The best home improvement blogs: I'm home improvement

The best home improvement blogs: I'm home improvement: home

The press has long recognized that men can not only carry out heavy home improvement work, but also make it filigree and colorful.
An example of this is Marc Zahn and his DIY blog: I am a home improvement

As he writes himself, he talks about DIY and his successful and not so successful DIY projects. In short, he talks about everyday life, where he builds a bending device and lighting as well as colorful Mobilé. The man who can be fine too.

But sometimes he can not and considers himself more as an average handyman. But that's what makes Marc and his blog so likeable. Since his first vintage basket experiments are so commented by him: "In the end, it looked like the basket had fallen into dirty chocolate and someone would have tried to wipe it off with a dirty rag..." This is also the view of his readers, whom we have asked about. Not only do they like his interesting projects and valuable tips, but they also like how openly he deals with his mishaps.

Marc, a home improvement like you and me. But let us introduce ourselves:

The best home improvement blogs: I'm home improvement: improvement

Marc -

I am Marc, 31 years old, born in Gemini and living in a suburb of Berlin. Professionally, I work as a software developer, more specifically as a web developer in Berlin at an online store. In addition to my wife and work, I'm usually busy indulging my hobby and the blog.

Software developer? So you are the second in our blog presentations. Do you see a connection in that?
I've also noticed that often. I suspect that many seek a balance to the profession. While I can only speak for myself, it's nice to see, while working, how something develops that you can touch.

The best home improvement blogs: I'm home improvement: best

the first project

Can you spontaneously remember your first blog article and what brought you to it?
I think the first blog article was about a nail polish shelf that I built for my Holde at the end of 2012. That was also the start of the hobby. These shelves were in the Diy scene then the latest craze and after I had seen many copies of cardboard, I thought that would have to be synonymous "reasonable" to implement.

How do your projects come about? Do you let yourself be inspired by other home improvement blogs?
Yes, in any case. Also Pinterest, magazines, books, catalogs of furniture manufacturers, etc. are great sources of inspiration. Often, I then see things that I like a lot and in which I'm right in my thoughts already planning. There are so many creative people out there - that's incredible!
Often it is then that I plan roughly what I need for a project and how I implement it and then I just start. I rarely plan in detail, because it has turned out that ideas change several times during a project. It also happens again and again that I come across problems that can not be solved as expected and where I then have to look for an alternative.
However, the lack of planning has already avenged many times...

The best home improvement blogs: I'm home improvement: improvement

Side table in new splendor

You have very active readers who also comment extensively. What do you think, why that is?
When I look at the comments, it often seems that I lack the experience in many things and many readers feel (fortunately) called to give me advice here and there, which usually helps me a lot.
I try to make the blog as I would like to read it myself. That is, I often write something new, even if it has nothing directly to do with the topic. I am also not committed to a specific type of project. I do small do-it-yourself tinkering, but also bigger things like As a floor lamp or "real" home improvement projects such as an intermediate floor - I think the variety makes up a large part.
Well then we would like to enlighten you. ? Lena (the cosmonaut) likes your blog because it is entertaining, exciting and above all funny written. "Meinliebesfrollein" says: "I like his page because he shows interesting projects over and over again and gives valuable tips. And also deals openly with mishaps. Who likes to admit mistakes? To put a comment under his post is for me a sign of: I've read you, I like it and I'll show you. That motivates blogger to continue. A sign of recognition. "

Like the cosmonaut and meinliebesfrollein, many other bloggers comment on you. How important is the contact?
Yes, very much. I am in frequent contact with some of them, but I also travel a lot on other blogs and comment a lot there. In this way, many nice contacts have been created.

In addition to the nice contacts, you will surely get other cover letters as a blogger. Which one could you do without?
Actually, I'm happy about all cover letters. What annoys me a little bit is when marketing agencies offer me to publish guest articles for money. Not that I basically have something against such articles, but these are always extremely marketing-oriented and you can tell.

The best home improvement blogs: I'm home improvement: improvement

DIY-bending machine

What does Frau-Ich say about your certainly time-consuming hobbies?
If so, sometimes so - If I do something that has a benefit for us, such as. B. the said intermediate floor or a pull-out shelf for the kitchen, then that's ok. But if I do something in the widest sense of the word, such as As a manual bending machine for aluminum profiles, then she raises an eyebrow ever.

What do you wish for your blog in the future?

Phew - Especially that I persevere. Sometimes you have to overcome a lot when you come home from work and lure the couch. And I hope that my readers continue to enjoy the blog and that they continue to be so active. And of course more readers ?

Of course we wish you that and hope to read some of you.

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