The best home improvement blogs: Gottfried F.K's Dingens

The best home improvement blogs: Gottfried F.K's Dingens: improvement

Home improvement is his thing: Gottfried

Welcome to our new series "DIY enthusiasts blogging". Craft, build, design yourself: Many people follow this hobby today. But blogging about it is something else. Building is not enough as a talent alone, because who wants to convey his creative and craft skills to others, needs contributions with bite, stamina and a readable writing. And a digital camera to capture and upload the results is often not wrong, because as we know, the eye is busy building. In addition, graphics are always very helpful if you want to copy one or the other.

Why are home improvement bloggers?

Blog is not the same blog. To raise such a dog is not difficult, but cultivating the same, so that it is a small online magazine with useful tips and interesting inspirations, is like crafting an art in itself. The motivations to maintain a blog can be very different: One handyman would like to document his work for himself and a small group of readers, the other would like to hand-craft crafting ideas among the people. A third party would like to have many visitors and be admired on a grand scale.

We at would like to know what drives you out there to feed your blogs. That's why we send our editors to the WWW's big, wide hobby world to interview the owners of the best and most beautiful home improvement blogs.

The blog presentation: Gottfried Dingens blog

We are very glad that we can start our blog series with Gottfried F.K's DIY-Workblog. The home improvement community Gottfried better known as Hobla. As a forum moderator he holds under our nick our home improvement forum in shot and makes sure that there is not too eager beaten over the strands hammer and brush swing.

The best home improvement blogs: Gottfried F.K's Dingens: best

Gottfried knows where to go: craft and home improvement fun!

Gottfried, how and when did you make your own hobby and do some DIY?
Actually, in my childhood: we did not really have much toys - yes, that's what used to be. Mostly we played with things we made ourselves: a rifle cut out of a wooden slat, a bow made of a hazelnut stick.... Of course, there were already cars or dolls - but accessories were expensive or not available.

Who or what inspired you?
Who: my environment. A toy car is fun - but a road, landscape much more.

The best home improvement blogs: Gottfried F.K's Dingens: home

A real handyman tinkers into the dolls

What were your first points of contact on the internet about the work you are presenting on your blog?
That's not so easy to answer. I rarely look at the internet before a project. Usually, the questions arise only after the beginning. Then I ask the search engine (s) and read me through various forums.
But: I also have many books on the topics.... Books? These are collections of letters that are put together to words and sentences on a certain topic. Pictures and drawings. Printed on paper and bound together. Turn it over and it's done - the book.

Why did you decide to write your own blog about home improvement and crafts?
I like to use freeware, tips from the net and so I try to give something back through my blog.

Do you exchange ideas with other bloggers about your topic?
No. Rather not.

What are you particularly proud of in your blog?
On the contributions in which something great was created with the least amount of material, such. a cable extension with multiple plug.

What is your most successful article so far?
How to bind a book from magazines.

What was your funniest experience with the blog?
"At some point, a PN came:" Are you not ashamed to show "BilligheimerChinaSchrottWerkezuge" here? Do you really work with it? I can not imagine that, no one can do that. "

Do you know your readers?
No, not personally.

Do you get a lot of feedback?
Unfortunately, no.

What bothers you especially when blogging? (Software, spam etc.)
The posts disappear somehow in the sinking. I keep wondering if I should not switch to an HP. Somehow the structure would be better, clearer.
The blog is always about the date. If I'm looking for something, that's not so easy.

What was the strangest keyword on the visitor to your blog

Gottfried, we thank you very much for your participation and wish you a lot of fun and success with your blog!

(All pictures: Gottfried F. K.)

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