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The medium-sized company from Bad Fallingbostel was founded in 1857 as a craft business.

Meanwhile, it has developed into a pure mail-order business, which has been running an online shop since 2003 and is primarily known as Online screw trading with such classic values ​​as reliability, trust, quality and durabilityt understands.

2012 was a complete relaunch of with a new more powerful shop system, Let's test the online shop.

The shop is characterized by a clear and clear design. We also liked the detailed search. The assortment is big, but special. Because it mainly focuses on the Products related to hardwaren. Also fits the self-description as an online screw shop. By the graduated prices you can buy cheap.

While the shopping cart is quick and easy to fill, the notepad can only be handled awkwardly. The good shipping costs for the standard shipping, the secure payment options, the conscientious backup of the package and his fast delivery we like the test.

Less well we find that for the return of a commodity only the Contact customer service and - at least during our test - had to wait a long time for a return transfer.

The customer service at local rates is very helpful and friendly. We also think it's great to see his Answer questions in live chat or with the help of the detailed FAQ can let.

Customers can use the Blog and various Social media channels Contact the company create and share their experiences. Unfortunately, the online store of is only progressive in the field of social media. Because there is neither an app nor a mobile version for the online store. online shop in the: shop

The mainpage of the online shop with a three-column layout

At first glance, it is noticeable that the in white-blue-orange webpage clearly arranged and simply structured in three vertical columns is. In addition to three different navigation areas - above, in the header and on the left - there are illustrated offers from individual product groups and a self-description of the online shop in the middle of the start page.

In the right side column is for the Newsletter as well as a few top articles and new articles advertised. The left-hand page column contains not only contact and service information as well as navigation to individual assortment categories, but also information about the trustworthiness of the online shop. online shop in the: shop

Navigation options in the footer

The footer of the page is mainly for topics like Jobs, contact, general terms and conditions, shipping / payment, right of withdrawal, data protection and imprint reserved.

In our test convey especially the clear structuring and appealing look a serious impression. Clearly placed information on the certification of online shops gives a secure feeling.

With 4.93 out of 5 possible customer reviews On and a certification by the leading German certification company Trusted Shops, the site is particularly trustworthy and professional.

The ones mentioned in the footer area with colored icons Payment methods PayPal and Skrill / Moneybooker contribute to the impression, because no more confidential account information must be specified. online shop in the: online

Clear navigation and few categories

In the upper navigation you will find accesses to the Log in, customer account, shopping cart, cash register and customer login, The functions notepad and cart are in contrast to the icons to blog and other social media profiles less prominent, but still clearly visible integrated in the header, where you can find the search function.

The top navigation located just below the top navigation contains the five Categories Construction materials, fastening technology, operating supplies, tools, leisure and bargainswhich one finds also in the left side navigation. online shop in the: befestigungsfuchs

Individual products in the subcategory of page navigation

If you move the mouse over the individual categories of top navigation, then opens a menu with corresponding subcategories of the first level. The other subcategories are revealed when you expand the left-hand side navigation within an assortment category.

Depending on the amount of subcategories, the page navigation can be a bit confusing. The selection of the items shown can be with the Categories Price, name and age of the offer sort by.

The display of the individual articles always takes place with one large picture, the customer reviews, the current stock status, a selection of the individual product options and the possibility to put the desired article directly into the shopping cart.

Not even a window fades in. Only the display of the basket changes, so you can shop with this feature very quickly.

Product range and pricing

Large assortment and staggered prices online shop in the: online

Product range and pricing

In 2007, the offer of still included 2,000, in 2012 already 33,000 articles. The size of the range seems overwhelming at first glance, it will be countless ironmongery for every imaginable purpose offered. Whereby many articles of this assortment are no-name products, which are distributed by

Also in the field of power tools is waived brand variety, here are only products of the brand "Kress" available. The self-conception as an online screw trade leads to the fact that above all products related to carpentry are offered as a core assortment and that some product groups only from a few articles consist.

The online store of should not as competition or replacement, but much more than useful addition to other online shops in the construction and DIY sector be understood. Because unlike these, it offers a huge selection of attachment products.

Due to the large differences in the assortment structure is a price comparison of with the other providers in the test difficult. Neither 300-gram mallet hammer nor laminate are offered.

The cheapest hammer drill is the most expensive in our test. Nevertheless, the purchase at - especially for larger projects - worthwhile. For it are graduated prices, d. H. volume Discounts offered. online shop in the: shop

The search function

The search function, the prominent and always visible in the header is placed next to the navigation another way of product search. When entering the search term, various suggestions are made about different categories and products in the assortment. online shop in the: online

Search results

The search hits of the product search can be after the Filter categories, brand and price rangesUnfortunately, there are no other filter or sorting options as offered in the assortment overview.

There the existing filters but very fine mesh you will still be able to find the desired product quickly. This is not the case with our online shop test, as does not have a single router in its product range. We therefore chose a milling motor from Kress.

Short product presentation online shop in the: online

Brief view of the products

There are a few illustrative images available for visualization. Strangely enough, in the Product presentation only the picture from the assortment overview shown. Other pictures will be shown later in the article description instead of the first in a gallery.

The textual representation of the product is short and informative and delivers depending on Product also provides warranty information and a user manual.

Unfortunately there is No information about additional accessories and product recommendations and no link to the useful service offerings, product information, and blog, so all you have to do is rely on customer reviews and availability reporting as additional decision-making tools for the purchase.

Purchase, shipping and payment methods

Wish list and user-friendly shopping cart online shop in the: online

The notepad

If you do not want to buy the product immediately, you can Wish List function use. This is, however a little complicatedbecause every time you want to note an article on the notepad, the view changes to a new page, where the desired amount and assignment to a watch list is queried. online shop in the: befestigungsfuchs

Add product to wish list

Of course it is nice that you can distribute the articles on different shopping lists, but still annoying the change of views in the long run, The products listed on the notepad can be selected individually and then moved together into the shopping cart. But there is no way back from there. online shop in the: befestigungsfuchs

Product was added

The Shopping cart itself, however, is very user-friendly, Because when inserting an article, only the display of the basket changes, so you can continue immediately and at the same place with the purchase. It will always show how many items are in the shopping cart and what is the total amount of the purchase.

Uncomfortable shopping online shop in the: befestigungsfuchs

Quick overview of the shopping cart

In order to be able to shop in the online shop of, you have to be a customer - Private person or company - to register. Unfortunately there is no way to test the shop as a guest.

In the customer account one can among other things change the personal data, look at the notepad and Leave both billing and delivery addressthat do not have to be identical and can be changed later.

In the order history, the Order status unfortunately not understandbecause there were technical problems at the time of the test, so there was neither a tracking link nor an invoice to download.

Low shipping costs and many payment methods

As one of the few online shops, also makes it possible the pickup on the spot providedthat you do not want to pay cash or cash on delivery. Otherwise you pay for the Standard delivery by mail 4.95 €.

If the value of the goods exceeds Order 180 €, the delivery is even free, However, if you choose to pay by cash on delivery, it will always be more expensive with increasing weight. Up to 31.5 kg € 6.30 will be charged. At over 189 kg, the COD charge is € 24.30.

In addition, at requested part delivery in addition to the normal shipping costs 3 € due, As a special service, the company also offers shipping abroad. However, depending on the destination and the weight of the order, the costs can be as much as € 265.25.

Befestigungsfuchs gives us the choice between the payment methods Payment in advance (with 3% discount), PayPal, credit card, Giropay, Sofortüberweisung, direct debit, invoice, cash on delivery and voucher.

For the settlement of the payments can be selected depending on Payment method the services of Skrill / Moneybookers and BillSAFE and Paymorrow to be entitled to. We decided to pay in advance for our test purchase and were able to save a bit more.


  • Pick up on the spot: free
  • Standard: 4,95 € or free from 180 € value of goods
  • Cash on delivery: 6,30 € - 24,30 €
  • Abroad: up to 265,25 €

Payment methods:

  • invoice
  • debit
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Sofortuberweisung
  • giropay
  • Payment in advance (with 3% discount)
  • cash on delivery

Careful shipping online shop in the: shop

The delivered package

The order confirmation is obtained as well as the Dispatch notification by e-mail, Finally, the latter also contains the tracking link, which was not displayed in the user account at the time of the test because of the mentioned technical problems. online shop in the: befestigungsfuchs

The filling material

In our test, the package arrived as one of the first after just two days with us. Although as a wrapper clearly one reused goods packaging served, we were satisfied with the package, because the contents were conscientiously secured with plenty of cardboard and lots of tape and the Goods came in perfect condition with us on. We like that because it protects the environment.

Returns and service

Uncomfortable returns and many contact options online shop in the: befestigungsfuchs customer service via live chat

The regular Withdrawal period is 14 days, Unfortunately, the package was neither an invoice nor a return ticket at, because the former is sent by e-mail and the latter is issued only after being requested.

For goods over 40 €, the return can be free shipping respectively. If the value is lower then the customer has to bear the costs himself. After all, by phone at Customer service a pickup on the spot request or even return the goods in the central office.

An automatic return transfer does not take place with advance payment, so that a transmission of the account data by E-Mail is necessary. In our test we have 16 days for the confirmation of the return receipt and have to wait another week for the remittance to our account. Thus, is one of the slowest providers in the reversal of an order.

The Friendly and fast customer service can be provided at a reasonable local rate to reach. But you can also make use of the live chat and immediately go through a question or a problem on the screen with an employee.

This is a great service, which was not offered consistently in our online shop test. Therefore, it can sometimes be faster if you either the information in the footer too Terms, shipping / payment and data protection calls or the FAQ look. These are written in detail and informative.

Social media and mobile devices online shop in the: befestigungsfuchs

For social media

Right at the top of the home page will be on the Blog and the various social media profiles by on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. As a service for its customers, individual product pages can be shared and distributed via these channels.

Thus, offers its customers and themselves - apart from Phone, Email and Live Chat - many opportunities to get in touch and exchange ideas.

Not on the way with mobile devices online shop in the: befestigungsfuchs

Overview of a product

While the use in the field of social media can be described as contemporary, that is unfortunately still the case not to use in the mobile sector too, At the time of the test, there was neither an app nor a mobile version for smartphones or tablets.

The online store is even displayed on a tablet with wallpaper, which is why the page appears even smaller compared to those of other competitors.

Otherwise, the structure and operation of the shop is the same - with the small difference that all menus, which normally appear with the mouse pointer, omitted. Depending on the tablet model you have to Zoom in accordingly or press very precisely.

overall rating

True to the motto "Quality. Fast. Cheap." The online store is recommended for craftsmen as well as home improvement and hobbyists, if you are looking for cheap hardware. Exemplary is the use in the field of social media, expandable the adaptation of the shop to mobile devices and the user-friendliness of individual functions.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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