The best weather insurance for your home

The best weather insurance for your home: home

Violent autumn storm with lightning

As the days get shorter, the weather gets worse and the wind gets stronger and stronger, a good insurance is usually the last resort. More and more often we hear that basements are being flooded, roofs are being destroyed by the wind and slices from falling trees. Especially in autumn, the storm risk increases enormously. Good advice is often expensive. Therefore, better secure before.

The homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance covers damage caused by fire, tap water, hail and storm, usually also for consequential damage. So you are covered in case of rebuilding or renovation and get full financial reimbursement. The cost of this insurance varies enormously: If you live in an area where there are more frequent storm damage, you will have to reckon with higher costs. Owners of solid construction houses, on the other hand, can expect a relatively low sum insured.

When does the insurance pay?

It has to wind properly, so the insurance attacks. Minimum is wind force 8. That's 62 km / h. Only then covered roof tiles or damage by fallen trees are taken over. On you can find reliable data. In addition, you must document the damage well: So grab your cameras and video cameras and hold everything that looks different than before the storm.

special cases

But attention. As everywhere else exceptions confirm the rule! Damage caused by decaying trees will not be covered. Also for windows must have an extra glass insurance. Inform yourself in advance whether the so-called overvoltage damage, so set by lightning strikes out of action electrical equipment, are covered.

So if you live in an area where there are more frequent thunderstorms and storms, or you generally just prefer to be on the safe side, then better directly closes a homeowners insurance. In the worst case, you lose your house, but not your existence!

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