The best home improvement blogs: Building boxes with Ambilight home theater

The best home improvement blogs: Building boxes with Ambilight home theater: improvement

Set on good boxes and cool sound: Radioaktivman Danny

Active bloggers in the home improvement scene are many, but radioactive ones are much less! In Danny von Ambilight home theater, the Nick comes not by chance: who builds outrageous speakers and documents everything so high, that one thinks you were there live in his den, which may give his activities also this quite striking name. With this pit stop our blog series goes into the sixth round and once again presents examples from the do-it-yourselfer company, as one has rarely seen. Anyone who is also enthusiastic about boxing can pay a visit to Ambilight Home Cinema, comment eagerly there or discuss it with the master builder in person in our home improvement forum.

Home improvement blogs: How does it work...?

We live in a time when you almost do not have to do anything yourself anymore. In the old days the meat came from the butcher and the bread from the baker. Today, there are ready-made burgers that you can buy and consume without having to worry about where the ingredients actually come from. The effect of excellently managed home improvement blogs starts right here: They not only give ambitious DIY enthusiasts helpful tips for their craft, but also offer the layman a valuable look behind the scenes. Everyone can run to Saturn and buy boxes. But have you ever heard of noise interference, resistors, ohms, primary signals and linear sound patterns? If not, then read on and see for yourself what all this is all about when the 5.1 surround sound flies around your ears.

The blog presentation: Ambilight Home Cinema by Radioaktivman

Wiring diagrams, construction plans, step-by-step recordings and much more keeps the Radioaktivman ready for you. Anyone who has always wanted to be inspired by professional pit construction has arrived at the destination of his journey. Visitors should also bring a little time, because the blog of the radio activist lives not only from visual impressions, but also provides informative reading food for anyone who is interested in detailed technical information. And those who have no idea of ​​technology, may nevertheless come and marvel, because the radioactivist already has one or the other unconventional way to implement the construction of the boxes.

The best home improvement blogs: Building boxes with Ambilight home theater: improvement

Boxing, until the doctor comes: Danny pushes his speakers even through the CT

Danny, according to your blogger profile, you blog there since May 2012. But the work you are doing testifies that you have not been there for a few months. When and how did you come to your hobby?

There are a lot of craftsmen in my family. And I grew up with enough tools and information sources. At the age of 15 I started to work in the construction of furniture, PC cases and electronics. HiFi I have been working for about 3 years. Since it is no longer possible for me to work in a jazz big band for professional reasons, I still wanted to continue to engage in music. And so my interests could be linked.

The best home improvement blogs: Building boxes with Ambilight home theater: best

To have big plans is good. And Danny has the big plan (click to enlarge)

What are your great sources of inspiration?
Actually, everything that comes to my mind. Be it the brochure from the hardware store or a walk in the Ikea on the subject of furniture. But mostly the image search on Google. Just look, what's up there.
Often, examples that I did not like brought me to my solution. At the same time, I also let projects rest because I did not come up with a solution that I was convinced of.
But at some point I noticed something, which was the solution. That's why planning often takes more time than the actual construction.

What were your first points of contact in the internet on the subject of pit construction? offers very good information and concepts. But it always depends on the specific topic. But many are designed for ready-made concepts that are about to recreate them 1: 1. Guidance for developing your own ideas is scarcer.

The best home improvement blogs: Building boxes with Ambilight home theater: blogs

Impressive inner life

For many, speakers and boxes are little black magic boxes from which the sound comes. However, your work documented on the blog makes it clear how complex the inner workings of a good loudspeaker box are. So you have decided to write a blog about pit making yourself?
A really good friend who runs a blog on a disability integration project has been inspiring me. He was directly convinced that the topic would be of interest. I was skeptical at first.

Do you exchange yourself with other bloggers on your topic?
Yes, but unfortunately only with a few. The reactions are rather low, but then positive.

What are you particularly proud of in your blog?
On the mix of information and vivid photos and videos.

What is your most successful article so far?
My Oberfrпeldisch. Started directly and to my astonishment on Google very far and fast forward.

The best home improvement blogs: Building boxes with Ambilight home theater: improvement

Professional tool for high quality workmanship

To test your work, you also send your boxes through the CT. There are no limits to professionalism?
Yes, radiology and radiation therapy is a fascinating field for me, even after years, whose technical possibilities can easily be transferred. Whether it is to have a close look at a result, as well as the necessary knowledge of physics, technology, metrology and network technology. Opposite stands the medicine, which is considered as the only not exact science. That best possible results by adapting the technique, since the patient is always a variable.

Do you get a lot of feedback from such stories?
Yes, but just so far only in forums and not on my blog. That's a pity.

To your nick: Does it come because you are very active in the field of acoustic listening pleasure? Or have you even sent your boxes through an X-ray machine?
As an MTRA and Simpsons fan, I just liked the name.

The best home improvement blogs: Building boxes with Ambilight home theater: building

Done: The speaker box is impressive

What was your funniest experience with the blog?
The funniest thing is that I actually wanted to send these questions because I simply could not think of this question. But then let them rest for one day. I then looked at the other featured blogs. That's when I realized how small the world is, since two of the bloggers already introduced come from Luxembourg and I'm not far from the Saarland.

Are there things that annoy you while blogging?
Not yet.

What was the strangest search term visitors came to your blog?
The most extraordinary was "Star's Frequency Measurement". Since I really have no idea what's behind it. But I also think it's funny that some people take complete sentences instead of the right ones.

Danny, thank you for the interview.

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