Belt sander test: Bosch PBS 75AE

Belt sander test: The Bosch belt sander with steam

Belt sander test: Bosch PBS 75AE: sander

Belt sanders are always used where large surfaces need to be sanded smooth. The sandpaper is passed as an endless belt around two rollers, which pass the workpiece and so on allow a considerable removal of material. In addition to stationary devices, for example, for the processing of smaller workpieces, there are also hand tools that can be performed over large areas.

In this home improvement test we deal with the Bosch model PBS 75AE, that already makes a huge impression in the case: With this device can be worked hard and a lot of sand - a lot of dust included. In particular, the innovative suction device has therefore interested us: Does the technically comparatively complex dust filter, what he promises?

Packaging and technical data

Belt sander test: Bosch PBS 75AE: Bosch

The Bosch PBS 75AE comes as customary in a voluminous and sturdy suitcase, which survives even harder jobs on the construction site. The machine is well packed and slip-proof, a sanding belt and a suction device with filter are included. First of all, there is a certain massiveness: this belt sander is definitely a big caliber for big tasks. Technical specifications:

  • Power: 750 W, equivalent to 1.02 hp - is enough for a moped!
  • Belt speed (adjustable): 200 - 350 m / min
  • Sanding belt length: 533 mm
  • Grinding belt width: 75 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg

Unpack, assemble and connect

The first impression of the case does not deceive: The Bosch PBS 75AE is indeed a tool that radiates German craftsmanship in every screw. The grips are good, The tool is easy to unpack and guide safely.

Except for the assembly of the air filter the belt sander already ready to go, An abrasive belt is mounted. For mounting the air filter is simply attached to the nozzle on the left of the device, the orientation is variable. However, it is recommended to mount the filter with the housing pointing backwards. So he is not in the way during the grinding work.

Belt sander test: Bosch PBS 75AE: belt

Belt sander test: Bosch PBS 75AE: sander

The first cut

Belt sanders are actually in terms of their performance suitable for grinding rather coarse structures. For example, stubborn wallpaper residues can be easily removed with belt sanders; Also floor paint and old glazes on garden sheds and benches soften the rotating sanding belt quickly. But with finer sanding belts you can also approach a solid wood board - we have tried this in our test.

First we have the speed is set to the lowest level. The weighty, but easy-to-handle belt sander gives you a sense of security right from the start when you're working on it: with this tool you really have the feeling that it is doing a lot of hard work for the DIY enthusiast. The wood is removed powerfully at a rapid speed. However, the device should be kept in motion: quickly, an unsightly edge is sanded into the wood surface, which is difficult to "iron out" again.

Belt sander test: Bosch PBS 75AE: sander

Belt sander test: Bosch PBS 75AE: test

Finish with full power

We switch over: Now we turn the power and speed control all the way to the stop. With noticeably increasing engine speed, we approach the board again. The wood is sanded very, very quickly, the Absaugfilter works but excellent. Only a fraction of the actual, very fine wood dust is released to the environment.

Only on the device and in the immediate area is dust to find, otherwise flying around uncontrollably Sanding dust is sucked in very effectively and retained in the filter.

Effective dust extraction

Particularly noteworthy about the Bosch PBS 75AE is its effective extraction: The large capacity of the grinder is matched by the Air purification also very powerful. The microfilter is constructed similar to a car air filter and has a collection reservoir that can be knocked out after or for interrupting work.

According to the operating manual emptying after about five minutes of continuous operation respectively. This is relatively short, a larger filter housing would - especially in view of the strong collection capacity - perhaps a small suggestion for improvement. If a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner is available, this can also be connected to the filter nozzle. Here, however, should be checked whether the vacuum cleaner tolerates the extracted material. The disadvantage of this method of course, of course, that in addition to the cable still a hose must be moved.

Belt sander test: Bosch PBS 75AE: Bosch

Belt sander test: Bosch PBS 75AE: Bosch

Belt change

Belt sander test: Bosch PBS 75AE: 75ae

The sanding belt change is very uncomplicated: The red clamping lever on the right side of the device opens, the sanding belt is pulled out and the new sanding belt is pushed onto the drive. If everything is straight, the clamping lever is closed again.

Especially for progressive grinding work, where a rough pre-sanding is changed to ever finer grain sizes, is a fast tape change a great advantage. This is, Bosch typical, solid and accurate and has no ambiguity.

Bosch PBS 75AE: Test conclusion

Belt sander test: Bosch PBS 75AE: Bosch

A good, solid and strong device, the Bosch PBS 75AE. If you are looking for a good and, above all, powerful belt sander, you will be pleased with this one. With the power of something over a converted horsepower, which in the past also quite enough to drive a moped, the green workhorse grinds away any bumps safely and effectively.

To emphasize Bosch typical is the excellent workmanship, the sensible and practical operating concept and the ease of handling despite the weight. The supplied case is as solid as usual and very practical for accommodating the tool.

Particularly noteworthy is the effective sanding dust extraction, which represents a real advance over earlier times and the competing products that make do with the usual "little bag" on the exhaust pipe. If the capacity of the dust collector were a bit bigger, you could call the very good system perfect.

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