The best home improvement blogs: The WoodTinkerer

The best home improvement blogs: The WoodTinkerer: blogs

A good look for clean work: Marc Koch and his Woodtinkerer blog

Our series "Do-it-yourselfer blogging" continues and is now waiting with the fourth blog presentation. When we wrote our first blog introduction with Hobla a few weeks ago, we had no idea where the journey would take us. Meanwhile, we ask ourselves: Why did not we start earlier? We would have liked to discover blogs like The Woodtinkerer much earlier and introduce you to them. But maybe it's in the nature of things: Good things take time. Marc Koch, the blogger behind the scenes of Woodtinkerer, will certainly understand: A good result is not knit with the needle!

DIY blogs: Documentary, imaginative and absolutely necessary

Is a cabinet from home improvement less valuable, just because he does not walk for 299 euros over the counter? Let's turn the tables around: What's the value of a bought cupboard that, after pushing back and forth three times, falls back into its individual parts? What the good home improvement blogs clearly show is the triviality of the fast-build pressboard solutions from the department store, which are often not worth the cardboard in which they are delivered. Do-it-yourselfers build unique pieces and invest a great deal of work and creativity in their projects. In doing so they show us not only what they can do, but also what one can accomplish if one reflects only a little on one's own abilities. Every single, documented step is an appealing to our creativity: It can be so fragile if you do it yourself!

The blog presentation: Marcs WoodTinkerer

Marc Koch, the creator of The WoodTinkerer, loves working with the wood and attaches great importance to large machines. His tools therefore play a central role in his hobby and are also selected accordingly. And there is a lot to say about that, too. The Woodtinkerer not only offers a high level of professionalism, but also reveals insights into personal perspectives. He may talk so many home improvement from the soul. Many who do not have a blog or do not feel able to share their opinion through a public channel will certainly nod in the reading. So if you have an opinion with Marc, then write a comment in his blog. He's sure to be happy.

The best home improvement blogs: The WoodTinkerer: home

The Woodtinkerer: Inspiring insights into professional home improvement

Marc, your profession of software developer, suggests a high theoretical talent. In your blog, you also present a high level of expertise in practical and brilliant home improvement work, as if you had not done anything else your entire life. How and when did you come to your hobby?
I'm actually a hands-on person and I've slipped into the profession of software developer because at the time I attended school, computers were something new and intrigued me, so I decided to do a computer science degree as well. I worked in the profession for 15 years and that was the topic for me. In all these years my answer to the question of my dream job would have always been "carpenter". Wood fascinates me because of its warmth, diversity and the processing possibilities with machines. My work in the hobby cellar, I therefore preferably do with machines and do little with hand tools. My current activity as a partner in a retail store also allows me to make my time more flexible and to immerse myself more and more in my hobby, which I can now live out in a workshop of my own since 2010.

Why did you decide to write a blog yourself?
I am a total documentation muffle and looking for a modern solution that allowed me the documentation of my projects in a simple way and which demanded a certain discipline. A blog seemed appropriate, if only because I can edit it from anywhere. The discipline is supported by the expectation of my readers to regularly learn something new from my workshop.

Your workshop equipment reads like the arsenal of a quality company and otherwise you do not seem to leave anything to chance. You care a lot to show that home improvement can also be a masterpiece?

The best home improvement blogs: The WoodTinkerer: best

The symmetrical work is a round thing at Marc

Failures should not be due to the tool and I suspect the coincidence ichsowieso! The open secret of the quality of my workshop equipment lies in 7 years of uncompromising saving and the concentration of my interests on this only hobby. I love to plan and like to bite into projects that I think so much before I approach them, that their execution is often straightforward and usually not much can go wrong. Even though I run carpentry today as a hobby, I expect a quality from the finished product that meets my high standards of precision and robustness.

In your article "Today nothing done again..." you set aside the planer and show that in terms of your hobby, other things are important. What made you so excited?
Actually, I did not put the planer aside, but put the main switch of the machines. At the moment I am more active in forums again and I was annoyed by the reflexive urge of many like-minded people to go bargain hunting for their tools. You buy a product and not a price! In any case, I'm happy about what I buy in stores and not about the last cent that I supposedly saved. Much more important is the good contact with a dealer, who can also judge something, if you need it. The Internet has nothing to offer in this regard. Also, I was upset, or rather disappointed, with an American blogger, whom I actually liked because of his entertaining videos, but seems to have drifted lately more and more paranoid with other minds and critics.

The best home improvement blogs: The WoodTinkerer: woodtinkerer

Proper planning is the best recipe

Do you exchange yourself with other bloggers on your topic?
Yes, very much and when the opportunity presents itself, I try to meet people in person. In June, I'm going to a meeting for 2 days, where I will hopefully get to know many nice hobbyists, with whom I can discuss extensively.

What are you particularly proud of in your blog?
I try to provide an appealing and varied program, in good editorial quality. The fact that I was able to win over a small group of loyal readers, who also write me regular comments, makes me very happy and motivates me to continue.

What is your most successful article so far?
It is the "DIY Milling Table"! This is also one of my early articles and the quality of the pictures is cruel.

The best home improvement blogs: The WoodTinkerer: home

Marc's precision work appeals to the interested public

What was your funniest experience with the blog?
I am an avowed fan of "" and shortly after shouting my frustration at my former professional career in the computer science industry in one of my articles, I got an email from Mathias Wandel telling me that it was him was very similar.

There are also some comments on your articles. Do you get a lot of feedback?
It remains manageable and the comments are all enriching. It turns out that the readers comment more on technical and fundamental articles to the workshop than to furniture.

What was the strangest search term visitors came to your blog?
I was surprised when people started searching for "TheWoodTinkerer".

(All pictures: Marc Koch)

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