Clean Berber carpet gently

The art of cleaning a Berber carpet is not to remove the natural protective properties of the woven sheep's wool, despite the removal of soiling. The dirt-repellent wool grease is retained when using chemical-free cleaning methods. This also applies when cleaning in a specialist company.

Every cleaning "hurts" the carpet

The history of the Moroccan Berber people is based on the choice of material and weave of a Berber carpet. Resistant sheep wool is "fully" woven and smoothed with simple cutting instruments. The high fiber density including loose wool threads is wanted. Therefore, a wool carpet lags sharply above all in the first years of use.

The dissolving lint should only be swept away or sucked off. Under no circumstances is a knocking out of the carpet or an intensive combing advisable. The Berber carpet gets its self-protection mechanism and dirt-repellent effect through its undamaged construction. Any type of cleaning should remove a minimum of loose threads and fibers.

General maintenance cleaning

Without special acute events such as spilled liquids, cleaning a Berber carpet is only necessary after five or more years of use. Until then, the following measures are sufficient for the maintenance cleaning:

  • Vacuum with normal household vacuum cleaner at most once a week
  • Brush off with a medium broom with the line without applying strong pressure
  • Remove and collect loose fibers, crumbs and stones by hand

Acute pollution

For acute soiling, the least possible mechanical intervention in the Berber carpet is to be made. Detergents should be avoided as completely as possible:

  • Dab fresh liquids with an absorbent cloth
  • A soft natural bristle brush removes dried-on dirt, which can be dissolved with a little lukewarm water
  • Carefully remove encrustations with a knife or spatula without making a cutting motion
  • For fiber-staining stains, a special shampoo can be used without enzymes, keeping the amount and intensity of use as low as possible

Refresh older carpet

If the Berber carpet appears bleached or gray, the Berbers apply the following procedure:

  • Spread outdoors on a smooth clean surface, water and brush with a broom or scrubber
  • In winter, lay headfirst on the snow with the surface down and let it work for at least two hours.

Tips & Tricks

If you have your Berber carpet cleaned, make sure that the cleaning company works without chemicals. Most of the owners of oriental origin are experienced with the right kind of cleaning.

Video Board: Steam cleaning Berber carpet