Best cordless screwdriver in the world - which is it?

As with all, there are numerous comparison tests with cordless screwdrivers. Whether there is a "best cordless screwdriver in the world", and which devices conquer especially the top places in tests, you can read in detail in this post.


Of course you always have to be careful not to compare apples to pears. This also applies to cordless screwdrivers. Cordless drills are not automatically "better" than mere cordless screwdrivers just because they can drill. In fact, often a simple screwdriver is often even easier to handle and much lighter, which makes working in practice much more pleasant.

The performance values ​​always have to be related to a specific field of application, and every cordless screwdriver has its particular strengths, but in other areas it also has weaknesses. Even between professional application and application in the home, you can not compare directly. Many professional devices would be too bulky for home use or simply too powerful and heavy.


The performance of a cordless screwdriver can not always be determined by simple performance. For drilling other performance values ​​are important than for the screws. While on the one hand it depends on speed, on the one hand the torque is decisive for the bolting.

Top Brands

If one looks at the numerous comparative tests, one recognizes that the top places are almost exclusively achieved by two brands: Bosch and Makita. Somewhat less common are devices from Black & Decker and Metabo.

Devices from no-name manufacturers or own brands from home improvement stores are often not on the top spots of the comparison tests. Nevertheless, their price-performance ratio can often be better for many applications than that of the expensive premium brands. Services and quality are often more than adequate for the home, but the price is much lower.

Tips & Tricks

Above all, when choosing your cordless screwdriver, determine exactly what you want to do with it. This is the easiest way to find the right device for you. You can also use our small buying guide for more information.

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