Berliner with mustard: The fun pancake!

Berliner with mustard: It does not work like that!

Berliners with mustard and fun pancakes: extra spicy with the mustard filling! When New Year's Eve is over, it's Carnival's turn. And if it has run its course, the professional jecke will be ash Wednesday until November 11, and the next New Year's Eve will not be far away. Luckily, you can buy Berlin all year round, or even do it yourself, if you do not want to wait long with this rude custom and absolutely want to post the stupid face of the one on Facebook who bites into these fun pancakes.

Berliner with mustard: The fun pancake!: Berliners

Custom? Fun pancakes? Yes! We're talking about a big bunch of Berliners, one of whom is infected with mustard, or onion, or both. You have read correctly: mustard. At the clean bite: Bah!

If you want to make such a fun berlin yourself, the best way is to use the above-linked recipe and expand the list of ingredients by the extra-sharp lion brand. And then just mine one of the tasty donuts and put it on the other. If fate is just, you'll bite yourself in the end! But if you are clever and withdrawn since, you just serve two bowls of Berliners and eat exclusively from the one in which the terror melem is NOT.

If you do not want to get your stove and your finger dirty, you can ask the pastry chefs if they also have mustard with Berliners. In Görlitz, for example, there is a bakery (Wikipedia and the Saxon newspaper are my witnesses), which has a heart for spicy mustard hearts and fills them up for you accordingly. Be aware, however, that after such an attack you will never touch a Berlin donut again! You will never be asked to bring food.

Personally, I would be very vindictive. So if you have a home improvement Andreas guest, report to you and do without Berlin with mustard. Or make sure that I can not do anything to you, should I have bitten in one (straitjacket...?).

(For the picture N.Schmitz of has added his mustard)

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