The best vacuum cleaner for animal hair

Pets are a permanent source of joy - but not if they are constantly losing hair. The many hairs can not always cope with conventional vacuum cleaners. In this article, you will therefore find out which vacuum cleaner is suitable when it comes to removing animal hair.

Problem animal hair

Pets, especially dogs and cats, can lose a lot of hair. This is especially true in spring, when the coat change takes place, but hair is often a year-round problem in certain breeds.

Particularly difficult is that animal hair is often difficult to remove. They adhere very well to clothing and textiles, but also to furniture, carpets or duvet covers.

Vacuuming of animal hair

Naturally, vacuuming animal hair is a great way to clean hair-infested areas - but not every vacuum cleaner can do the same. For this purpose, certain conditions should apply.

Most "ordinary" vacuum cleaners struggle to remove animal hair. It takes a lot of strength and effort to remove hair thoroughly. In many cases, hair will still stick and still can not be removed, so you have to resort to a hand brush or a glue roller.

Animal hair and allergies

For allergy sufferers or for people who are often allergic to visit, a thorough removal of all animal hair is particularly important. Even small amounts of animal hair can cause an allergic thrust in sensitive people, which can then often be accompanied by reddened eyes, swelling and sometimes even shortness of breath and asthma attacks. The only remedy here is the regular removal of all hair from all areas of the living space.

Pet hair and hygiene

Animal hair is not in vain considered unhygienic. The hair can be a lot of dirt, also produce pets always a lot of bacteria. A thorough removal of animal hair from all areas, with which one comes into contact as a human, is therefore always a requirement of hygiene.

Designations for suitable models

Many manufacturers are developing special models for the removal of animal hair. This can often be recognized by the model name or by certain additions to the model name. Often you will find for example:

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Animal Pro

With these models one can assume that the manufacturer has designed and tested them especially for the removal of animal hair. It should also be noted that there are always slight differences in the removal of dog and cat hair, because the hairs of the two species may be quite different, and thus adhere to different degrees.

A special vacuum cleaner for the hair of one animal is not always just as thorough on the hair of the other species. One should always pay attention to this when buying, and study the specifications and instructions of the manufacturer accordingly.

vacuum cleaner power

Vacuum cleaners, which are suitable for the removal of animal hair, often have a higher performance. However, the performance has relatively little to do with the wattage. In fact, the performance requirements are in other areas.

It is important, above all, that the vacuum cleaner nozzle is constructed very powerfully. There are several possibilities:

  • a so-called "turbo nozzle" (eliminates other deep-seated contaminants), often available as an accessory
  • an electric brush (usually expensive, very common in the professional field, as it opens structures better and thus ensures a thorough cleaning)
  • a so-called brush roll nozzle

With many vacuum cleaners, these special nozzles are also available as separate accessories, so that if necessary, a conventional vacuum cleaner can still be converted well for the removal of animal hair. Specially designed models are such "Umrüstmodelle" but in terms of cleaning performance usually significantly inferior.

Tips & Tricks

Also worth considering is always the purchase of a bagless vacuum cleaner. Animal hair can often cause odors, and because of the frequent use (usually probably usually daily) is worth a bagless vacuum cleaner, which you can empty immediately after each sucking.

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