Bicycle handles comparison 2018

Purchase advice on bicycle grip comparison or test 2018

  • Just like the bicycle chain, bottom bracket or gearshift, the bicycle grips are not part of the bicycle accessories, but the indispensable basic equipment of a bicycle. They ensure safety, protect against vibrations and prevent the hands from slipping off the handlebar when it is wet.
  • Basically, three different types of handlebars can be distinguished: classic, round bicycle handles, ergonomic with a larger contact surface for the hand and those with so-called bar ends protruding vertically from the handle.
  • Most bike handles are made of plastic or rubber. But there are also variants of other materials. In addition to foam some handles eg. Of cork, leather or even made of wood.

Bicycle handles comparison 2018: bicycle

With the bike fast in the city, to do a few more shopping or maybe a small tour in the nature while pedaling times really pass? Whether you see your bike primarily as a means of locomotion or as a sports device, it is clear: Biking is healthy and relaxed in stress.

Bicycle handles comparison 2018: handles

Handrims for the children's bike are available in many different colors.

According to a survey of consumer and media analysis VuMA AccordingIn 2016, a total of 26.3 percent of all Germans cycled several times a month in their free time. However, so that you, as a road user, do not expose yourself to unnecessary danger, it is necessary that all important bicycle parts are in good condition. These include the bicycle handles, which give important grip while driving.

So that you are looking for your personal bike grip test winner for the best bicycle grips and we do not already despair at the multitude of brands and manufacturers, we have carried out our bicycle handle comparison 2018. In our purchase advice, you will not only find out in which categories grips for the bike can be divided, but also which criteria you should pay particular attention to when buying.

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1. Why are bicycle handles important?

Safe bike

A bike should always well maintained to avoid accidents caused by defective or no longer functioning bicycle parts. It should therefore regularly the Settings of the bicycle brakes and the Functioning of the gearshift be checked. Optionally, beyond that Mounting a bicycle mirror as well as that Wearing cycling gloves and cycling helmet recommended.

Bicycle grips, as well as bicycle saddles and bicycle pedals, are among the areas with which the body is in direct contact during cycling. To ensure safety when driving, it is particularly important that these areas are stable, non-slip and comfortable.

High-quality handlebar grips for the bicycle fulfill several purposes:On the one hand, you protect against rain and sweat from sliding with your hands from the handlebar, on the other shocks are intercepted, which are transmitted, for example, when driving through the terrain of the bicycle tires on frame, bicycle fork and handlebars to the bicycle handles,

2. Which types of bicycle handle can be distinguished?

Bicycle grips from a bicycle grip test or comparison can be differentiated according to the shape in three ways, which we would like to present below.

2.1. Distinction according to form

In addition to the classic handles for the bicycle with a round footprint, you will also find ergonomic handlebar grips and bicycle grips with croissants on the market.

Classic bicycle handles

  • Bicycle handles comparison 2018: bicycle

    Classic bicycle handle with a characteristic round shape.

    have cylindrical and thus narrow shape

  • thanks to strong profiling very handy
  • popular with sporty riders (mountain bike grips)
  • can also be well covered by people with small hands
  • usually made of plastic or rubber but also available as leather or cork bicycle grips

Ergonomic bicycle handles

  • Bicycle handles comparison 2018: handles

    Ergonomic bicycle handle with increased contact surface.

    are also referred to as ergo-bicycle handles

  • are characterized by an enlarged contact surface
  • Offer high comfort and relieve the wrists
  • Good damping properties, but less grip
  • especially suitable for longer trekking

Bicycle grips with croissants

  • Bicycle handles comparison 2018: grips

    Ergonomic bicycle handle with adjustable bar ends as accessory.

    are also referred to as bicycle grips with barends

  • Offer additional grip positions
  • Bar ends available in two variants (inclinable or not adjustable)
  • Also available as ergonomic bicycle grips with croissants

The pros and cons of using ergonomic bicycle grips over classic bike grips are summarized in the following overview:

  • increased contact surface for more comfort
  • better damping properties
  • spares the wrists on longer trips
  • less grip
  • less suitable for sporty wheels

2.2. Distinction between handles, covers and bands

In addition, there are next handlebar grips for the bike and other variants that give the handlebar good grip, but can not be counted among the actual bicycle grips:

handlebar griphandlebar referenceLenkerband

Bicycle handles comparison 2018: comparison

Bicycle handles comparison 2018: handles

Bicycle handles comparison 2018: handles

  • are mostly made of plastic, foam or rubber
  • are pulled over the ends of the handlebars
  • classic round and ergonomic specimens
  • Variants for coating or screwing on
  • usually made of different foams.
  • be z. T. pulled over most of the handlebars
  • different lengths, hardnesses and surface structures
  • hardly weatherproof
  • self-adhesive plastic strips
  • are wrapped around the handlebar and glued on
  • consist of plastic, leather, cork or textiles
  • popular in professional cycling and racing cyclists

3. Purchase criteria for bicycle handles: You must pay attention to this!

In each bike grip test or comparison, you will come across certain criteria that you should consider when buying good grip pad. These are presented below.

3.1. Purpose: Variability, ergonomics or sportiness?

Of particular importance is the purpose. If you are more athletic and go mountain biking in off-road, grip plays the most important role. For this reason For sport activities we recommend classic round bicycle handles with a deep profile.

Tip: But who wants to mount on the handlebars of racing bikes classic bicycle grips, is wrong advice. At racing bikes is almost exclusively Lenkerband used.

Bicycle handles comparison 2018: bicycle

Bicycle handle covers are longer than traditional handles, so many different grip positions could be chosen.

On longer trekking tours that are not off-road, grip is less important. Here, above all, a high degree of comfort is important, since your wrists are always exposed to a certain amount of stress. To protect the wrists, For longer tours we recommend ergonomic bicycle grips with additional support surface.However, those who only occasionally use their bike for short tours through the city can, of course, also put on classic bicycle grips.

Finally, you should also pay attention to whether it is important to change the grip position while driving. So if you areIf you do not want to do without variability when choosing a grip, you should use handlebar or bicycle grips with croissants.

Tip: The advantage of bar ends is the fact that they can be complemented with the positive characteristics of ergonomic or classic handles - depending on which model you choose.

3.2. material

If you want to replace your bicycle handles, pay close attention to the material used. Finally, comfort, grip and other important factors such as weather resistance depend not only on the grip type but also substantially on the material used.

As a material for handlebar grips u. a. Leather, cork, plastic, rubber, wood, birch bark or foam used.

  • Bicycle handles comparison 2018: 2018

    Noble and thanks to coating relatively weatherproof wooden bicycle handles.

    Leather Bicycle Handles:
    noble, heat-insulating, soft and comfortable, not particularly weather-resistant, care-intensive

  • Cork bicycle grips:
    heat-insulating, rough, soft and comfortable, relatively weather-resistant
  • Plastic bicycle handles:
    weatherproof, non-slip, dirt-resistant, soft (comfortable) or hard, grip differs depending on profile
  • Wooden bicycle handles:
    noble, relatively weather and dirt resistant (thanks to coating), hard and uncomfortable, hardly grippy
  • Bicycle handles made of foam:
    very soft, comfortable, relatively grippy, hardly weather or dirt resistant
  • Rubber bicycle grips:
    weatherproof, non-slip, dirt-resistant, soft (comfortable) or hard, grip differs depending on profile
  • Bicycle handles made of birch bark:weatherproof, very non-slip and non-slip, antibacterial, relatively comfortable

Tip: Who wants the greatest possible functionality in bicycle handles, should opt for rubber or plastic handles.

3.3. Length and handlebar diameter

So that you do not experience a nasty surprise when changing the bike handles, make sure that yourself The handlebar grips are also suitable for the diameter of your handlebar, The length of the handles, however, plays only a minor role. It should only be given attention insofar as it should be possible to completely grasp the handle without any part of your hand protruding left or right.

Bicycle handles comparison 2018: grips

4. Questions and answers about bike handles

4.1. What do bicycle handles cost?

Bicycle handles comparison 2018: bicycle

Ergonomic bicycle grips by Cube with good comfort features.

Cheap bicycle grips are already available for a price of less than ten euros. For occasional cycling in the city such handles are absolutely sufficient. However, if you are planning longer trekking tours or sporting excursions into the terrain, you should buy bicycle grips that are of a higher quality. You have to calculate with costs between 10 and 50 Euro.

4.2. How to mount bicycle grips

You do not need a special bicycle tool to change your bike handle or mount it on a newly purchased handlebar. Depending on the version, the handles can either be screwed on or screwed on.

Note: During the assembly and disassembly of handlebars should be taken to ensure that the bike has a firm footing. If you have a suitable bike rack (bipod stand), this process should not cause you any problems. If your bike has only a side stand, sometimes leaning against a fence or a corresponding bicycle parking facility can make sense.


Bicycle handles comparison 2018: grips

Screw-on bicycle grips are very easy to mount.

Anyone who has decided to purchase pull-up handles, the bike handles should be before mounting Moisten on the inside with a little water and detergent. The handlebar must be completely cleaned before mounting and be free of dirt and adhesive residue.

Then you can spray the ends of the handlebars with a little hairspray before pulling on the handlebar grips. After about 24 hours, water and detergent have volatilized and the handles are now thanks to the hair spray bombproof. Once the gripping handles have been completely assembled, they can usually only be removed with a knife.

screw handles:

screw handles have a clamping mechanism that allows easy installation. The mounting of the handles is very easy to accomplish. To fix the handles, the existing set screws only have to be tightened with an Allen wrench (usually 2.5 to 5 millimeters).

In an interview with, expert David Koßmann explained that it was screwed

"Is a promising trend. Screwable handles are easy to assemble and much safer than corresponding Aufziehvarianten. For this reason, they are currently largely replacing conventional pull-on handles, as evidenced by the fact that quality bicycles are now almost exclusively equipped with screw-type handles. "

David Koßmann, pressedienst-fahrrad GmbH

4.3. What does Stiftung Warentest say about that?

The Stiftung Warentest refers in a press release dated 22.12.2014 on pollutants in the handles of bicycle home trainers. In six out of eleven models, the handles were contaminated with substances such as chlorinated paraffins, which are suspected of being carcinogenic and endangering the environment. Unfortunately, however, Stiftung Warentest did not address the issue of pollutants in the handles of outdoor bicycles.

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