absorbent cloth, e.g. place a piece of kitchen roll on it and suck as much of the red juice as possible out of the carpet or upholstery.

2. Remove with mineral water

Then pour a sip of mineral water on the stain.

Use a clean cloth to dab the stain from the outside in until it has disappeared.

Treat stubborn or older stains: For textiles and carpets / sofas

1. soaking

Old stains need to be soaked. Put your textiles in a mineral water bath or add a sip of mineral water to your carpet / sofa and let it soak. For garments, you can leave them overnight in a water bath, for carpets and upholstery care must be taken to ensure that the stain does not dry out - a quarter hour exposure time must therefore be enough.

2. Treat stain

If the stain is already older or you can not manage to remove the stain with mineral water, you can resort to carpet cleaner, an Oxi product or a special stain remover.

Give of the remedy on the stain and work it with a brush.

Let it act for about 20 to 30 minutes. Make sure that the stain does not dry!

Then rinse the fabrics under hot water, add some stain remover to the stain and put the clothes (without washing them out) in the washing machine.

For carpet, dab the cloth with a cloth and then clean it with a wet vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner or by hand with carpet cleaner or mild detergent.

Tips & Tricks

White textiles can also be treated with chlorine bleach. Or how about dipping the entire garment in beetroot juice and dyeing it red?

Video Board: How to COMPLETELY remove beetroot stains from White clothing