Build a bike garage yourself - is that possible?

Also bicycles want to be sheltered. In addition to tool sheds and garden sheds also serve so-called bicycle garages. How to build them relatively easily, you will learn in this post.

Garage or bikeport?

The basic consideration before construction is whether you only want a bikeport as weather protection, or indeed a closed garage. Garage boxes have several advantages:

  • lockable, thus higher theft protection
  • significantly better weather protection
  • Accessories such as bicycle trailers and bicycle spare parts as well as tools can also be stored in the box.

Bike box build yourself - step by step construction manual

  • Moldings made of solid wood
  • steel angle
  • wood screws
  • rubber mat
  • Wood for the fairing
  • Plate for the roof
  • hinges
  • roofing felt
  • Metal latch for padlock
  • padlock
  • chop saw
  • cordless drill
  • tape measure
  • spirit level

1. Draw a plan

Draw a plan and determine the required dimensions for your bicycle box. You should add some space to the front and rear of the bike to make the operation easier.

2. Join the framework

Add the framework for a box from the solid wood strips. First, remove the door, but secure the hinges to the door stop post. In the meantime, paint all cladding boards with wood protection on both sides. Then paint the scaffolding you just built.

3. Dress up

Dress the sides and the back wall with the appropriate wood. Lay the plate on the box and fasten it. Then put the roofing felt on top of the wooden board and nail it tight.

4. Build a door

Assemble the frames for the door and dress them up. Attach the second part of the door hinges to the finished door and hook it in place. Adjust the hinges.

5. Finish

Carefully paint the entire box once again with wood protection (on the outside). Attach the door latch and hook the padlock. Under the entire construction place the rubber mat so that the wood does not rest on the damp ground.

Tips & Tricks

Of course you can also buy a bicycle box or buy it as a self-assembly kit. They are made of plastic, but also of wood. Pricing you will probably not spend much more than self-made.

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