The best beds - waterbed, boxspring bed & slatted in comparison

Which beds can now be described as "the best" is certainly a matter of taste. Some prefer waterbeds, others prefer the American boxspring beds and others like the good, familiar slatted base. What advantages does which bed have to offer?

What speaks for a waterbed?

Gentle on the back: When the ideal filling volume is set, a waterbed is very healthy for the back. Not only the optimal sinking of the body, but also the warmth radiating from the bed due to the integrated heating contribute to this.

Mites Unfriendly: There are no mites on the vinyl surface, so they can only live in pillows, blankets, sheets, or covers. So if you wash them regularly, you have a very low-germ bed. Therefore, waterbeds are recommended especially for allergy sufferers.

Long life: With proper care, a waterbed can age for several decades, as there is no wear on feathers or slats like other beds.

Entry height: Waterbeds are usually slightly higher than conventional beds, which makes getting in and out easier.

What makes a box spring bed special?

Suspension: Box springs are sprung several times: Here, the suspension of the mattress unite with the suspension of the spring box, which forms the base of the bed. As a result, the bed reacts very accurately to movements and is therefore very back-friendly.

Entry height: Also box spring beds are higher than conventional beds, in most cases they even have a comfort height.

What advantages does the slatted frame offer?

Hardness adjustable: For slatted frames, thanks to special hardness regulators, the thickness can be adjusted. Thus, the hardness can be changed manually at any time and the bed can thus be adapted to individual preferences.

Good ventilation: Thanks to the gaps between the strips, the mattress is optimally ventilated from below so that odors are prevented.

Favorable purchase price: slatted frames are very cheap. Even a good 7-zone slatted base is available for less than 100 €.

Storage space: Depending on the bed frame, most beds with slatted under the bed provide plenty of storage space.

Easy to repair: If a lath breaks or is worn out, it can be easily replaced in most cases.

A short overview of the disadvantages

  • A waterbed needs a lot of care and the water has to be refilled from time to time.
  • Boxspring beds are very hard to carry and some people argue that the mattress can not breathe down. In addition, neither waterbeds nor box spring beds provide storage space under the bed.
  • A good slatted frame actually has no disadvantages. At very high load, e.g. Bouncing people on the bed may break a batten, but it can then be easily and cheaply replaced.

Tips & Tricks

When buying your bed, make sure you buy a good mattress. A good bed can only be fully effective, even if the mattress is of high quality.

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